Who Are Christian Consultants of Texas, the “We Save Homes, We Buy Houses” Equity-Stripping Scammers?

They are a company in violation of many state and federal laws, who have been scammin’, lyin’ and stealin’ homes from vulnerable citizens.

Kevin Pawlowski of Christian Consulting of Texas Claims to Have Been a Registered Insurance Agent for over a Decade and also Been fully Trained by Lawyer(s) in Foreclosure Laws.

As such, he has Zero Excuses and Should be Going to Jail for Violatin’ State and Federal Laws along with his ‘Processor’ and Project Manager, Susan Casias.

JUN 21, 2022

In less than 5 minutes, this video shows so many violation of  Texas laws, consumer protection laws and more. Christian Consultants of Texas (CCTX) are Scammers.

REAL ESTATE MENTOR/Sales Manager | Sales Trainer | Recruiter | Sales Pro | Business Development Expert | Entrepreneur | Empire Builder | Insurance Agency Director | Regional Insurance Manager |Group Benefits Manager


Since 2003 i have been involved with every aspect of the real estate business. I was trained in all foreclosure laws by a leading attorney who specialized in Texas foreclosure law.

I trained employees of Woodlands church, Lakewood and Second Baptist on how to best help out their members who are facing foreclosure.

I train my agents how to go to the homes of people in the Houston and surrounding areas who are facing foreclosure. We help to figure out the best route to take to get the clients in the best possible situation moving forward. We help them with locating a new home, we pay to move them, and we even help with job location from our church connections.

For the entirety of my career, I have always been an exceptional recruiter, trainer and motivator. It has always been easy for me to recognize the strengths and weaknesses in associates. I have developed sales training based on my experiences in the field both as a manager and agent.

I have recruited support staff including public relations specialists and Real Estate Agents and Managers. But perhaps what I am best at is identifying and training other managers. I have developed some of the top performing managers, and empowered them to become successful.

Recognized as Houstons Leading Real Estate Wholesaler with over 100 properties bought and sold each year.

Buyer of distressed properties or anyone wanting to sell fast. Can close with cash and in as little as 2 days.

Managing Member

Epiphany Properties LLC

May 2020 – Present · 2 yrs 2 mos

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Christian Consultants of Texas
19 yrs 6 mos

Real Estate Mentorr
Contract Jan 2003 – Present · 19 yrs 6 mos

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Jan 2003 – Present · 19 yrs 6 mos Houston, Texas Area

As a seasoned forward thinker, Kevin easily assesses the market, avoiding the mistakes that often plague other investors.

During the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, Kevin was one of only a handful of investors asked to speak to the Mayor, City Council and Appraisal District representatives regarding the Hurricane’s effects on the values of flooded homes and commercial properties. His company both set the market values of affected properties and helped the recovery efforts throughout Houston.

Kevin’s foremost attribute is his ability to find and close deals others aren’t even ware exist. Kevin is the authority in both assessing property valuations and purchasing in a wide range of settings. These include pre-foreclosure, auction and bank owned properties as well as distressed properties of all kinds, both single family and commercial.

State General Agent

American Income Life Insurance Company

Feb 1992 – Jan 2005 · 13 yrs Houston, Texas AreaHouston, Texas Area

State General Agent, (Promotion) Houston, Texas 1994 to 2005

Highlights: Awarded Top State General Agent for life sales above quota in category. Recognized as the companies’ top recruiter every year of tenure. Rated one of the highest performing State General Agents in company history; attained records in life premium sales. Acknowledged by the company as the #1 agency builder and top recruiter of agents and superior support staff in the U.S. Hired, developed and trained a record number of high performing sales managers.

Responsible for the success of the operation including achieving sales and performance objectives, recruiting personnel and customer retention. Recruited, trained, and managed public relations, support, and office staff. Produced 13 other State General Agents for the company.
• Started offices in Houston, Beaumont, Waco, Lufkin, Longview, New Orleans, and Baton Rouge for the company.
• Grew Houston office to 100 agents and realized similar increases in other Texas and Louisiana offices
• Managed and directed each office to top productivity, often from ground-breaking and conception
• Sold over $100k in annualized life premiums many weeks – far exceeding typical performance

Master General Agent, Houston, Texas 1993 to 1994

Highlights: Grew office from 4 agents to over 100 in the first year. Shattered company annualized life insurance premiums record. Oversaw all operational aspects of offices conducive to successful sales operations. Recruited, trained, and managed staff and agents. Developed training materials based on hands-on field experience and trained other managers.

General Agent – Kansas City, Missouri 1992 to 1993

Highlights: Qualifed for convention in 4 months and was the Agent of the Year. Achieved top sales producer recognition in the company. Developed a comprehensive set of sales training course materials – complete with overcoming objections and closing for other sales representatives.

