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Remember What Texas Said in 2010? We Do – And So Here’s A Reminder of Governor Abbotts’ Words Directed at Foreclosure Mills and Robosigners Stephen C. Porter of Barrett Daffin Frappin Turner & Engel, the BDF Law Group today

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Filing fraudulent assignments and substitutions of trustee and related practices appears to be illegal in Texas, too. State Attorney General Greg Abbott recently wrote a letter to banks saying…

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Woman Commits Mortgage Fraud by Overstating Income and Modifying Bank Account Records and is Sent to Prison for 30 Months. IndyMac Bank (Deutsche Bank) Add $125k Imaginary Income On a Mortgage Application to enable Securitization Sale Not Charged with a Crime

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The district court reviewed this document at sentencing and found it pellucid that “Deutsche Bank was taking an assignment as a trustee and custodian for Saxon” and that there…

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