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Waco, Texas: Hopkins is On the Run After Cutting off His Ankle Bracelet

On May 17, 2022 it was discovered that felon Clifford Hopkins ankle monitor had been cut and his escape is now confirmed.

United States v. Hopkins


District Court, W.D. Texas

MAY 26, 2022 | REPUBLISHED BY LIT: MAY 28, 2022

United States of America vs. Clifford Hopkins

Affiant, Earvin Missick, being duly sworn, do hereby depose and state that I am a Deputy US Marshal, authorized to enforce the laws of the United States of America, including but not limited to, the investigations to locate and apprehend federal fugitives.

Affiant has been employed with the United States Marshals Service since 2018 and prior was employed by the United States Border Patrol from August 2010 to February 2018. The Affiant has been a member of the United States Marshals Service for 4 years and have investigated multiple fugitive cases relating to violent crimes. The Affiant has arrested subjects wanted for Murder, Manslaughter, felony assault, assault with intent to kill, felony possession of controlled substance, felony sex offenses, various probation violations, assault, escape, and armed robbery. The Affiant has also interviewed numerous arrestees and subjects regarding violent crimes.

According to conviction documents, on January 23, 2019, CLIFFORD HOPKINS was convicted of 18 USC §§ 922(g)(1), Possession of A Firearm by a Convicted Felon, in the Western District of Texas, Waco Division, and sentenced to a term in BOP of 48 months followed by a 3 year of supervised release, $500 Fine, and $100 Special Assessment.

On January 7, 2022, Clifford Hopkins read the Salvation Army Residential Reentry Center (SARRC) Orientation Packet. The packet contains the acknowledgement of custody which stated: Public Law 89-176, 89th Congress.
H.R. 6964, September 10,1965, amends Section (d) of Section 4082 of Title 18, United States code as follows: “The willful failure of a prisoner to remain within the extended limits of his confinement, or to return with the time prescribed to an institution or facility designed by the Attorney general, shall be deemed an escape from custody of the Attorney General, punishable as provide in Chapter 35 of this title.”

CLIFFORD HOPKINS signed documentation acknowledging that he understood that if he did not report or remain at his designation facility or home, it shall be deemed as an escape from custody of the Attorney General, punishable as provided in Section 751 of Title 18, United States Code.

On October 20, 2021, Hopkins transferred from USP Beaumont, arriving at the Salvation Army Center in Waco, Texas. HOPKINS had a RRC placement duration of 252 days and was scheduled to release via Good Conduct Time on June 28, 2022. He has 3 years of supervised release to follow.

Details of Escape: At approximately 9:15AM on May 17, 2022, HOPKINS, who is on Home Confinement, was contacted and told to return to the RRC by 2:00 PM due to his Urine Analysis being positive for cocaine. At 2:05 PM, HOPKINS still had not arrived at the RRC. His ankle monitor showed a tamper alert and GPS showed the monitor was at his residence. Attempts were made to contact HOPKINS, but he did not answer his phone.

The following day Affiant traveled to the location where the GPS monitor was indicating the device was. At the location Affiant discovered the ankle monitor had been cut and was in the grass off to the side.

RRC staff contacted the RRM at 2:55pm. USMS was notified May 17, 2022, at 4:10pm.VNS Notifications are NOT required.

There has been no known media attention given to this case – THERE IS NOW.

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Waco, Texas: Hopkins is On the Run After Cutting off His Ankle Bracelet
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