Christian Consultants of Texas (CCTX), Owned by Kevin L. Pawlowski

Equity Strippin’ Foreclosure Scammers. CCTX Checks All the Boxes for bein’ a Scammer.

This Video is shown on the website and the YouTube channel for Casias as a “Testimonial”.

The Elder in this video, who appears to be a Vet, has clearly been railroaded, then coached as he is abused by Christian Consultants of Texas, who have violated many state and federal laws before stealin’ the equity from his home and claiming they are doing him a favor by ‘paying his moving costs’ and other ‘cash payments’.

It’s kinda like watchin’ ISIS interview captured American’s before choppin’ their heads off. It’s distressing and disturbing on so many levels.




We also searched TX OCCC Licensee database for Epiphany and Pawlowski and other variations. The searches produced ZERO registrations.

This 7-Figure a Year Earner Kevin L. Pawlowski Cannot Pay His Lawyer a $3,500 Bill


Another rogue foreclosure defense and non-licensed, non-registered debt settlement law firm, Gannon the Cannon gives Pawlowski a wholesale rate of $1k down and $500 a month in a recent intervenor-plaintiff lawsuit. When the ‘waiting for the new credit card’ excuses ran cold with comrade J. Gannon Helstowski, he filed to withdraw as legal representative in this County suit.




FEB 7, 2022 | REPUBLISHED BY LIT: JUN 21, 2022

CCTX retained “foreclosure defense” lawyer Jason LeBoeuf to file the 736 eviction suit.

Lone Star Legal Aid  represented Vivanco.

It should be noted there’s an error on the address in the petition, which is not Bennington St, but rather confirmed as 10018 KNOBOAK DRIVE #5.

CCTX via Susan Casias on a phone call with Judy Lichtenberger, who was with Vivanco, bought the condo for $40k. The retail value is between $140-160k.

This person Judy Lichtenberger and her company came to our attention after reviewing the Harris County Court cases involving CCTX and where Sandra Casias and Judy Lichtenberger were deposed by then attorneys for Arturo Vivanco, Lone Star Legal Aid of Texas.

Judy Lichtenberger, Loan Signing Agency | Real Estate | Notary Signing Agent Eagle Eye Signings & Mobile Notary, LCC Yuba College Houston, Texas, United States

I hold an active Adjuster’s license, General Lines Agent license, and a Life Insurance license.

I am the owner of Eagle Eye Signings & Mobile Notary, LLC. As a loan signing agent who is commissioned, bonded and Insured. We are a Nationwide Signing Service.

I am confident I can help people get to a better place. I believe one needs to attract a life of love, appreciation, success, and the abundance you desire and deserve with positive, daily affirmations! Growth and Contribution is life greatest gift.

Contact me ~ 832-929-4738



(Court 333, Judge Brittanye Morris)

APR 4, 2022 | REPUBLISHED BY LIT: JUN 21, 2022

It’s of no surprise to LIT to see that CCTX retained “foreclosure defense” lawyer Jason LeBoeuf representing homeowner, but actually retained by CCTX, who has purchased the residence. CCTX are paying $120k for a property worth around $100 more. e.g. $220k.



(Court 334)

MAR 21, 2006 | REPUBLISHED BY LIT: JUN 21, 2022

Pawlowski’s been in Harris County Court since at least 2006 perfectin’ his foreclosure equity scam, stealin’ from the most vulnerable.

Door Knockin’ Sales Trainin’ by Sandra Casias

Sales Executive Leverages ‘Sphere of Influence’ to Benefit Charities

By Shannon Prudhomme
Contributor, Gulf Coast Philanthropy

June 2, 2011

The best way to describe Susan Casias’ energy is to think of a latte with a double shot of espresso. Yes, it’s that jolting and vibrant! Her zest for life and passion for supporting charities are infectious and magnetic.

“I often hear ‘I want what she’s got’,” Casias said. “I tell people ‘you have it, you’ve just got to pay attention and tap into it’.”

She graciously uses her ‘it factor’ to benefit Houston area non-profit organizations by tapping into her business connections and hosting high-profile Shred Days to raise money for non-profit organizations. Casias held her first fundraising Shred Day in 2008 while working with a large Houston-based recycling and shredding company.

In addition to serving on various community boards and mentoring youth in her church, she currently donates 20 Saturdays annually to coordinating and promoting the shredding fundraisers for non-profit organizations. Individuals donate a minimum of $10 to the selected organization, and their documents are then securely destroyed.

Casias’ journey to hosting these events was a logical transition, considering her background. She has always had an interest in sales and increasing public awareness about important issues. “I was doing these shred days for the public on weekend because I have a passion for the security of information, having been a victim of identity theft a couple of times myself,” Casias said.

In 2008, a colleague suggested raising money for non-profit organizations and she quickly began working to implement the concept.

