Goodwin Law is Offering Overbilling Incentives to Associates

When the younger generation is baulking a 5 day work week, Goodwin Law is touting vacations for associates prepared to overbill clients.

Biglaw Firm To Pick Up The Tab For Your Next Vacay

Relax, Lyin’ Works Just as Well On a Beach Towel in the Bahamas, or in a Federal or Circuit Courtroom at Goodwin Law.

JAN 24, 2022 | REPUBLISHED BY LIT: JAN 25, 2022

We know that Biglaw is in the midst of a talent war, with associates reaping the benefits.

The response from Biglaw has been pretty generous with the money, but they know that it’s going to take more than cold, hard cash to keep the associates they need.

Some of the creative perks Biglaw has bestowed on hardworking associates include: Peloton, a selection of high-end gifts, billable hours for unplugging from work, free food, and up to $15K for any purchase toward rest, recreation, and relaxation.

The latest perk Above the Law has gotten wind of combines associates’ desire for both money and work/life balance.

Last week, Goodwin announced a new program, “Recharge on Goodwin,” which picks up the tab for associates’ vacations.

Eligible associates — those who billed 1,950 hours in 2021 — can choose between a number of week-long trips, including an island escape, a family-friendly Disney trip, a winery tour, a spa excursion, and more.

And if none of the curated vacations are appealing, folks can work with a travel agent to create their own perfect trip.

Kudos to the firm for this program.

Not only does it thank associates for all their hard work, but it also demonstrates the value they put on taking time off from work.

Hope the Goodwin associates enjoy their deserved vacations.

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Goodwin Law is Offering Overbilling Incentives to Associates
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