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Distressed Theft in Texas: Fighting Back Against Fraudulent Mortgage Practices and Elder Abuse

LIT’s Ongoing Investigations Expose the Legal Culprits: Unraveling the Dark Web of Mortgage Fraud and Elder Abuse in Texas Courts.


 JAN. 16, 2024

Urgent: Reporting Widespread Mortgage Fraud and Corruption in Texas State and Federal Courts

 JAN. 3, 2024

Urgent: Reporting Widespread Mortgage Fraud and Corruption in Texas State and Federal Courts

 JAN. 3, 2024
JAN 3, 30, 2024

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Good morning,

My name is Mark Stephen Burke (“Mark Burke”) and I am the owner of media businesses with over 20 years of experience.

After perusing your U.S. Trustee Program | ‘Bankruptcy Foreclosure’ Or ‘Mortgage Rescue’ Scams ( website, I am writing to bring to your attention a pressing issue involving mortgage fraud and corruption in Texas state and federal courts, a matter that not only affects countless homeowners but also directly impacts my residence and the well-being of my elderly parent.

Having extensively investigated this type of fraud since the launch of in 2020, I possess a comprehensive dossier of cases, both past and present, demonstrating clear instances of fraud. I am submitting this email as formal notice of the mortgage fraud epidemic, with the hope that it prompts a thorough investigation and necessary actions to rectify the situation.

One specific case that warrants your review is a mortgage rescue scam involving mortgage servicer PHH Mortgage Corporation and their legal representation, Mackie Wolf. The case originated in Texas state court and has been moved to S.D. Texas federal court, where it is currently under the jurisdiction of Judge Sim Lake and Magistrate Judge Christina Bryan.

I have taken steps to intervene in the case, presenting arguments and evidence available on the court docket at PACER or


Furthermore, I have published articles on, providing updates and insights into this specific case


As of Jan. 2, 2024, objections to my intervention were due, and while the defendants responded, they failed to address my arguments adequately, constituting a waiver. I will be promptly responding to their objections.

Notably, the plaintiff, Kristana Dunn, did not respond, further highlighting the questionable nature of the proceedings.

The entity Epiphany Properties LLC, also known as Christian Consultants of Texas (“CCTX”), owned by Kevin Pawlowski, is at the center of this scam.

Despite the property being confirmed as empty on their website (, Epiphany continues to impersonate Kristana Dunn in both Texas state and federal courts.

This fraudulent activity includes attempting to sell the property for $175k, while an original mortgage of $99k still exists in Kristana Dunn’s name, making it a clear case of mortgage fraud.

It is crucial to note that Epiphany has no standing to sue or sell the home without the approval of the mortgage servicer and/or lender/investor.

The TREC agreement lacks credibility and is not a legitimate document.

Despite this, the defendants, particularly their counsel Mark Cronenwett and Nick Frame of Mackie Wolf, are fully aware of the fraud, as is the court.

Unfortunately, the case has been allowed to persist, even benefiting from a state court TRO, despite my vocal efforts on my website and social media to expose such rampant fraud in Texas.

On a personal note, I am currently facing eviction from my own home due to the fraudulent actions of PHH and Mackie Wolf.

They recently attempted to expedite the foreclosure sale of my elder mother’s property on Jan. 2, 2024, despite ongoing litigation which should have served as an automatic injunction against such actions.

Mackie Wolf’s role as substitute trustee in this illegal non-judicial foreclosure is deeply troubling.

I understand the importance of brevity in this introductory email, and I encourage you to peruse for additional information and results related to the named parties.

This case is not isolated but part of a broader pattern that demands immediate attention and intervention to protect the public from further scandalous and corrupt acts.

I appreciate your time and attention to this matter and look forward to the possibility of further discussing these issues with you.


202367359 –



SEP 28, 2023 | REPUBLISHED BY LIT: SEP 30, 2023
SEP 30, OCT 12, 2023 JAN 3, 30, 2024

Above is the date LIT Last updated this article.

They call themselves Christians, we call ’em Real Scumbags

UPDATE JAN 3, 2024; Dunn’s home is vacant and being marketed by Epiphany for sale at $175k

Christian Consultants of Texas (Epiphany or CCTX) DO NOT have standing to file this lawsuit and it is clear that they are filing this lawsuit and not Dunn. A review of the TREC agreement shows that CCTX will pay up to 4 months rent,  removal costs etc. Kristana Dunn does not have funds to pay for a lawyer like Bandit Leboeuf. But in order to conclude the theft of the home, she’s signed a declaration under duress.

Defendant’s Amended Certificate of Service of Defendants Notice of Removal to Federal Court

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Christian Consultants of Texas (CCTX) and Bandit Lawyer Jason LeBoeuf Admit to Perjury by Filing Lawsuit

LIT notes that the special warranty deed for the home was signed Jan. 28, recorded Feb 14 and listed for sale on Feb. 21, 2023.

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Distressed Theft in Texas: Fighting Back Against Fraudulent Mortgage Practices and Elder Abuse
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