The first organization she sponsored was Memorial Assistance Ministries, which was the “Charity of the Month” for the Houston West Chamber of Commerce. The first Shred Day was a huge success. “We raised $2,000 for that first event!” she said. An additional benefit to the organization was increased public awareness due to Casias’ large professional network.

At the time, she was working with a larger company, but eventually transitioned to working with Texas Security Shredding (TSS), a smaller company. Due to the cost of providing the shredding materials, TSS was only able to subsidize the cost of providing the resources for each Shred Day at a cost of $450.

Faced with this dilemma, Susan set out to research options that would allow her to still support local organizations.

“I couldn’t find anyone to do this for free, and Texas Security Shredding charged the least amount for this service,” she said.

In addition to reaching into her own pocket, Casias said she also recognized the power of her “sphere of influence” and opportunities to tap into her resources.

“My former clients from my previous employer hunted me down,” she said. “I realized companies didn’t care what company I was working for – they just wanted to work with Susan,” she said.

She decided to roll the dice and reach out to her colleagues to donate the funds needed for the first Shred Day she planned to host with Texas Security Shredding. “The first time I e-mailed my business friends, it took less than thirty minutes to get the underwriting the organization needed,” she said.

Casias also sent word out to her business colleagues to ensure a large turnout for the event. Sara Rice, Volunteer Coordinator for Memorial Assistance Ministries, said the organization has hosted eight events with Casias and Texas Security Shredding, which has exposed more people to her organization.

“It’s been a new way for people to come out and learn about us,” Rice said. “We also pair the shredding events with Houston Computer recycling, so it’s a green and environmentally-friendly event.”

For Casias, the Shred Days have affirmed her belief that “there is always a way to help a charity.” She provided the following suggestions for individuals seeking to support non-profit organizations:

Think beyond money and large amounts of time. “Dedicating just an hour a week to volunteering for a local charity is a great way to help.”

Co-op your efforts to maximize the impact.

“Combine your funds with friends and contribute your funds to one organization,” she advised.

Use your voice to support an organization’s fundraising or public awareness initiatives.

“Find a charity who needs people to make phone calls,” she said.

“Let’s say you’re homebound; this is a great way to support a charity and interact with people.”

Reach out to your circle of friends.

“You’d be surprised by how many people in your circle already contribute to a charity, and don’t say anything about it,” she said.

Casias said these events have reinforced her spiritual values.

“To be forthcoming, I wasn’t always the best citizen,” she said.

Since turning her life around, she said she feels empowered by her ability to give back and watch her efforts grow through the organizations she supports.

“When you’re doing everything you’re supposed to do, God just puts things in front of you and gives you everything you need.”

Epiphany Community Health Outreach Services (ECHOS) is currently seeking underwriters for a June 18th shredding fundraiser with Susan Casias and Texas Security Shredding.

To support this event, please contact her at or (713) 320-8019.

Sep 23, 2020

We had the good fortune of connecting with Susan Casias and we’ve shared our conversation below.

Hi Susan, how has your perspective on work-life balance evolved over time?

When I first started my business it seemed like I was working 40 hours a day. There was absolutely no balance in my life at all, and everything reflected that. Everything felt like a struggle and I kept clients that ate up a lot of my time and paid very little for it. Five years ago I was diagnosed with cancer and was forced to focus on myself. I am cancer free now and my business is flourishing because I was forced to embrace balance. I can tell you that the day I started taking time for myself, my power of attraction increased exponentially and my business, bank account and “me time” grew with it. It was hard. I had to take a lot of leaps of faith. Yes, I did fail sometimes, just not as much and with greater rewards in the long run. Delegating was a big key. Letting those people make mistakes on their own was challenging. Knowing that success follows failures, gave me the patience and strength I needed to help those people working for me have the same balance in their lives, too. The pandemic was an unprecedented challenge and I made sure to apply to all the grants and loans out there. I also kept paying my employees, even when there was no work. The rewards from that are starting to produce already and my life has even more balance now. When you embrace balance, you increase your power of attraction and it’s wonderfully rewarding.

Can you open up a bit about your work and career? We’re big fans and we’d love for our community to learn more about your work.

God answers prayer through other people, and he put amazing people in my life. We all have struggles in our lives, both personally and professionally. As I grow older, I realize its all part of the journey. After all, it’s the journey we should be enjoying on the way to our destiny. Eight years ago I started my business and was a tech company. My business partner at the time, was not able to handle the pressure and I was left to move on by myself. Since I was the sales and marketing guru I went out and bought the DBA “The Sales Energizer” and never looked back. After many, many struggles, including beating stage 3 rectal caner (it was a real pain in the a__), the tapestry of my life is wonderfully colorful and I cherish all the failures and successes. The biggest thing I learned is that you just don’t run a business alone. You have to delegate and learn and grow as a team. It takes a village to grow a company. I went from charging $50 an hour to earning over 6 digits annually, and on my way to 7. I have wonderfully loyal employees and we all take care of each other. Many times, when in quiet prayer I sit in awe of the wonderful life I have been blessed with receiving. Obviously, my faith was a big component in overcoming struggles. Owning a business is a huge leap of faith I’m glad I took.

