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Who is Vinh Truong, Real Estate Investor, Motivational Speaker and Self-Claimed Venture Capitalist?

Vinh Truong owns and operates several businesses and websites involved in foreclosures and distressed real estate investment.


NOV 13, 2023

This article is subject to updates.

LIT uncovered Vinh ‘X’ Truong whilst doing a forensic audit of our own into the ever-changing real estate foreclosure case involving known legal Bandit, Ray “Shack” Shackelford. The summary of the case is provided in the following LIT article, which is republished in part, here;

The property at Candleshade Ln is still showing as owned by a $10 title deed fraudster, in this case, using the name Giup Chua living in Sheridan, Wyoming and an address which is known to be used by scammers.

This contradicts Shack’s petition, which claimed the home was being purchased by IMA Investments, LLC, and appears to have been amended after LIT highlighted this case.

The fact is that Chua is affiliated to BAN NHA LLC, a Texas entity, where one of the directors is named VINH TRUONG as well as GIUP CHUA. So clearly, this is all a shell sham set of entities to mask the identities of the fraudsters. That can be bypassed, however, when it involves the Shack, as fraud is a given, not assumed.

The questionable $10 title deed transfer from Kimkena Jordan AKA Kimkeena OBEY Jordan (per Shack’s petition) of NY to Chua  is recorded at the real property records at Harris County on Oct. 18, 2022 and as confirmed independently.

As such, the alleged September 2023 sale per Zillow and Trulia is not showing anywhere in real records or on the internet at the time of this update.

As a result of the many shell entity changes as stated above, the name Vinh Truong appeared and that caught LIT’s attention. Initially, we thought it may prove difficult to find out who this individual was due to the name being fairly popular in the locality, however, we were quickly able to identify this individual due to his own self-promotion.

So what financial interest did Vinh Truong hold in this entity, GIUP CHUA? Well, based on his own words in this video, LIT understands Truong holds a 50/50 partnership in the net proceeds of the sale. However, he appears to also invest in the property remodeling directly and take out short-term financing. Truong appears to be offering capital as a private lender and promotes his business as seeking investors looking for high returns on investment, with the current offering a return of 12 percent annually.

Truong is a man of many hats, depending on the specific deal, operating as a middleman, broker, affiliate marketer, and now self claimed venture capitalist per his X social media profile. This is what we have uncovered as an initial sweep of his profile.

Case (Cause) Number Style File Date Court Case Region Type Of Action / Offense
202029213- 7
Disposed (Final)
ZHANG, ZHI ZHOU vs. BAN NHA LLC 5/13/2020 164 Civil Other Property
202012979- 7
2/26/2020 190 Civil Tax Delinquency
202011644- 7
Disposed (Final)
HARRIS COUNTY vs. BAN NHA LLC (AS TRUSTEE FOR 6645 GRANITE TRUST) 2/20/2020 270 Civil Tax Delinquency


The glaring issues with Vinh Truong can be identified from his websites, which lack any form of legal disclosures. These are required, in law, based on his own online content.

LIT questions;

This website does not provide any legal disclosures whilst discussing real estate, contract law, government and consumer protection laws and does not identify any privacy, terms or legal entity responsible for all the services this business provides.

A google search leads to a business listing with the address shown as; 9741 Long Branch Ln, Houston, TX 77055. This property is owned by Vindustrialist LLC was registered Sep. 3, 2019 and per HCAD, the entities address is; 7941 KATY FRWY 270 HOUSTON TX 77055 – a UPS Store.

Vindustrialist LLC has 4 properties currently registered on HCAD. However, the legal entity itself has a different registered address and agent, Roderick R Anduiza, who died in 2021. The reg’d address returns this information. 5 MILAN ESTATES HOUSTON, TX 77056. Vindustrialist LLC is also linked with address; 2007 BRENTWOOD DR HOUSTON TX 77019, another Anduiza property.

The state’s franchise tax website shows a mailing address of 826 BUNKER HILL RD HOUSTON, TX 77024-4408 (one of the 4 properties per HCAD above) which was acquired in July 2021, per real property records.

. What that reveals is that Vinh Truong knows how to form legal entities.

This website appears to be offering securities by actively seeking real estate investors and offering high returns on investment. Once more, there is nothing which identifies which entity is offering this service as “Truong Capital” is not an entity. There are zero legal disclosures on this website as well.

X Profile (@vinstatruong)

Truong’s profile adds Venture Capitalist and Serial Entreprenuer as hashtags, yet once again, we don’t see any disclosure about a registered entity, fund, prospectus or broker disclosures. The X profile links to

I am a real estate professional operating at the edge of the latest real estate market trends.

Over the last 18 years, my team and I have helped over 1,700 distressed home owners with strategies such as shorting loans, taking over payments, lending private money, and countless other solutions.

