Redlining: Goodwin Law Bankin’ On Corrupt Federal Judge(s) and They’ve Been Blessed in Illinois

AG Merrick Garland announced he would stop redlining. LIT told him the first case should be this one in Illinois. Here’s what happened next.


LIT did not know federal courts were allowed to issue opinions by mail only and not release them onto the docket – minute order or otherwise.

We have waited for a couple of months to see if one would eventually be released, but on checking the docket on 30 January, 2022, the last entry is docket no. 662 dated Dec. 29, 2021.

This is corruption at its worst, with judicial immunity driving the same.

Judge Elaine Bucklo knew LIT was closely monitoring this case and has perverted the course of justice by refusing to release her opinion publicly.

JAN 31, 2022


OCTOBER 22, 2021

See docket entry #656,

MINUTE entry before the Honorable Elaine E. Bucklo:

Ruling on motion 558, 562, 566, 571, and 589 is reset for 12/8/2021 (to track case only, no appearance required).

The Court will rule by mail.

Mailed notice. (mgh, ) (Entered: 10/22/2021)

DECEMBER 29, 2021

The order was issued if you read docket entry #661 which is transcribed below by LIT.

County Of Cook v. Bank of America Corporation


District Court, N.D. Illinois


 Plaintiff County of Cook (“County” or “Plaintiff”), by and through counsel, responds to Defendants’ Motion For Leave To File Supplemental Authority, ECF No. 654, as follows.

Defendants’ Notice is irrelevant to the pending matter.

This Court has ruled that Cook County is precluded from pursuing its property tax related damages, notwithstanding that Cook County’s alleged property tax damages are the direct result of Defendants’ discriminatory foreclosure practices

– causation that is vastly different from the City of Oakland’s tax damage claims based solely on Defendants’ discriminatory lending practices.

Moreover, it should be noted that, while the Maryland District Court granted Wells Fargo’s renewed request for interlocutory appeal, the District Court specifically “affirmed its own proximate cause analysis as set forth in its Third Memorandum Opinion.” Order at 9.

In that decision the Maryland District Court found that the plaintiff counties adequately pled proximate cause at the motion to dismiss stage as to their property tax related damages and increased municipal expenditures caused by Defendants’ alleged discriminatory foreclosures.

See Prince George’s County, Md. v. Wells Fargo & Co., 520 F. Supp. 3d 747, 756-57 (D. Md. 2021).

Accordingly, the District Court specifically limited the question certified on appeal solely to whether:

At the motion to dismiss stage, do the Counties’ claims for economic injuries to their tax bases and for increased municipal services-which are based on regression analysis-satisfy the FHA’s proximate cause requirement?

Order at 9 (emphasis added).

Dated: December 29, 2021

Respectfully Submitted,



/s/ Kenneth A. Wexler

Kenneth A. Wexler

55 West Monroe, Suite 3300
Chicago, Illinois 60603
Telephone: (312) 346-2222

James M. Evangelista (pro hac vice)
David J. Worley (pro hac vice)
Kristi Stahnke McGregor (pro hac vice)
Leslie G. Toran (pro hac vice)

500 Sugar Mill Road Suite 245A
Atlanta, Georgia 30350
Telephone: (404) 205-8400

Sanford P. Dumain (pro hac vice)
Jennifer S. Czeisler (pro hac vice)
Roy Shimon (pro hac vice)


100 Garden City Plaza, Suite 500 Garden City, NY 11530 Telephone: (212) 594-5300

Special Assistant State’s Attorneys

At the present time, Casetext does not provide coverage of minute orders, but rather only access to substantive written opinions. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and thank you for understanding!

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Redlining: Goodwin Law Bankin’ On Corrupt Federal Judge(s) and They’ve Been Blessed in Illinois
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