If you had a friend visiting you, what are some of the local spots you’d want to take them around to?

Houston has amazing restaurants. Because of the pandemic, there are not too many places to go right now, so eating at a different location would be a high priority. We have our favorite Italian places like Fornos of Italy and The Grotto and The Adriatic Cafe. Of course, if you like Chinese food, we highly recommend North China by Highway 6 and I-10. Julia’s on Highway 6 at W Little York is an awesome little Mexican place. If you want to go a little more high end, try Tony Mendola’s and El Tiempo Cantina. There are so many great places to eat. Those are the ones at the top of our list. They’re affordable and mmm, mmmm good.

The Shoutout series is all about recognizing that our success and where we are in life is at least somewhat thanks to the efforts, support, mentorship, love and encouragement of others. So is there someone that you want to dedicate your shoutout to?

I’d like to shout out to my husband, Dean, who encourages me and has faith in me every single day. His support means the world to me and I’m so glad he quit his job to come work with me. I also want to recognize Kevin Pawlowski of Christian Consultants of Texas, LLC, my mentor. Kevin has taught me so much about business and balance in my life. He also gives me opportunities every single day to become a better person and grow my business. He also encourages me to perform random acts of kindness, and that is making my world a better place to live. I look forward to retiring wealthy in every sense of the word because those two men are in my life are helping me get there. Of course, if the Good Lord didn’t put them in my life, I would have nothing. God answers prayer through other people and He sure put great people in my life. I could write a book just about the amazing people God has placed before me. Thank you, God.


Fix That Credit Score Bills Paid for by CCTX, another Company Not Registered with TX OCCC.

Fix That Credit Score started in 2003 to help the clients who accidently damaged their credit ratings.

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However, these issues make a permanent dent in the credit score unless they are taken care of.

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We totally disagree and never use these illegal black hat tactics to fix the credit score.

These Fake tactics get your credit file locked for eight months.

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Federal Court Cases Involving Christian Consultants of Texas and/or Kevin Pawlowski

Eastman v. Pawlowski


District Court, S.D. Texas

Christian Consultants of Texas, L.L.C. v. CitiMortgage, Inc.
District Court, S.D. Texas

Connely v. Christian Consultants of Texas, LLC
District Court, S.D. Texas

Each City has their own Solicitation Laws, here’s the City of Bedford’s


— (1) —
Editor’s note— Ord. No. 16-3163 , § 2, adopted May 10, 2016, amended Ch. 90 in its entirety to read as herein set out. Former Ch. 90, §§ 90-1—90-8, 90-36—90-39, pertained to similar subject matter and derived from Code 1969, §§ 18-1—18-12. See the Code Comparative Table for a detailed analysis.

Cross reference— Advertising, ch. 6; businesses, ch. 26; health and sanitation, ch. 66; secondhand goods, ch. 98; streets, sidewalks and other public places, ch. 106; traffic and vehicles, ch. 114.

State Law reference— Criminal trespass, V.T.C.A., Penal Code § 30.05; persons regarded as retailers under sales tax law, V.T.C.A., Tax Code § 151.024; licensing lawful businesses subject to police power, V.T.C.A., Local Government Code § 215.075.


Sec. 90-1. – Purpose.
The purpose of this article is to provide for the general health, public safety and welfare, comfort, convenience and protection of the city and the residents of the city by:

(1)Prohibiting door-to-door solicitation and canvassing activity at residences during the times when such activity is most intrusive and disruptive to citizens’ privacy;

(2)Regulating the manner in which any solicitation activity, canvassing activity or handbill distribution may occur to promote good order, prevent litter and protect citizens from aggressive and intimidating practices;


(3)Requiring solicitors and handbill distributors to register with the city and obtain permits to aid in crime detection efforts and deter deceptive practices and fraud.

The provisions of this article shall be construed to accomplish these purposes.

( Ord. No. 16-3163 , § 2, 5-10-16)

Sec. 90-2. – Definitions.

The following words, terms and phrases, when used in this chapter, shall have the meanings ascribed to them in this section, except where the context clearly indicates a different meaning:

City is defined as the City of Bedford, Texas.

Commercial home solicitation or soliciting is defined as the solicitation at a residence through the attempt or act of asking, bartering, or communicating in any manner for the purpose of selling or offering to sell goods, services, or realty, which includes promoting, advertising, receiving or obtaining money, gifts or items of value.

Do not solicit list is defined as a list, developed and maintained by the police chief, or his designee, of residences where the property owner or occupant has indicated that they do not wish to be solicited.

Handbill is defined as any printed or written matter, any sample or device, dodger, circular, leaflet, pamphlet, paper, booklet, or any other printed or otherwise reproduced original or copies of any manner.

