Austin Estate Planning & Tax Law Firm Accused by the IRS of Aiding and Abetting Clients Illegally Evade Paying U.S. Taxes. The Lower Court has Ruled in Favor of the IRS, Now the Lawyers are Rushing to the Attorney-Friendly 5th Circuit for Protection and a Reversal of the Adverse Ruling

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Here, the Firm’s attorney-client privilege arguments do not meet its burden to rebut a Powell showing, in large part because the Firm makes a blanket assertion and does not…

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Troubled Non-Bank Mortgage Servicer Ditech Holding is Purchased by two Companies that Lead Back to Wall Street and Softbank. Not Only Getting a Steal of a Deal, The Courts are Already Expeditiously Foreclosing in Ditech Name as Soon As the Sale Was Announced.

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Ditech is purchased for a snip by Japan's SoftBank, which leads you back to all the favorite foreclosure Bankers and Non-Banks. From Goldman Sachs and Lehman Bros, to Green…

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Foreclosure Mill Barrett Daffin Frappier Turner & Engel, LLP now calling themselves BDF Law Group are also known Lobbyists in Texas. Here’s a Reminder of How Texas Still Allows its Citizens Homes to be Illegally Impounded and Sold by a Criminal Enterprise

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Overseeing a case last year involving James Patrick Allen, a homeowner in Victoria, Tex., Judge Steen examined the firm’s conduct in eight other foreclosure cases and found problems in…

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After a Revisit from the Priesters, Who Reminded the Fifth Circuit their Erie Guess Was Proven to Be Lender Bias by the Supreme Court of Texas, they Say, to Hell With Ya, it Was a Guess and You’re No Saint, You’re Merely a Poor Sinner

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Back in 2013, we affirmed the dismissal of the Priesters’ case, holding that a four-year statute of limitations barred their attempt to avoid a home-equity lien under section 50(a)(6)…

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