In 2004, I founded Short Sale Surrender and began helping home owners who were underwater with their home loans and mediating debt settlements with the banks. Three years later, when the market crashed, we became the market leaders in conducting short sales to hundreds of home owners who lost their jobs and saw their home values plummet.

In 2011, when home values began to recover, we pivoted our business model to focus on helping home owners modify their existing loans to reduce principals, reducing & fixing interests rates, and/or by extending terms.

In 2016, I founded My Foreclosure Hero and pivoted to defaulted loan audits. We investigate the paper trails of hundreds and thousands of mortgages of distressed homeowners that may have had their mortgage improperly assigned.

In 2022, to this day I support the Cares Act and help homeowners process loan modification and forbearance plans. I am passionate about using my expertise to help homeowners navigate complex situations and find the best solutions for their unique circumstances.

Chief Real Estate Strategist 24/7/365

Forbearance CARESACT – Forensic Audit

Jan 2017 – Present · 6 yrs 11 mos  Houston, Texas Area

As an investor of multi-model businesses, it is my job to lend, invest, and service those in distress, such as guiding them through the process and helping them find options for their private home or store issues. This is why I feel vital to the solution of today’s market. With over a decade of investing, I have gained a much deeper knowledge of what real estate is truly like, and I never fear owning it. To stand out as an investor amongst others, I continue to educate myself every day to be more creative and innovative, allowing me to explore new possible solutions in order to succeed at keeping borrowers engaged. In doing so, I’m able to forge a healthy long-term relationship between the borrower and myself. This allows me to keep the borrower in good standing and counsel them through any difficulties they may have.

Talks about #mortgage, #realestate, #texasrealestate, #investinyourself, and #realestateinvesting

What We Do

If you have been looking for a solution to your foreclosure, you can rest easy now: My Foreclosure Hero has your back and we have the remedy to your problem. You are in good hands: we have completed over 262,000 hours of customer experience in training since March 2020. Still feel like you’re free falling? We have been in the game for a long time, so we have several methods we have used through trial and error to help you save your home.

Since 1991, we have utilized proven strategies to create a fresh financial start for families across America.

Who are we?

Our team has processed more than 1,600 files with people in default, and we prevented each homeowner from losing their home to the bank.

By clearly understanding your needs and motivations, we can add to one of our many success stories.

Our group has owned and operated two loss mitigation/short sale companies across three cities.

We’ve operated offices in Houston Texas, Sherman Oaks California, and Jacksonville Florida.

We process short sales and work directly with lenders. This is not a side business, this is our core model.

Full service one stop team

With this plug and play system you get help WITHOUT UPFRONT COSTS.

A research team will analyze your loan and look for any lender anomalies.

You will meet with an attorney to work with you and represent you in court.

If needed, we provide a Real Estate broker to manage the sale.

There are also multiple investors/buyers who will pay cash for your house.

No matter your situation, we will customize options to solve your problems!

What options do I have?

Cash for Keys: Walk away today and leave your problem to us!

We take over the headaches… period! Just turn off the power and water, and toss the keys over your shoulder. We manage the yard, work with your lender, take over the payments, pay off the loan, or resell. This is the EASIEST clean break.

Joint Venture Partnership: Make money even if you have no equity!

On a debt settlement, we become partners and sue the lender to reduce the principal balance on your home. You can receive up to 20% of the net profits. This is NOT a short sale and NOT a loan modification. See partnership benefits below.

Short Sale: Walk away today and leave your problem to us!

Statistically, less than 20% of short sales are successful with the national average. We see 90-95% of ours succeed. This is because we use a 3-tiered system to analyze the loan and choose the best strategy.

You can stay in the house up until the sale and we specialize in postponements at ZERO cost to you. Now, you don’t have to pay a bankruptcy attorney and incur additional cost for a house you are not planning to keep.

Every situation is unique and we will customize a solution to your needs.

Partnership Benefits

When you partner with us, we will work with a local attorney at no upfront cost to you.

The main benefits are as follows:

Free loan analysis: We look into the chain of title and assignments before we take the case.

Cash to homeowner: At the time of settlement, the home owner will receive up to 20% of the profits.

Freeze the foreclosure process: Legal action will halt the foreclosure process and the settlement will remove the threat of foreclosure.

Settlement guarantee: We only take on cases that qualify and we can guarantee will be settled.

Private settlement: This is a pro se based action which will be out of court.  This allows the homeowner to maintain privacy and anonymity.

Besides, the banks do not want the public to know they are settling for 50% of the loan amount!

Top Reasons why Banks will Settle:

We make the lender prove “Standing” – The foreclosing party must prove they are the “holder of the debt” and how they acquired the debt through bonafide documentation (Assignments).

