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US District Judge Lee Rosenthal, S.D. Texas, Houston Division

US District Judge Lee Rosenthal, S.D. Texas, Houston Division

Deutsche Bank Go Clay Pigeon Shootin’ with the Grave Robbin’ Wolves of Texas

Bandit Dave said he was hired as a foreclosure defense lawyer to help sell the property: presumably for a suitable fee obtain the time needed.

Deutsche Bank’s Legal Predators: Mackie Wolf’s Federal Court Pursuit for Tiny $4,000 Debt Unveiled

Decedents Louis Michael Albert and Shirley M. Albert were borrowers under the loan agreement in amount of $38,400 which matures in 2026.

The Greatest Theft of Housing Is Executed by the Judicial Branch Acting Maliciously and Corruptly

This hard won Equitable Subrogation case is another Twist on Real Estate Loans and Lien Laws and which the Courts tried to apply as a Sword.

Texas Supreme Court Affirms Time-Barred Foreclosure Decision in Landmark Bank Loss

Bandit Appellate Lawyer Mark Hopkins was relegated to second chair at Supreme Court oral argument as his case crumbled before the court.

Judge: Stop the Foreclosure Auction as Bandit Lawyer Delarogue Has a Fake Home Buyer

LIT’s Real Scumbag Series notes Erick Delarue has filed another fraudulent lawsuit in Harris County District Court.

Homeowners Represent Themselves In S.D. Texas Federal Court before Judge Lee Rosenthal

Homeowners represent themselves in this stop foreclosure and eviction from 27756 Country Colony Dr Splendora, TX 77372 in S.D. Tex. court.

The Shack Train is Pullin’ Into the 14th Court of Appeals Puffin’ Smoke for Indicted Tony Hutchison

Anthony Hutchison systematically over-billed HISD and inflated bills for service. Ray L Shackelford is a close friend, associate and lawyer.

Texas Real Estate Title Deed Fraud Case Takes a Decade to Reach Jury Trial and Conviction in SDTX

Judge Lee Rosenthal of Houston presided over the trial wherein Roland aka Stein was sentenced to 10 years and where reasoning was sealed.

Strange and Vilt v U.S. Bank and Locke Lord, now before Judge Andrew Hanen

Hey, Bandit Lawyer Clay Vilt, is Judge Andrew Hanen Gonna Still Be Your Friend and Give You Dismissal Without Prejudice or…

Quietly: Out With the Old, In With the Younger Chief in S.D. Texas Federal Court

Lee H. Rosenthal went down quietly, from Chief Judge, to Presiding Judge, to plain ole United States District Judge. No formal notice issued.

Only 10 Bucks for a Texas Home: Vilt, DeLaRue, Brewer and the Chief of Ochlocracy in SDTX, Judge Rosenthal

The Federal Courts in Houston have Lifetime Appointed Judges who have known about this Property Scam for Many Yrs and Endorsed Theft n Fraud.

Hugh Shannonhouse, CEO of Preva Surgical Partners Could Lose His Adjacent Townhomes to Foreclosure

And by all accounts Hugh Shannonhouse has also been facing commercial landlord-tenant disputes for non-payment of rent during the Pandemic.

Foreclosure Lawsuit Filed to Stop Sale: Villalobos v. PNC Bank NA in Harris County District Court

328 Innsdale Dr is a property in HOUSTON, TX 77076 owned by the Villalobos family since 2001 per Harris CAD.

Robert and Lana Strange Residence at 1310 Riverview Circle, Houston, is Operating as an Assisted Living Facility

Robert Strange is Founder and Administrator of Graystone Life Care with 7 years mgt experience in Assisted Living, with home in foreclosure.

Bob’s Back: Strange Retains Bandit Lawyer Clay Vilt re His Other 14 Year Old Residential Foreclosure

After Fed. Judge Keith Ellison tossed his Law case law and precedents to the side in Strange’s other foreclosure, Vilt wants to double down.

BDF Hopkins Response Deemed Legally Incompetent by Burke in Reply in Support of Rule 59(e) Motion

If the law and Const. is applied correctly by an impartial judiciary who follow the rule of law it should have no difficulty vacating judgment

The Bounty Hunters, BDF Hopkins Response to Rule 59(e) Motion Re Burke

Burke v PHH Ocwen, Hopkins Law, PLLC, Mark Hopkins and Shelley Hopkins before Bent Judge Al Bennett, SDTX, Houston.

This Republican States Texas Supreme Court Justices Are Influenced by Money When Considering Court’s Rulings

The Texas Supreme Court hears10 percent of appealed cases. Of those cases, the high court overrules the lower court in about 80 percent.

Law Firm Norton Rose Makin’ it Rain For Texas Supreme Court Justices Ain’t Gonna Influence the Court’s Rulings

SDTX Federal Chief Judge Lee Rosenthal quickly disposes of the complaint against Chief Justice Hecht, and Justices Busby and Boyd, TSC.

The Foreclosure Scam Squad Series: The Villainous Outlaws and Bady Bunch

Unlike the majority of Vilt’s similar cases, this fraudulent conveyance comes with a copy of the Special Warranty Deed.

