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We’ve Received All Your Inquiries and Emails at LIT and Here’s What We’ve Been Busy Working On

Our blog at LIT has grown so fast, it started creaking under the strain. So we’ve been busy moving our website and content to a new and improved server so it’s secure, ensure it loads fast on desktop and mobile viewing and can handle the traffic growth and spikes.


The Hardware and Software Upgrades to Our Blog

It’s been a busy September for LIT. Our blog’s visibility and organic reach has resulted in a heck of an increase in web traffic and inquiries. We noticed the time to load web pages was slowing down despite our efforts to optimize the web pages based on all the technical recommendations.

Then we finally accepted the situation – the web server and versions of software running the server and blog had become dated – it was time to take the plunge and migrate to a new server. It’s not a task we relish. Oh for sure, everyone says it’s a simple task and it is made to sound easy, but in our experience there’s always some kind of technical glitches during migration and this time was no different.

We’ve just about finished the server switch and then we can look toward addressing the speed optimization and other tasks on our technological side of our blogging. A rather crucial part of our blogging but the move to the new server alone has seen a good uptick on the prior statistics.

The Concerned Citizens Are Writing to LIT

Yes, we recognize and apologize for being tardy in responding to those emailing with thoughts, comments and/or questions.

It’s been a rather busy time for this niche  – but powerful – investigative news blog. We are in demand and time is limited. That stated, we are going to write to each of you in due course, on a first in, first out basis.

The Contact Form

Many of y’all are using the contact form as we turned off comments on the blog as a result of spam abuse and to ensure the server was secure. On our list of upgrades is a far more detailed array of contact options, including the ability to upload documents to send to LIT. We’re also going to turn on blog commenting in the near future.

Take Down Notices

We’re seeing a lot of grumpy lawyers sending what we call “midnight courage” emails about a LIT article referencing the named lawyer (usually a complaint of misconduct or similar). At LIT we understand substance abuse is a huge problem in the legal services industry but sending nonsensical emails stating we’re ‘defaming’ you is not going to fly when we’re relying on a court document which outlines the allegations and we’re just republishing the proceedings like any other news outlet or journalist.

Now, if we’ve not updated the case and you would like to leave your 2 cents on our blog, we’re happy to oblige. Y’all can send over your rebuttal(s). But please do not impeach yourselves by making false allegations against LIT, it is not recommended to stoke the fire that’s already burning brightly.

Legal Statement

LawsInTexas (“LIT”) is not licensed to provide legal advice in Texas or in any state nationwide. Any comments or responses to correspondence are merely a personal opinion. Our ‘citizen conversations’ should not be relied upon or quoted in a court of law or in response to a legal filing. We do not receive payment for referring anyone to lawyers, paralegals or non-lawyers.  Any and all income is derived from donations and advertising on the blog.


We’re investing in LIT because we see the difference LawsInTexas.com has made in it’s relatively short existence. The people are not just upset, they are truly angry  – and that’s the right adjective which will enforce change.

Citizens and residents who watched the courts act as executioners in black robes to illegally steal homes for the banks, or their children in family court, or whatever other legal controversy they were/are involved in.

At LIT we are watching “them”  (the lawyers, judges and government entities) watching all of us and they are very, very worried as to the fact that they have been rumbled. How far can the lies continue before someone steps up in authority and says we have to address this problem and fix it.

At LIT, we believe this is going to happen in the near future. However, we cannot do it alone. It needs your voice, your activism and your determination not to succumb to the fraud and illegality being perpetrated upon the people. Stand strong, stand with LIT and let’s make history together.

Justice Seeker.

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Laws In Texas is a blog about the Financial Crisis and how the banks and government are colluding against the citizens and homeowners of the State of Texas and relying on a system of #FakeDocs and post-crisis legal precedents, specially created by the Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit to foreclose on homeowners around this great State. We are not lawyers. We do not offer legal advice. We are citizens of the State of Texas who have spent a decade in the court system in Texas and have been party to during this period to the good, the bad and the very ugly.

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