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US District Judge David Hittner, S.D. Texas, Houston Division

US District Judge David Hittner, S.D. Texas, Houston Division

Judge David Hittner Sold his residence and Moved into Luxury Senior Living Apartment in 2021

JUL 27, 2023

Above is the date LIT Last updated this article.

9 Rutgers Pl, Houston, TX 77005

Sold in Apr. 2021

Homeowner Strikes Back: Counters Wolves Predatory Legal Scheme to Protract Litigation Until Death

Discover Josef Lamell’s battle against predatory legal tactics: at age 74, he stands against a scheme which has seen many meet untimely ends.

Foreclosure Wolf Mark Cronenwett for US Bank Takes a Bite at Lamell’s Time Expired Argument

This is a state case not a federal case as the PNC v. Howard Supreme Court decision affirmed. It has no place being decided relying upon erie.

Rosie Coleman versus Deutsche Bank since the 2008 Financial Crisis Arrives in Court in 2023

Represented by The Lane Law Firm since at least 2013, this is a decade-long client relationship. Lane Law is citing to prior defenses.

It’s Vultures versus Vultures in this Thruple Loan Repayment Dispute

This is an interesting case as all the parties on both sides of the court will know each other. Hard Money v Wall St. Mill money.

Cenlar FSB Lawsuits Filed in Texas Federal Courts for Year 2022

LIT takes a very close look at why Cenlar FSB are still hiring BDF Hopkins as counsel in foreclosure matters in Texas.

PHH Mortgage Corporation Lawsuits Filed in Texas Federal Courts for Year 2022

The first noticeable fact is that PHH Mortgage Corporation cases have a set list of foreclosure mill counsel with no room for BDF Hopkins.

Lakeview Loan Servicing LLC Lawsuits Filed in Texas Federal Courts for Year 2022

LIT takes a very close look at why Lakeview Loan Servicing LLC are still hiring BDF Hopkins as counsel in foreclosure matters in Texas.

BDF Hopkins Response Deemed Legally Incompetent by Burke in Reply in Support of Rule 59(e) Motion

If the law and Const. is applied correctly by an impartial judiciary who follow the rule of law it should have no difficulty vacating judgment

The Bounty Hunters, BDF Hopkins Response to Rule 59(e) Motion Re Burke

Burke v PHH Ocwen, Hopkins Law, PLLC, Mark Hopkins and Shelley Hopkins before Bent Judge Al Bennett, SDTX, Houston.

Patel Anderson Are Violatin’ Texas Finance Code as Outlaw State Judges Continue to Blank the Law

There’s an invasion of law firms violatin’ Texas debt collection laws. But if Outlaw State Judges are on the take, it will continue.

The Foreclosure Scam Squad Series: The Villainous Outlaws and Bady Bunch

Unlike the majority of Vilt’s similar cases, this fraudulent conveyance comes with a copy of the Special Warranty Deed.

The Lane Law Gettin’ Back Into Foreclosure Defense, Despite No Apology from Judge Hittner

It’s Bobby and Shelley back for U.S. Bank in this foreclosure case, Mark Hopkins is AWOL and Matt Graham is off doing personal injury stuff.

There’s a Pattern in 2022. Judges Lee Rosenthal and Keith Ellison are Taking the Lions Share of Foreclosure Cases

What’s the point of claimin’ to operate a random, ‘blind draw’ system for allocating cases when data shows the judiciary is lyin’?

In 2014, CA5 Reversed Judge Melinda Harmon in the Tiekle Foreclosure. What Happened Next?

The Tiekles filed twice to stop a wrongful foreclosure and were removed twice to Federal court. Both cases were dismissed with prejudice.

All About Property: Theft of America’s Affordable Apartments to Foreign Entities

It is shameful that we see Residential Affordable Apartments being sold for cents on the dollar to REITS, Wall St, or Foreign Entities.

The Deleted Opinion: After the Before From the Dishonorable Fifth Circuit

Non prisoner Lamell obtains a partial reversal in his favor from a 3-panel which capitulated from their earlier opinion. LIT investigates why.