Handbill distribution is defined as traveling by any means, going door-to-door, house-to-house or building-to-building without personally contacting persons to distribute or leave on or at each premises handbill for any purpose.

Itinerant merchant or itinerant vendor is defined as any person other than a publication solicitor, engaged as a solicitor.

Mail is defined as letter, packages, or other items commonly transported and delivered by the United States Post Office, or by delivery service which requires a delivery statement specifically addressed to the address at which it is delivered and an addressee located at that location, or by a delivery service which delivers materials subscribed to by a person living at the address to which the subscribed materials are delivered.

Motor vehicle is defined as a vehicle that is subject to registration under V.T.C.A., Transportation Code ch. 502, or its successor chapters.

Newspaper is defined as any published materials that are printed and distributed, both daily and non-daily, to disseminate current news and information of general interest to the public.

Noncommercial solicitor means any person, other than a publication solicitor, engaged in requesting contribution of funds, property, or anything of value, or the pledge of any type of future donation, or selling or offering for sale any type of property, including but not limited to goods, tickets, books, and pamphlets, or political, charitable, religious, or other non-commercial purposes.

Place of business is defined as an established outlet, office, or location operated by a retailer, the retailer’s agent, or the retailer’s employee for the purpose of receiving orders for taxable items. The term includes any location at which three or more orders are received by a retailer in a calendar year. A location such as a warehouse, storage yard, or manufacturing plant is not a “place of business” unless at least three orders for taxable items are received by the retailer during a calendar year.

Publication solicitor is defined as any itinerant merchant or itinerant vendor who sells or takes orders for sales of newspapers, magazines, or other publications, including audio and visual recordings.

Selling is defined as selling, dispensing, peddling, hawking, displaying, offering to sell or soliciting for sale by offering or exposing for sale any goods, wares, merchandise or services.

Solicitation activities is defined as traveling by any means, going door-to-door, house-to-house or building-to-building personally contacting persons to ask, barter or communicate in any manner, whether orally, by written or printed materials including, but not limited to, handbills or leaflets, hand signing or by any other method, direct or implied, for the purpose of selling or taking orders for goods, wares, merchandise or services or collecting money for any purpose that does not reflect on the exemption list.

Solicitor is defined as any person who engages in the practice of going door-to-door, house-to-house, or along any streets within the city:

(1) Selling or taking orders for or offering to sell or take orders for goods, merchandise, wares, or other items of value for further delivery, or for services to be performed in the future, for commercial purposes;


(2) Any itinerant merchant, itinerant vendor, publication solicitor or non-commercial solicitor as those terms are defined herein.

Traffic safety vest is defined as a high visibility vest made of fluorescent material that may be clearly seen at any time of the day and is issued through the police department for the purposes of this chapter.

( Ord. No. 16-3163 , § 2, 5-10-16)

Sec. 90-3. – Commercial home solicitation and commercial home distribution on private property.

(a) It shall be unlawful for any person to conduct commercial home solicitation or commercial home distribution upon residential property within the city without first obtaining a written permit as required by this chapter.(b)It shall be unlawful to approach any part of a residence other than the front door.

( Ord. No. 16-3163 , § 2, 5-10-16)

Sec. 90-4. – Exhibiting card prohibiting solicitors.

(a) A person desiring that no solicitor or other person engage in a solicitation at his residence shall exhibit in a conspicuous place upon or near the main entrance to the residence a weatherproof card not less than three inches by four inches in size, containing the words, “NO SOLICITORS” or “NO TRESPASSING” or “NO ADVERTISEMENTS” or “NO HANDBILLS” or any similar notice.

The letters shall be not less than two-thirds of an inch in height.

(b) Every solicitor upon going onto any premises upon which a residence is located shall first examine the residence to determine if any notice prohibiting soliciting is exhibited upon or near the main entrance to the residence. If any notice prohibiting soliciting is exhibited, the itinerant vendor, itinerant merchant, or publication solicitor shall immediately depart from the premises without disturbing the occupant unless the visit is the result of a request made by the occupant.

(c) No person shall go upon any residential premises and ring the doorbell or rap or knock upon the door or create any sound in a manner calculated to attract attention of the occupant of the residence for the purpose of securing an audience with the occupant and engaging in or attempting to engage in the business of solicitation if a card as described in subsection (a) of this section is exhibited in a conspicuous place upon or near the main entrance to the residence unless the visit is the result of a request made by the occupant.

(d) No person, other than the occupant of the residence, shall remove, deface or render illegible a card placed by the occupant pursuant to subsection (a) of this section.

(e) Request to leave.

(1)Any solicitor who has gained entrance to a residence or audience with the occupant, whether invited or not, shall immediately depart from the premises without disturbing the occupant further when requested to leave by the occupant.

(2)Subsection (1) immediately above shall apply in all cases, regardless of whether a sign is posted and regardless of whether the solicitation was initially invited.