Erma Wilkins Lost Her Home of 21 Years to Foreclosure, Purchased by Doctor Renny Varghese

Texas Citizens are losing their homes to foreclosure auctions for cents on the dollar to Indian Doctors and their extended families.

The Foreclosure Scam Squad of Brewer, Forsythe, Vilt, DeLaRue, LeBoeuf and Southern District Fed. Court

Never Trust Anyone In The Real Estate Or Legal Profession When Your Home Is Facing Foreclosure, Especially Outlaws in Dirty Black Robes.

There’s a Pattern in 2022. Judges Lee Rosenthal and Keith Ellison are Taking the Lions Share of Foreclosure Cases

What’s the point of claimin’ to operate a random, ‘blind draw’ system for allocating cases when data shows the judiciary is lyin’?

LeBoeuf, of Counsel for Vilt, and Cronenwett for the Wolves, Walk Into The Chiefs’ Courthouse in Houston

Two wins for LeBoeuf at the 5th, now appearing for ousted Vilt, despite leaving to start his own firm. We know the term Staged, y’all.

The Chief’s Order has Pennymac Goin’ in Circles for Over 921 Days

Despite a very detailed order of foreclosure from the Chief of Mischief, Pennymac or their rogue debt collecting agents ain’t foreclosed.

Larry Preston’s Judge Recused After 120 Day Trial Stay and Then This Happened

So here we have Houston foreclosure defense attorney Brandy Alexander bailin’ on another client and then all hell breaks loose.

Mary Gooden’s 2022 Foreclosure Case Removed to SDTX Tag Team of Judges Hanen and Sheldon

Lawyer Michael Hord of Hirsch Westheimer removes for the second time, after doing so in Gooden’s prior 2019 foreclosure case in Harris County.

The Painting Cadenas’ Have Brushed Up Against the Wolves of Texas Foreclosure

Initial Conference set for 7/1/2022 at 02:00 PM by video before Chief Judge Lee H Rosenthal, S.D. Tex., Houston Division.

BDF Hopkins Removes State Case 24 Hrs After Exposure by LIT and Chief Judge Rosenthal Shows Her Colors

There ain’t no blind draw assignment in this case. It’s the me against you Chief Judge of the Southern District Court, Houston Division.

It’s Too Easy to Knock Discovery with a Motion to Dismiss Sayeth EasyKnock

At the initial conference, Judge Edison confirmed that discovery should generally not be stayed pending a ruling on a motion to dismiss.

Better by the Dozen. Judge Patrick Higginbotham and Chief Judge Lee Rosenthal Stand Together

LIT has witnessed the Noah’s Ark Doctrine at the Eleventh Circuit. Now the Sister Courts in Texas are Adopting the Doctrine.

The Wolf Goes To Mexico To Collect On a Dead Debt

Robledo may be served in Mexico with process through the Hague Convention on Service Abroad of Judicial and Extrajudicial Documents.

The Largest Foreclosure Mill in Texas – Mackie Wolf – Will Chase Your Assets, Dead or Alive

Carol J. Yanchus (“Decedent”) was a borrower under the loan agreement described below. Decedent passed away on or about August 31, 2020.

Who’s Baggin’ the For Sale By Owner Property before the Chief?

10823 Collingswood Dr, La Porte, TX 77571 is up for a steal. The only deciding factor is, how long till PHH take it from Bhagia?

Coastline Capital Fund 7 is Chasin’ a Written Off Debt with Another Removed Foreclosure before the Chief of SD Tex.

The removed action was by U.S. Bank’s foreclosure mill lawyers at Mackie Wolf and now they have filed their 2nd motion to dismiss.

Judge George Hanks Knocks Back EasyKnock in Favor of Texas Lawyers, a Judicial Colleague – and Free Speech

Here’s a perfect example of going on the offensive with false accusations and frivolous lawsuits. Are you reading Shelley Hopkins and DOJ?

It’s One on One as The Wolf Plays Hyde n’ Seek in Another Removed Foreclosure Action

Normally foreclosure mills are adding associates to complaints to earn more fees. Not in this case, there’s only the lone wolf, Cronenwett.

The Battle Begins for Alan, up Against the Chief of the Southern District, et al

Borrower is allegedly currently past due for the December 1, 2019 payment and all subsequent payments due under the Note.

The Return of the Kilt-Wearin’ Texas Reprobate Foreclosure Lawyer Damian Abreo to SDTX

Abreo on Facebook: “32 hrs this week convincing a judge that a hillbilly that paid his last mortgage payment in 2007 is not the victim.”

Chief Judge Lee Rosenthal Sentencing Guidelines Ignored by State Bar of Texas

When you’re a lawyer in Texas who is caught dippin’ into client funds and embezzling said monies, it rarely mandates criminal referral by SBOT.

Texas Federal Chief Judge Refuses to Label 18 Year Pro Se’s as Vexatious Litigants

This is the Pro Se’s ninth lawsuit involving the foreclosure of the Property and third lawsuit against the Attorney Defendant Barrett Daffin.

