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Berleth’s Misconduct Warranted Disciplinary Action and Criminal Referral. Judge Sim Lake Rejected All.

Texas Lawyer Berleth’s misconduct mirrors a case we highlighted on LIF, the Allan Campbell Pen Series. Judge Lake’s Reprimand is Offensive.

In re Berleth,


(S.D. Tex. Jan. 31, 2020, Judge Sim Lake)

Republished 17 Jun, 2022


On June 26, 2019, Judge Isgur issued a Memorandum Opinion finding that

(1) the court had reasonable grounds to believe that Berleth violated § 152(6),

and that

(2) the court therefore had a mandatory duty to report Berleth to the United States Attorney pursuant to 18 U.S.C. § 3057(a).

Referrals would also be made to the United States District Court and the State Bar of Texas with a recommendation that disciplinary proceedings be commenced against Berleth.


On August 23, 2019, Judge Hanks issued a Preliminary Report recommending that

“disciplinary proceedings should proceed on the charge that Robert W. Berleth committed a violation of 18 U.S.C. § 152(6)

by offering case referrals to an opposing lawyer to induce that lawyer to reduce his settlement demand in a bankruptcy adversary proceeding.

Specifically, such proceedings are necessary to resolve key factual disputes raised by [Berleth’s Preliminary Response]. . . .”

Judge Lake concludes; This is a troubling case.

An inexperienced lawyer violated several Guidelines for Professional Conduct, and his conduct could have resulted in much more serious violations had the court found fraudulent intent.

Having considered all of the relevant factors, the court concludes that Berleth should be privately reprimanded.

A private reprimand is not a viable remedy, however, because the records in the underlying bankruptcy cases and in this action, which will include the court’s Memorandum Opinion and Order, are publicly available.

The court’s Memorandum Opinion and Order will serve as a reprimand since the court has reproved Berleth for his conduct.

No further sanction is necessary.

The court cautions Berleth , however, to give careful attention to all of the ethical standards that govern his conduct as an attorney admitted to practice before the court and to guard against any violations of those standards.

Glover v. Berleth,

No. 01-09-00679-CV

(Tex. App. Jan. 12, 2012)

Republished 17 Jun, 2022

Berleth showed his colors before becoming a lawyer, you should read this opinion to see his character, which has borne true again, and again, and again.

Robert Berleth, based on the evidence provided in LITs series of articles today, Jun 17, 2022, confirms he is a lyin’, cheatin’, bribin’, thievin’ attorney who is more than overdue to be wearing orange and shackles before a judge, preferably one Berleth has not interviewed for his ‘Bad Advice’ graduation speech.

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Cynthia Tracy, Attorney at Law, P.C. is not registered with the Texas Secretary of State, violating Section 392.101 of the Texas Finance Code.

Texas Lawyer Robert Berleth and His Law Firm are in Violation of the Texas Finance Code

Writ of Garnishment to Collect $642,750 and $985,146, a total sum of $1,627,896 by a rogue, unlicensed Texas law firm, as receiver.

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Texas Attorney Grant Harpold of Buck Keenan LLP Harpold has been registered with the State Bar of Texas since 1998 and is Board Certified.

Berleth’s Misconduct Warranted Disciplinary Action and Criminal Referral. Judge Sim Lake Rejected All.
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