( Ord. No. 16-3163 , § 2, 5-10-16)

Sec. 90-5. – Do not solicit list.

(a) The police chief, or their designee, shall develop and maintain a list of residences where commercial home solicitation is prohibited and such list shall be referred to as the do not solicit list.

(b)Any property owner or occupant may elect to add or remove his or her residence to or from the do not solicit list through the procedures developed by the police chief.

The property owner or occupant making such a request will be required to affirm that he or she is an owner or occupant of the residence, and is making the request on their behalf and on behalf of any other occupant at that address.

(c)The police chief shall make the do not solicit list available on the city’s website and to any person upon request.

(d)The police chief shall provide a copy of the do not solicit list to each person issued a permit under this article.

(e)Solicitation of any residence on the do not solicit list shall be grounds for the immediate revocation of the solicitor’s permit.

( Ord. No. 16-3163 , § 2, 5-10-16)

Sec. 90-6. – Cleanliness of products and vehicles; honest weights and measures required.

Every person who shall comply with this chapter and shall sell, or offer for sale, any of the articles as herein specified, shall at all times keep the same in a clean and sanitary condition, and shall also keep their wagons, vehicles, or other conveyances in a clean and sanitary condition, and they shall not sell, or offer for sale, any unsound or unwholesome articles, nor shall they give, or make, any false weights or measures of any of the various articles as specified and covered by this chapter.

( Ord. No. 16-3163 , § 2, 5-10-16)

Sec. 90-7. – Consent to enter residences.

It shall be unlawful for any solicitor except as herein provided, to go inside of a private residence in the city unless requested or invited so to do by the owner or occupant of said residence for the purpose of selling or dispensing of or peddling the same.

( Ord. No. 16-3163 , § 2, 5-10-16)

Sec. 90-8. – Penalties; civil remedies; permit forfeiture.

(a) Any person violating any of the provisions of this chapter shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor, and upon conviction thereof, shall be fined as provided in the Code of Ordinances, section 1-7, general penalty—continuing violations, each day such violation continues shall constitute a separate and distinct offense.

(b) In case of any willful violation of any of the terms and provisions of this chapter, the city, in addition to imposing the penalties above provided, may institute any appropriate action or proceeding in any court having proper jurisdiction, to restrain, correct or abate such violations; and the definition of any violation of the terms of this chapter as a misdemeanor, shall not preclude the city from invoking the civil remedies given it by the laws of the state, but same shall be cumulative and subject to prosecution as hereinabove prescribed for such violations.

(c) Each day’s engaging in the business regulated by this chapter without the payment of the fee due thereon, and procuring a receipt, or permit, therefore, and each day’s failure to comply with any of the other provisions of this chapter, shall constitute a separate offense, and the person so found guilty of such violation, or failing to comply with the provisions hereof, shall upon conviction be punished therefor as hereinabove provided.

( Ord. No. 16-3163 , § 2, 5-10-16)

Sec. 90-9. – Handbill restrictions.

(a) No person shall throw or deposit or cause any handbill to be placed in or upon more than three vehicles at the same location.

(b) No person shall throw or deposit any handbill in or upon any private premises which are temporarily or continuously uninhabited or vacant.

(c) No person shall distribute, deposit, place, or throw any handbill in or upon any private premises which are inhabited if the premises has a sign posted providing that there is no solicitation on the premises or similar sign as set out in section 90-4 or if the location is on the list set out in section 90-5.

Provided however, in the case of inhabited private premises which are not posted as provided in this article, such person, unless requested by anyone upon such premises not to do so, may place or deposit any such handbill in or upon such inhabited private premises, if such handbill is so placed or deposited as to secure or prevent such handbill from being blown or drifted about such premises or elsewhere.

In no event shall such handbill be deposited in a mailbox when so prohibited by federal postal laws or regulations.

( Ord. No. 16-3163 , § 2, 5-10-16)

Sec. 90-10. – Vest requirement; display of permit.

(a) Each solicitor shall wear a traffic safety vest provided by the city and displaying the current year.

(b)Each permit shall be worn as part of the traffic safety vest required to be worn by the individual who was issued the permit.

( Ord. No. 16-3163 , § 2, 5-10-16)

Sec. 90-11. – Time restrictions.

(a)No person may conduct commercial home solicitations or handbill distributions before the hour of 9:00 a.m.; or

(b)After 8:00 p.m.;

or (c)Sunday;


(d)Any of the following holidays:

New Year’s Day; Martin Luther King’s Birthday; Washington’s Birthday; Memorial Day; Independence Day; Labor Day; Columbus Day; Veterans Day; Thanksgiving Day; the day after Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day.

( Ord. No. 16-3163 , § 2, 5-10-16)

Secs. 90-12—90-25. – Reserved.


Sec. 90-26. – Permit required for solicitation and handbill distribution.