Texas Federal Judiciary Collaborate with Unlicensed Debt Collectors to File Vexatious Litigant Motions to Clear Docket

Chief Judge Lee Rosenthal denied label of ‘Vexatious Litigant’ with at least 9 foreclosure filings spanning 18 years, including 6 since 2017.

Is a Substitute Trustee a Nominal Party When It Is Determined to Be a Equal and Authoritative Party in Privity?

Texas Property Code] § 51.007(f) imposes a substantive pleading requirement on a plaintiff seeking to recover against a substitute trustee.

Happy With Her Mortgage, Dana Dill Still Sued and Is Met With the Doctrine of Equitable Estoppel

LIT is not aware as to why Dana Dill would sue. Certainly, the testimony of Dill disposes of the question of damages, there was none.

How Many In-Person Hearings Are Happenin’ in SDTX: Allison v Lyondell Chemical Co

ORDER for Initial Pretrial and Scheduling Conference by Telephone. Counsel who filed or removed the action is responsible for placing the call

Will Mackie Wolf Step Down Again When The Chief Issues Her Pilot Discovery Order?

LIT has witnessed foreclosure mill Mackie Wolf step aside or seek removal to another district court when Rosenthal issues pilot order.

Billy Deramus v. Shapiro Schwartz LLP before Judges Bryan and Rosenthal, S.D. Tex.

It took five months for the Chief Judge Lee Rosenthal to write her order denying Billy’s motion to disqualify MJ Bryan. Why?

It’s Petty and It’s Unconstitutional. Y’all at SDTX Federal Court are Violatin’ Civil Rights of Texas Citizens

One cannot allow one federal court in the State of Texas to allow pro se to file electronically and another deny all pro se litigants.

Federal Court Pilot Scheme for Discovery in Foreclosure Cases Confirms It’s A Division of Wall St.

The discovery protocols are biased in favor of the bank or non-bank and the gag order is in violation of the first amendment.

Federal Judge Fernando Rodriguez Jr Grants Attorney Fees Worth 15 Percent of the Home Valuation

Galloway law firm attorney fees at a rate of $250-275 per hour is much higher than the $215 charged by other foreclosure mill law firms.

Chief Judge Lee Rosenthal Remands Foreclosure to Texas State Court at Motion to Dismiss Stage

Chief Judge Rosenthal remands the Doyles case back to state court after clearly targeting RESPA, the only federal question preventing remand.

Say A Prayer for Rev. Wesley Wilson. He Was Hopin’ For a Miracle.

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It’s Me Against You. Chief Judge Lee Rosenthal, S.D. Texas v. Lennie Jackson, Pro Se Civil Litigant

Lennie Jackson v. Wells Fargo N.A. Jackson is precluded from making further filings in this case without leave of court. The Clerk will not accept new filings submitted by Jackson in this case. (4:20-cv-01172), District Court, S.D. Texas

Can You Interpret Judicial Acts as a Power Move? LIT Asks; Is Judge Jennifer Walker Elrod Vying for Judicial Supremacy

LIT believes Elrod see’s the changing of the guard in ‘active’ judgeships. As a 54 year old circuit judge, that’s regarded as a prime age and she revels in judicial and political power.

We’re Talkin’ Clerks and Impartiality. One Judge is Talkin’ at the ABA about Nazi Judges

The Clerk has denied the Burkes’ first request for an extension of time in this case. The decision is unfair, based on the history of the Clerks’ decisions on motions relative to time.

When Moss Rightfully Foreclosed on Deutsche Bank and Ocwen Loan Servicing, The Southern Judge Relied upon “Federalist Faction Control”

Judge Rosenthal: This mortgage-foreclosure case is unusual because it begins with a foreclosure rather than ending with one. And it is the lender, not the borrower, challenging the foreclosure.

S.D. Tex. Federal Court Judges

What you should know about Texas Southern District Federal Court Judges. Laws in Texas provides bios, cases and opinions from these lifetime judicial appts.

Judge Lee Rosenthal Rejects Gov. Abbott’s Objections to Settlement in Historic Case Addressing the State of Texas Unconstitutional Bail Laws

The controversial Harris County Bail system pitted poor people against the justice system and has been subject to a lawsuit since 2016. Southern Districts Chief Judge Lee Rosenthal ruled it unconstitutional in 2017.

It’s a Landmark Texas Law Case But Gov. Abbott Sends in the District Attorney with a Last Gasp Shovel of Smoke to Chief Judge Rosenthal’s Federal Court

Terri Burke, executive director of the ACLU of Texas, said Ogg’s actions were cause for serious concern. – Rather than work collaboratively with local judges to design a model pretrial release system that will reduce needless and costly incarceration, she has decided to twist the implications of this historic settlement for political gain, Burke said in a written statement.

It’s a Landmark Texas Law Case Putting a Stop to Debtors Jail for those Who Cannot Afford Bail for Misdemeanors in Texas Courts but the Final Order is Pending…

The settlement will make Harris County a leader in the national movement for bail reform, he said. This carefully crafted new misdemeanor bail system will actually enhance public safety. It is wonderful for our community that the old, cruel, unconstitutional bail system is gone forever.

US District Judge Lee Rosenthal, S.D. Texas, Houston Division
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