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Five CCTX Properties are Listed on HCAD as at Oct. 2, 2022

Update: Nov. 11, 2022

Y’all take notice of the recurring theme.

All CCTX fraudulent lawsuits as confirmed and highlighted below by LIT would be hurriedly dismissed. The only legal filing that should be happening is a federal criminal indictment of all these lawyers and judges who are aware of this fraudulent transfer scheme and have facilitated the ongoing crime(s) by Christian Consultants of Texas et al.

Here’s the Christian Con. of Texas listings filed in their own name at Harris County Appraisal District (HCAD) IN 2022. After we LIT them up, they’ve switched from presenting the fraudulent ‘Special Warranty Deed’ in court filings as an exhibit, to the ‘TREC 1-4 Contract’, which is also completely fake and worthless.

Here’s why.

The Christian Con Artists of Texas, owned and operated by an Insurance Broker named Kevin Pawloski, is buying lower end homes in foreclosure from distressed buyers with nowhere to turn. He sends in his team of cold calling agents using high-pressure sales tactics to these stressed homeowners to let them steal their home. His agents force these homeowners to sign many legal papers, and based on some affidavits we’ve read, these are signed without the blanks being filled in or explained and some have stated their signature has been forged.

The TREC 1-4 contracts we’ve seen are worthless because he’s filling in earnest deposits of $100. It’s absurd.

Furthermore, if he violates the contract in any way, do you think these folks will be able to afford legal representation while struggling to put a roof over their head? The paperwork is not legit, it’s a tool to file fake exhibits in court to delay foreclosure(s).

And let’s not forget the most important fact.

When the Con Artists register the property with that fake ‘Special Warranty Deed’ at HCAD, the mortgage, loan and/or liens have not been redeemed.

Kevin Pawlowski and Christian Consultants of Texas are Real Scumbags.

They are not alone.

In order to execute the criminal and fraudulent schemes, they retain lawyers, and Jason Lebouef is currently the go-to bandit lawyer, with his co-conspirator Robert “Clay” Vilt never far behind.


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Sandy Forsythe, Justina De Pasquale, Brian Brewer, et al


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