Improper recordation – The current mortgage note holder must have been recorded in title with successor and assigns relating to discharge of mortgage.

Original lenders are out of business –  If they perform a foreclosure, it is illegal or unlawful since it is a break in chain of title.

Robo-signers – Created to rubber stamp and re-create notes without verification and authority for bank executives to advance the fraud of foreclosure.

Why should I choose My Foreclosure Hero?

There are many predatory companies who are not what they appear to be.

Beware of unscrupulous companies

who are:

Only interested in buying your house at a big discount

Attorneys who just want to take you into bankruptcy

Collect a consultation fee then do nothing for you

Check out our legitimacy through your attorney general or social pages.

We are very proud of our track record of success and many satisfied customers.

They are strong evidence that we deliver on our promises.

How does MFH stop foreclosure?

We specializes in resolutions of mortgage delinquencies or home foreclosure claims on behalf of you, the homeowner.

Our company performs a detailed financial analysis and works with you to determine your best alternatives.

We review your lenders loss mitigation policies and foreclosure laws to make sure that we give you the best service within the context of your situation.

By working with you and your lender, MFH can tailor a resolution to meet your specific criteria and financial circumstance. We do all of this quickly and effectively because our team has over 30 years of experience in the Real Estate and Mortgage industry.

What is My Foreclosure Hero’s mission?

MFH strives to empower and assist homeowners through education, information, and relationships with highly trusted professionals who are knowledgeable, honest, and compassionate.

We act within laws and regulations established to assist and protect homeowners and homebuyers.

The state-of-the-art tools and education programs provided by our team are designed to help produce the best outcome for each of our clients.

Too many banks use a “one size fits all” approach with homeowners in foreclosure. Your situation is unique. You deserve to get a fair and personalized settlement from your lender.



Our Story

Houston Preforeclosure, founded in 2003 in Houston, TX, is a full service Real Estate Investment and Education Company that specializes in the pre-foreclosure industry.

Our core business belief is assisting the homeowner through legal and ethical real estate transactions.

Since 2003, we have closed over 200 real estate transactions specifically helping familes out of short sales.

We learned to sell homes fast because we wanted to get out quick.

That was the start of a new venture: “helping others sell their homes fast and negotiate short sale”.

Since then, our mitigation company has added processing services, all to help homeowners face this crisis.

Our singular function is to find a win-win-win scenario in which the Buyer, Seller, and Lender achieve a new arrangement that is superior to their previous position.

Our principle means for helping sellers to determine if they should sell short is through education.

We teach the seller about the ramifications of foreclosure, short sale, and missed mortgage payments.

These ramifications pertain to credit conditions and future lender seasoning before home ownership will once again become viable.

It is our experience that much mystery clouds the short sale process. The process is actually simple, but arduous.

We work very hard to dispel the myths and rumors of the process to make the transaction as transparent as possible to all parties. If you are upside down in your residence, there is no easy way out of your situation.

We focus on all things related to Real Estate Short Sales.

Often times, the politics and economics that influence the short sale processes are covered.

Frequently, we will include real life stories of current short sale negotiations in order to help educate others who may be facing the same challenge.

Essentially, this site serves as a place to remove some of the mystery surrounding the short sale process.

Our Mission Statement

We fight daily with servicers + lenders as well as being nationally recognized as Houston’s largest and most effective organization in assisting homeowners with an unaffordable mortgage.

#CARESact Affordable Mortgage Assistance while facing financial challenges, suspend your payments today.


Our Professionals abide to our TRUSTED Core Value

We have assisted over a quarter-of-a-thousand homeowners achieve affordable solutions.


Our primary solution is to restructure the mortgage by permanently reducing the interest rate to as low as 2% and sometimes reduce the outstanding principal saving hundreds and sometimes thousands per month.

201938402 –


 (Court 281)

JUN 4, 2019 | REPUBLISHED: NOV. 13, 2023

Bandit Lawyer Ray Shackelford Meets His Legal Match in Court as He Stands Down

Lawyer Smith hits the mark with his answers, unlike most opposing and larger foreclosure mill counsel who condone fraud on or by the court.

A Fourplexin’ Injunction: Two Sanctioned TX Lawyers and Real Scumbags Apparently Know Terry Jones

The Shack is asking Judge Tami Craft to sign a TRO for 4 distinctly separate properties in one stop foreclosure lawsuit.

Title Deed Fraud: Alvin Man Sentenced to 40 Years in Texas State Prison But Lawyers Remain Free

Rhodes went to jail for 40 yrs, but Texas Lawyers committing title deed fraud may continue. This is a developing story which will be updated.

Who is Vinh Truong, Real Estate Investor, Motivational Speaker and Self-Claimed Venture Capitalist?
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