(a) A person commits an offense if the person engages in commercial home solicitation or handbill distribution activities in the city without a valid permit issued by the City of Bedford.


A permit shall be valid for the calendar year in which it was issued. No permit shall be valid past December 31 of the year of issuance.

(c)Individuals engaged in soliciting activities in the City of Bedford are required to pay a non-refundable registration fee listed on the fee schedule.

( Ord. No. 16-3163 , § 2, 5-10-16)

Sec. 90-27. – Permit application.

(a) A person desiring to conduct soliciting or handbill distribution activities within the city shall complete a permit application prior to any distribution.

(b) A separate permit shall be required for every person involved in soliciting or handbill distribution.

(c) A separate permit shall be required for each company or entity involved in soliciting or handbill distribution.

(d) No permit can be valid for multiple people, companies or entities even if it is the same person involved in soliciting or handbill distribution for multiple people, companies or entities.

(e) A solicitor or handbill distribution permit shall be valid for the duration of the current calendar year.

(f) The application shall contain or be submitted with the following information:

(1) The full name, date of birth, phone number and permanent and (if different) current address of the applicant;

(2) A valid state driver’s license number or a state-approved identification card number (the police department will make a photocopy and attach to the application) of the applicant;

(3)The desired calendar year in which the applicant will be engaging in solicitor or handbill distribution activities;

(4)The name, address and telephone number of the person, company or entity that is employing the applicant to distribute handbills, if applicable;

(5) If a vehicle or vehicles are used to conduct the solicitation or handbill distribution activity, a description of each vehicle, its license plate number and vehicle identification number; the name and license number of the driver who will operate each vehicle, and adequate proof under state law that each driver maintains financial responsibility for the vehicle they will operate shall be attached to the application;

(6) The nature of the solicitation or handbill distribution activity (i.e., the merchandise to be sold or offered for sale; or the nature of the services to be furnished; or the type of pamphlets or handbills to be distributed);

(7) The names of all cities in which the applicant has conducted solicitation or handbill distribution in the past six months;

(8) Whether the applicant will receive a payment for goods or services at the time of solicitation or will demand, accept or receive payment or the deposit of money in advance of final delivery, and if so, the amount sought or the basis for calculation of such payment;

(9) If the applicant, or the applicant’s employer or principal has pled guilty, or nolo contendere to, or has been convicted of a felony or misdemeanor involving fraud, deceit, theft, embezzlement, burglary, larceny, crimes against persons, fraudulent conversion, misrepresentation, or misappropriation of property within ten years preceding the date of application, a description of each such conviction or plea, the name of the court and jurisdiction in which the complaint or indictment was filed and the date of the offense;

(10) If the applicant, or the applicant’s employer or principal is a person against whom a civil judgment or administrative decision based upon fraud, deceit, theft, embezzlement, burglary, larceny, crimes against persons, fraudulent conversion, misrepresentation, or misappropriation of property has been entered or ordered within ten years preceding the date of application, a description of judgment or action, the case or cause number, if any, and the court or administrative agency that rendered the judgment or decision;

(11) It shall be the responsibility of a licensed handbill distributor to update the information provided on application for a handbill distribution permit as such information may change.

( Ord. No. 16-3163 , § 2, 5-10-16)

Sec. 90-28. – Denial, suspension or revocation of permit.

(a) Grounds. Any permit issued hereunder may be denied or revoked if the permit holder is convicted of a violation of any provisions of this article or has knowingly made a false material statement in the application or otherwise becomes disqualified for the issuance of a permit under the terms of this chapter.

(b) Notice. If it is found that a permit should be denied or revoked, there shall be a denial letter written or electronic report of the reason for the denial or revocation which shall be immediately made available to the applicant within ten business days from the date of the denial.

(c) Appeal; hearing. The permittee shall have ten calendar days after receipt of notice of revocation or denial in which to file notice of appeal to the police chief from the order denying or revoking the permit. If notice is received within the ten-day period, the police chief shall make an inquiry and determine whether the applicant’s permit was wrongfully revoked or denied and will schedule a hearing with the applicant within ten business days after the police chief receives the applicant’s appeal. The applicant will be notified of the time, date, and place of such hearing. After the hearing, the decision will be made in writing affirming or reversing the revocation or denial. In the event a revocation is upheld, the permittee will return the permit to the city.

(d) In the event of filing of an appeal from a denial or revocation issued under the provisions of this article, then, until such appeal has been determined such revocation order shall be stayed.

(e) A municipal court judge, in addition to imposing a fine, may institute proceedings to suspend or revoke the permit of a person if the person is required by law to obtain a permit from the city and the judge finds the person guilty of violation a city ordinance relation to peddlers, itinerant vendors or solicitors.

( Ord. No. 16-3163 , § 2, 5-10-16)

Sec. 86-16. – Penalty.




