The Virginia State Bar’s Delayed Response is Underwhelming, Erroneous and Transparent.

The Burkes finally obtain a reply from the Virginia State Bar, after sending an open letter to the Senate Committee but the reply offers no answers.


The Burkes finally obtain a reply from the Virginia State Bar today, Monday, 29th June, after sending an open letter to the Senate Committee on Friday, but it doesn’t answer the issues raised.

June 29, 2020

Virginia State Bar
Attn: Karen A. Gould, COO
1111 East Main Street Suite 700
Richmond, Virginia 23219-0026

By Email:


United States Senate Committee
On Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs
534 Dirksen Senate Office Building
Washington, D.C. 20510

By Fax: (202) 224-5137

Dear Ms. Gould

Re: Complaint about Matthew Stephen Sheldon and Thomas Michael Hefferon

We refer to the Virginia State Bar’s (“VSB’s”) response letter. This was received at 3.57 pm CST today, Monday 29th June, 2020 via email.

Despite the author’s attempts to silence these elderly citizens of the United States, we reject this warning as intimidation. The condescending and insensitive tone of this letter is ominously similar to that of the now former Chief Judge for the Central District of California, as discussed in the article published in the LA Times (June 28, 2020). We respectfully ask you cease and desist from intimidation when penning future letter(s).

Just as alarming, this response does not even attempt to address the questions by the Burkes nor provide confirmation or assurance that the VSB even looked at the Fl. Docket or case(s). The letter indicates quite the opposite if you review our facts as discussed herein.

In order to assist the VSB, we now attach a copy of the ‘open letter’ we sent to the Senate Committee on Friday[1] which summarizes our current status(es).

Even if the reply was legally accurate, which we dispute, the VSB’s answer could not possibly be followed due the extreme level of premeditated collusion and corruption in the stated case(s). As you will see, our complaint(s) include not only lawyers, but several judges.

The first issue is the lower court judge in the CFPB v Ocwen case in S.D. Fl., Judge Kenneth Marra, has a complaint filed against him. Secondly, we no longer have standing in the lower court. Our attempts to intervene were denied.

Moving onto the appeal at the Court of appeals for the Eleventh Circuit. We would be unable to follow your instructions here as well. First, we are still waiting for a decision to recuse Judge Jill A. Pryor (second motion).  In the interim, a new judge, namely Elizabeth “Liz” Branch, has issued an order in our case which convincingly shows she is also impartial and bias. This judge is/was not part of our 3-panel and hence we’ve sought clarification if she is replacing Judge Pryor (A review of the record will provide you all the details). As it stands, we do not have an impartial panel nor quorum to decide our appeal.

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The Virginia State Bar’s Delayed Response is Underwhelming, Erroneous and Transparent.


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