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Burke v. Hopkins et al

S.D. Tex. and CA5 Appeal (20-20209)

Currently on Appeal, [ASSUMED] it has been stayed while FHFA case resolved at U.S. Supreme Court. See email correspondence below from CA5.

Gilmer v. Higley, 110 U.S. 47 (1884)

It seems very clear that to require him to state whether his fare was demanded of him by the regular agent of this company, and on his refusal to pay he was ordered to leave the coach and refused, was an examination in regard to the very thing about which he testified in chief. To permit a party to the suit to tell his own tale of a transaction like this, and to conceal what is important to the defendant in regard to the same occurrence and at the same time, would be a gross perversion of justice, and would bring into discredit the policy of permitting parties to actions to testify in their own behalf.


Lead is Snr Judge Edith Clement in this 3-panel, Judge Stephen Higginson was panel member and author of the first erroneous opinion in Deutsche I (15-20201) and Judge JW Elrod is Mrs. Federalist Society and Ethics Backup Singer.

JAN 19, 2021

NOV 18, 2020

NOV 6, 2020

OCT 16, 2020

OCT 5, 2020

OCT 2, 2020

JULY 30, 2020

JULY 27, 2020

JULY 6, 2020

MAR 27, 2020

Burke v. Ocwen et al

S.D. Tex. and CA5 Appeal (19-20267)

Currently on Appeal, [ASSUMED] it has been stayed while FHFA case resolved at U.S. Supreme Court. See email correspondence below from CA5.

Via Email: Oct 5, 2020 to CA5

Dear Clerk of Court

On the 21st of Sept, en banc held oral argument in the case of CFPB v. All American Check Cashing Inc., case #18-60302. This is pertinent to our appeals, cases #19-20267 and 20-20209.

However there is no available MP3 download on your website as at 10/5/2020, some 2 weeks later.

We would respectfully ask when is this oral argument going to be available on your website at your oral argument recordings section?

Thanking you in advance for your assistance in this matter.

Joanna Burke


Ms. Burke,

Case 18-60302 was not heard on 9/21/20, therefore there is no recording to make available.  The case was removed from the calendar on 9/8/20 and has been placed in abeyance pending a decision in 2 US Supreme Court cases, 19-422 & 19-563.


Lead is Judge Patrick Higginbotham in this 3-panel, Judge Leslie Southwick maintains a relatively low key position barring the odd high profile political case, and former Supreme Court Justice and Twitter ‘laureate’ Judge Don Ray Willett.

JULY 19, 2020

MAR 26, 2020

DEC 13, 2019

DEC 12, 2019

NOV 10, 2019

Burke v. Ocwen et al, Intervention

S.D. Fl and CA11 Appeal (19-13015)

Judicial and Legal Lawlessness ended the Burke’s motion to intervene, but not their will for justice to prevail.

This page provides you with a detailed timeline of the events of the Burke’s intervention (denied) in Florida by S.D. Fl. District Court and on Appeal to the 11th Circuit.

Questions That Need Answers

In order to effect change, we need your strength. A determined community of civilians and organizations that see the value in our campaign:

“Restore Moral Integrity to Texas Courts”.   #RESTORETX

Steve Mnuchin

Why is government, and in particular, the part of government that controls mortgages and lending, led by US Treasurer and active “foreclosure king” Steve Mnuchin, formerly of IndyMac and OneWest?

Conflict of Interest.

Joseph Otting

How about Mnuchin’s newly appointed colleague, Joseph Otting, Comptroller of the Currency.

Why is he leading the OCC? This was the individual who would write to the OCC in his role as CEO at OneWest Bank (now CIT) asking for documentation from the FDIC to help expedite foreclosures due to “lost paperwork”.

Mick Mulvaney

A lawyer defending foreclosure lawyers from a position in Government called a “Consumer” department (CFPB).

Why is the CFPB writing Amicus Briefs for the pending Obduskey Supreme Court case when they are called the “consumer” agency – yet supporting debt collecting foreclosure lawyers?

Tommy Bastian

Why is the Supreme Court of Texas Task Force filled with Foreclosure Mill attorneys like Tommy Bastian of Barrett Daffin (BDFTE) who are pushing House Bills to expedite foreclosure?

Why are the oral hearing tapes being suppressed when these Task Forces admit on the record to fraud on the court by fabrication of documentation required to foreclose?


LIT’s promise to hold outlaws in robes accountable and in the public domain remains firm.

Here’s 2020’s end of year hall of shame for the Federal District Court and Appellate Circuit Judges.

Laws In Texas is a blog about the Financial Crisis and how the banks and government are colluding against the citizens and homeowners of the State of Texas and relying on a system of #FakeDocs and post-crisis legal precedents, specially created by the Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit to foreclose on homeowners around this great State. We are not lawyers. We do not offer legal advice. We are citizens of the State of Texas who have spent a decade in the court system in Texas and have been party to during this period to the good, the bad and the very ugly.

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