U.S. Bankruptcy Court
Southern District of Texas (Houston)
Bankruptcy Petition #: 15-36293

Assigned to: David R Jones
Chapter 13


Debtor disposition:  Dismissed for failure to make plan payments
Joint debtor disposition: Dismissed for failure to make plan payments

Date filed:   11/30/2015
Date terminated:   09/19/2016
Debtor dismissed:   05/18/2016
Joint debtor dismissed:   05/18/2016
341 meeting:   01/20/2016


William G Wimmer
960 Bonita
Hitchcock, TX 77563
SSN / ITIN: xxx-xx-4596
fdba University Tropical Fish
represented by Miriam Goott
Walker & Patterson, PC
PO Box 61301
Houston, TX 77208
Fax : 713-956-5570
Email: mgoott@walkerandpatterson.comMichael Glen Walker, Sr
Walker & Patterson, P.C.
4815 Dacoma
Houston, TX 77092
Fax : 713-956-5570
Joint Debtor
Sharon J. Wimmer
960 Bonita
Hitchcock, TX 77563
SSN / ITIN: xxx-xx-4185
fka Sharon Jones
represented by Miriam Goott
(See above for address)Michael Glen Walker, Sr
(See above for address)
William E. Heitkamp
Office of Chapter 13 Trustee
9821 Katy Freeway
Ste 590
Houston, TX 77024
U.S. Trustee
US Trustee
Office of the US Trustee
515 Rusk Ave
Ste 3516
Houston, TX 77002


Filing Date # Docket Text
07/01/2016 72
(1 pg)
Notice and Order regarding exchanging of exhibits and witness lists in all contested matters and adversary proceedings. (Entered: 07/01/2016)
07/01/2016 73
(2 pgs; 2 docs)
Notice of Transfer Under General Order 2016-3. This case has been transferred from Judge Letitia Z. Paul to Judge David Jones. All court settings remain in force. (rwes) (Entered: 07/01/2016)
07/03/2016 74
(2 pgs)
BNC Certificate of Mailing. (Related document(s):72 Order Regarding the Exchange of Exhibits and Witness lists in all contested matters and adversary proceedings) No. of Notices: 3. Notice Date 07/03/2016. (Admin.) (Entered: 07/04/2016)
07/03/2016 75
(2 pgs)
BNC Certificate of Mailing. (Related document(s):73 Notice of Transfer Under General Order 2016-3) No. of Notices: 3. Notice Date 07/03/2016. (Admin.) (Entered: 07/04/2016)
08/17/2016 76
(3 pgs)
Chapter 13 Trustee Final Report and Account. (Heitkamp, William) (Entered: 08/17/2016)
09/19/2016 77
(1 pg)
Final Decree Signed on 9/19/2016 (hcar) (Entered: 09/19/2016)
09/21/2016 78
(2 pgs)
BNC Certificate of Mailing. (Related document(s):77 Final Decree) No. of Notices: 2. Notice Date 09/21/2016. (Admin.) (Entered: 09/21/2016)

U.S. Bankruptcy Court
Southern District of Texas (Galveston)
Bankruptcy Petition #: 15-80323

Assigned to: Letitia Z. Paul
Chapter 13


Debtor disposition:  Dismissed for Failure to File Information

Date filed:   08/31/2015
Date terminated:   10/30/2015
Debtor dismissed:   09/16/2015
341 meeting:   10/05/2015


Sharon J Wimmer
960 Bonita
Hitchcock, TX 77563
SSN / ITIN: xxx-xx-4185
represented by Sharon J Wimmer
William E. Heitkamp
Office of Chapter 13 Trustee
9821 Katy Freeway
Ste 590
Houston, TX 77024
U.S. Trustee
US Trustee
Office of the US Trustee
515 Rusk Ave
Ste 3516
Houston, TX 77002


Filing Date # Docket Text
08/31/2015 1
(3 pgs)
Chapter 13 Voluntary Petition. Receipt Number o, Fee Amount $310 . Filed by Sharon J Wimmer . (than) (Entered: 08/31/2015)
08/31/2015 2 Statement of Social Security Number Filed. Does this document change the social security number for one or more debtors? n. Has the Meeting of Creditors been set in this case? n. (than) (Entered: 09/01/2015)
08/31/2015 3
(2 pgs)
Exhibit D to Petition (Filed By Sharon J Wimmer ). (than) (Entered: 09/01/2015)
08/31/2015 4
(2 pgs; 2 docs)
Application to Pay Filing Fee in Installments. Filed by Debtor Sharon J Wimmer (Attachments: # 1 Proposed Order) (than) (Entered: 09/01/2015)



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Transaction Receipt
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1 Comment

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    I lost my family and property also my self dignity because of deed fraud. The property was auctioned 3 times from the city without any notification. I am also incontact with three other individuals going thru the same problem. $0 .. Past struggles were used against me. I am so ashamed that I couldn’t protect t my family.

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