Press Release: Elder Abuse and Crimes Committed by Federal Judges in America

Why Judicial Immunity has killed democracy.

Elder Abuse and Crimes Committed by Federal Judges in America

Why Judicial Immunity has killed democracy.


This is a real-life story of two elder American citizens, the Burkes, now aged well into their eighties, who are legally litigating to keep their retirement home from wrongful foreclosure.

During the decade plus litigation, they would discover the judiciary is completely lawless. The Burkes have independent legal opinions, writings and undeniable facts confirming their assertions.

A Judge whose character is determined by every act which is defined as a Tyrant, is unfit to be deciding the fate of a free people. A mob of congressionally appointed Judges who behave similarly and in unison on circuit courts, have the blood of the people on their hands.

  • Deutsche Bank’s wrongful foreclosure defeated twice by the homeowners.
  • Fifth and Eleventh Circuit conspire to effect illegal foreclosure in 2021.
  • The Burkes have irrefutable evidence of federal judicial corruption.
  • Judges rely upon Judicial Immunity whilst perverting the course of justice.

As a way of background, after a hard fought, exhausting four years of litigation in Southern District Federal Court in Houston, in 2015 the Burkes defeated the bankers attempts to foreclose. They would do so again in 2017, due to an isolated, honest federal judge. See Deutsche Bank Nat’l Tr. Co. v. Burke, CIVIL ACTION NO: H-11-1658 (S.D. Tex., 2017). However, in 2018, the Fifth Circuit would again unlawfully overturn the lower court and render judgment for Deutsche Bank to foreclose.

The Burkes decided they needed to gather more evidence to overturn this unlawful judgment and they ended up filing a motion to intervene out of state in Florida federal court, Consumer Fin. Prot. Bureau v. Ocwen Fin. Corp., No. 9:17-CV-80495 (S.D. Fla.).

Alas, that intervention would also be sabotaged by judicial corruption and the Burkes – once again – have impregnable evidence to back up these allegations.

As a result of the Eleventh Circuit’s own judges committing fraud upon fraud, this allowed their sister court, the Fifth Circuit, to dismiss the Burke’s Texas appeals on Wednesday, March 31, 2021. In a consolidated opinion, the court made a mockery of the rule of law.

As American citizens, the Burkes warning is clear and obvious; Judicial Immunity is killing democracy. They will be filing a new civil action in April 2021. You can learn more and keep a track of this blockbuster litigation and cause at

Name of Press Contact: Justice Seeker



Why the Chief Can’t Judge Everything – Even with Judicial Immunity

No [wo]man in this country is so high that [s]he is above the law. No officer of the law may set that law at defiance with impunity.

Pro Se Filers Face Capricious Clerks and Ambiguous Local Rules At the Federal Fifth Circuit

Pro se’s are being held to a higher standard than the laws and rules require and/or not being applied in a consistent manner. Pro se’s should not be penalized for court errors and capricious clerks.

Exclusive: LIT’s Obtained the Opening Statement from the Burkes Sizzlin’ Hot Petition for Rehearing

Abuse of the public trust cannot and must not be tolerated. Corrupt practices in government strike at the heart of social order and justice. – Federal Bureau of Investigation

Press Release: Elder Abuse and Crimes Committed by Federal Judges in America
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