Meet the Judges of the United States District Court for the Southern District of Texas (Houston)

We Keep Showin’ Y’all Judges  n’ Lawyers Gettin’ Slapped, Again and Again

Year after year, you’ll keep reading about the criminal acts of Bandit lawyers and Outlaw judges on LIT, who are either let off, given immunity, privately admonished, allowed to resign on full pay and pension, and in the case of the former Chief, Janet Fiore in NY, maintain private chauffeurs all at taxpayers costs.

Alas, it will remain the status quo until citizens stand up to the legal profession, the judiciary and the government. Read the articles on LIT and you’ll obtain a better understanding of why you need to act, and not hide in the closet in fear of retaliation.

At LIT we’ve got your back, share your story with us today about any legal or judicial abuse. Together, we’ll make change happen to end the tyranny of these Bandits and Outlaws.

Who’s the King of this Kingwood Kastle?

This is the second stop foreclosure action by Jamie Phelan of Kingwood, who claims to have sold home for $330k to Chase Foreman.

Federal and Appellate Judges Invalid 72 Hr Removal Requests Sent to LIT During Friday Suppertime

Delete Me Demands are emailed via a private entity called Abine, Inc, a computer software development company focused on privacy tools.

Robert Kline Represented by Lone Star Legal Aid Settles Lawsuit Quickly After Removal and Pre-Motion

A declaratory judgment concerning an alleged 25% ownership interest in real property located at 9223 Benning Drive, Houston, Texas 77031

It’s Your Credit Report dot Com is Controlled by Lawyer Micah Adkins. Guess What…

LIT checked for CSO registration at the Texas Secretary of State and Debt Management database at TX OCCC. Results: NADA. Zilch. Zero.

When is an Attorney-at-Law a Non-Attorney?

In smaller law firms or solo practitioner practices, attorneys may handle various tasks, including those typically performed by paralegals.

Have You Been Sued by Associated Energy Group LLC (AEG) in Harris County District Court in Texas?

If you’ve been sued by Associated Energy Group LLC for jet fuel debt by The Kruckemeyer Law Firm, you should read this first.

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