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Henry, Show Cause Why You Ain’t Gonna Be Sanctioned for Bein’ Pro Se in S.D. Tex.

Pro Se has 10 days to file a response without the benefit of ECF filing, because Judge Vanessa Gilmore says that is ATTORNEY PRIVILEGED.

Canyon Gate at Northpointe Owners Association, Inc. v. Henry


District Court, S.D. Texas

MAY 26, 2021 | REPUBLISHED BY LIT: SEP 20, 2021


IT IS HEREBY ORDERED that the removing party shall, no later than ten (10) days after the date of this ORDER, file and serve a signed statement under the case and caption that sets forth the following information regarding this removal action:

1. The date(s) on which defendant(s) or their representative(s) first received a copy of the summons and complaint in the state court action.

2. The date(s) on which each defendant was served with a copy of the summons and complaint, if any of those dates are different from the date(s) set forth in item number 1.

3. In actions predicated on diversity jurisdiction, whether any defendants who have been served are citizens of the state in which this Court sits.

4. In actions predicated on diversity jurisdiction, the amount alleged to be in controversy and the basis for this information.

5. If removal takes place more than thirty (30) days after any defendant first received a copy of the summons and complaint, the reasons why removal has taken place at this time and the date on which the defendant(s) first received a paper identifying the basis for such removal.

6. In actions removed on the basis of this Court’s diversity jurisdiction in which the action in state court was commenced more than one year before the date of removal, the reasons why this action should not summarily be remanded to state court.

7. Identify any defendant who had been served prior to the time of removal who did not formally join in the notice of removal and the reasons therefore.

8. If the case was removed on the basis of diversity jurisdiction, please list the citizenship of all parties (including the citizenship of each member of any partnership or LLC that is a party to this suit).

IT IS FURTHER ORDERED that all defendants to the action who joined in the notice of removal shall file such a Statement within the time period set forth herein, although the parties may file a joint statement as long as such statement is signed by counsel for each party.

IT IS FURTHER ORDERED that the removing party shall serve a copy of this order on all other parties to the action no later than the time they file and serve a copy of the statement required by this order. Any party who learns at any time that any of the information provided in the statement(s) filed pursuant to this order contains information that is not correct shall immediately notify the Court in writing thereof.

The Clerk shall enter this Order and provide a copy to all parties.

SIGNED on August 18, 2021, at Houston, Texas.


United States District Judge


It’s Petty and It’s Unconstitutional. Y’all at SDTX Federal Court are Violatin’ Civil Rights of Texas Citizens

One cannot allow one federal court in the State of Texas to allow pro se to file electronically and another deny all pro se litigants.

In re Kafi, Inc., the Live Controversy before Hand-Selected Federal Judge Vanessa Gilmore

With so many cases percolatin’ with so many judges, the departing (retiring) judge Vanessa Gilmore put herself forward to deal with Kafi.

Magistrate Judge Christina Bryan, S.D. Tex. M&R in Abraham v. C/C PHH Mortg. Servs

Plaintiff alleges no basis for the existence of a private right of action under Dodd-Frank. With a few narrow exceptions, the Dodd-Frank Act does not provide for a private right of action by borrowers against lending institutions.

Henry, Show Cause Why You Ain’t Gonna Be Sanctioned for Bein’ Pro Se in S.D. Tex.
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