Judge’s Verbal Terroristic Threats End in Criminal Arrest in Georgia

Ain’t it sad that the Federal Judiciary in Texas is even corrupt when it comes to false threats of violence targeted at elders….

Doughertry County Probate Judge Leisa Blount puts legal case behind her

MAY 12, 2022 | REPUBLISHED BY LIT: OCT 18, 2023

Judge’s terroristic charges dropped, compare with Jan. 6 insurrection sentences.

ALBANY — With a legal cloud that had been hanging over her head for more than two years removed, Dougherty County Probate Court Judge Leisa Blount plans to do what she did during the ordeal — continue performing the duties of her office.

“I don’t have any particular comments about it,” she said. “I’m thankful it’s over. I’m really just working as I always have and just doing my job.”
Blount was charged in March 2020 with one count each of terroristic threats and violation of office.

She was arrested after Dougherty County Sheriff Kevin Sproul asked the Georgia Bureau of Investigation to launch an investigation. The agency alleged that Blount made threats against a county employee who works in the Facilities Maintenance Department.

Specifically, Blount made a remark during a meeting with officials with the county and sheriff’s office that as a judge she had the right to carry a firearm into her office building to protect herself. The alleged victim was not present at that meeting.

Blount said in an affidavit that the county employee acted strangely during two occasions when he entered the Probate Court offices during times he had no duties in that part of the building. On one occasion he told her that he was there to turn off the lights, and on the other he did not give a reason for being in the Probate Court area.

In late April, a special prosecutor chosen to investigate the case decided to dismiss the charges. The prosecutor, Southern Judicial Circuit District Attorney Brad Shealy, formally dismissed the case at that time.

Albany attorney Maurice King, who represented Blount in the case, said there has been no discussion of Blount pursuing a civil case related to the prosecution.

“I’m glad that it’s over with,” he said of the criminal case. “I’m glad that we do not have to try the case. I think it would have been a waste of taxpayer money.”

GBI Arrests Dougherty County Probate Judge

MAR 26, 2021 | REPUBLISHED BY LIT: APR 1, 2021

Another verbal threat ends in criminal arrest. Not so in Texas Federal Courts, so far…

Albany, GA (March 26, 2021) – On Thursday, March 25, 2021, the Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI) charged Dougherty County Probate Judge Leisa Blount, age 56, with one count of Terroristic Threats and one count of Violation of Oath by Public Officer.

On March 15, 2021, the GBI Regional Investigative Office in Sylvester, GA was requested by Dougherty County Sheriff Kevin Sproul in reference to allegations that Blount threatened a Dougherty County employee.  In the presence of witnesses, Blount made a verbal threat of violence.

Blount turned herself into the Dougherty County Jail.

This investigation is ongoing and when complete will be turned over to the Southern Judicial Circuit District Attorney’s Office for prosecution.

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