This Homeowner has Two Residential Properties, One in Foreclosure and One For Sale

The initial burning question for LIT revolves around whether the court has been made aware of this in the IFP application.



(Court 215, Judge Elaine Palmer)

SEP 22, 2022 | REPUBLISHED BY LIT: SEP 25, 2022

No movement as at Oct. 14 18 30 Nov. 10, 2022, since questionable filing by homeowner seeking IFP relief from costs.

How long does it take to approve or deny an application, Judge Palmer?

This homeowner is stopping a foreclosure and needs a citation and TRO if you are proceeding…

Surely you ain’t lettin’ it percolate so it will go away from LIT’s focus?

Which Property is Your “Main Residence”, Rudolph?

It looks like Rudolph purchased residential home 8234 Quiet Prairie Trl, Houston, TX 77049 just before Hurricane Harvey – in May of 2017 (per HCAD). Currently, the property is listed for sale but this is where he claims to be residing per HCAD. The Humble property, subject to foreclosure, shows a PO Box address and that leads LIT to believe he moved from this ‘main residence’ to the Houston property, sometime after May 2017. That stated, this information is contradicted by the fact that Doris and Edward Fairley are listed as living in the Houston property since 2021.

What Have You Disclosed in Your ‘Restricted’ IFP Application to the Court?

Certainly, Rudolph hasn’t mentioned his Houston property in the complaint nor affidavit and there appears to have been tenants (Fairley’s) in the property in 2021 to present per internet records. Is that rental income disclosed?


2 Paycheck Protection Program Loans for Exactly the Same Amount from 2 Separate Lenders

What about the 2 PPP loans issued by 2 banks for the exact same payroll amount, one in April 2021 and one in May 2021. Did you apply to multiple lenders and then when you received two offers for the same payroll, and elected to criminally accepted both loans? Don’t get too worried though, the government will turn away from prosecuting you if you did, as we’ve highlighted other instances where this has happened and the prosecutors will reject prosecution due to $20k being a small sum, considering the billions of dollars milked by citizens and non-citizens fraudulent PPP loan applications.

After 13 Years, Conrell Hadley Faces Expedited Foreclosure On His Rental Home in Humble

Despite multiple lawsuits, neither Conrell Hadley, nor his foreclosure defense attorney’s faced any sanctions.

Is Mike Burke Payin’ Rogue Foreclosure “Defense” Lawyer Clay Vilt, Or is Millenia Properties?

Robert C. Vilt files to stop the scheduled October 4, 2022 foreclosure. LIT read the complaint and suggest it’s another fraudulent filing.

This is the Third Time Cowboy Texas Lawyer Kurt Lyn is Violatin’ Texas Debt Collection Laws

LIT has highlighted this firm before for violatin’ Texas debt collection laws. Lyn won’t stop filin’ and LIT won’t stop alerting consumers.

This Homeowner has Two Residential Properties, One in Foreclosure and One For Sale
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