It Ain’t Gumbo5 in Harris County Court Talking Brisket and Foreclosures, It’s Irish Gumba

Lakeview Loan Servicing, LLC is the fourth largest mortgage loan servicer in the country and a member of the Bayview Companies.

SDNY Bankruptcy Court Received an Emergency Call from SDTX re Elizabeth Thomas

SDNY Bankruptcy Judge Cecilia Morris is less worried about suicide and more about protecting judicial Ochlocracy in this backtracked opinion.

Oh Lord, Lawyer Colleen McClure, You Were Preachin’ the Wrong Book to Judge Hittner

LIT suggests all alleged foreclosure defense lawyers and consumer advocates subscribe for free to LIT’s Newsletter to improve their game.

Judge Charles Eskridge Removes State Court Case Against Him to His Domain, the Houston Federal Courthouse

Attorney Justin Pfeiffer does not hold back as he alleges Judge Eskridge conspired with Judge David Hittner and 5th Cir. Judges against him.

Pro Se Sweeney’s Take On HOA Debt Collection Practices Before Judge Hittner, SDTX

The Sweeney’s complaint revolves around Champion Forest Homeowner Association Management Co. re billing and fees debt collection practices.

Fifth Circuit Judge Donny Willett Stands Alone to Spear Cindy Logue Without Merit

LIT’s review of this case is not to look at personal circumstances but rather, as judges say, apply the law. Willett fails to do so here.

Eleventh Circuit: Federal Judge Abused His Powers By Documented Perjury, But He Can Still Preside Over Case

A 3-Panel consisting of familiar Judges Charles Wilson, Kevin Newsom and R Lanier Anderson defies logic and the law in this perverted opinion.

M&R Issued In Smith v. Judge David Hittner and It’s All About Absolute Immunity

The Court RECOMMENDS that Defendant Judge Hittner’s Motion to Dismiss be GRANTED and the case against him be DISMISSED WITH PREJUDICE.

Judge David Hittner’s Legal Representative from the Justice Dept is Not Yet Approved, Seeks Continuance

Defendant, Judge David Hittner, is assigned an AUSA from the Department of Justice to represent him in this case.

Facing the Turncoats. An Incredible True Story Exclusively on LIT

The significant and distressing difference is the Burkes battle is not just with the opposing parties, but with the judicial machinery itself.

Texas Law: Learn How You Admit to Stealing $170 Million, Avoid Jail and Carry On Practicing Like Nothing Happened

Political influence and a load of illegal gotten gains (dosh) can get you a very light slap on the wrist in a Federal Court in Houston, Texas

Texas Federal Chief Judge Refuses to Label 18 Year Pro Se’s as Vexatious Litigants

This is the Pro Se’s ninth lawsuit involving the foreclosure of the Property and third lawsuit against the Attorney Defendant Barrett Daffin.

Hopkins Judgment on the Pleadings versus Hopkins Fraudulent Documents and Criminal Behavior

What is a motion for judgment on the pleadings and why are they disfavored by federal court judges? Answer: Because most are conclusory.

Who’s Lyin’ Again in Federal Court? Hopkins Law, PLLC, Austin, Texas, Of Course

Plaintiffs request court take notice of the verified falsity and perjury of Shelley Hopkins, who submitted this ‘Joint’ Plan for Defendants.

This Ain’t a Reply Hopkins, It’s a Begging Letter for Felonious Judicial Protection

The Pro Se’s response with citations has blown Hopkins Law PLLC’s failed arguments out of the water so they opt for a begging letter instead.

The Ten Sins by Hopkins Law

Admitted serial liar Mark Hopkins, along with Shelley Hopkins of Hopkins Law, PLLC continue their premeditated legal frauds and schematics.

Texas Federal Judiciary Collaborate with Unlicensed Debt Collectors to File Vexatious Litigant Motions to Clear Docket

Chief Judge Lee Rosenthal denied label of ‘Vexatious Litigant’ with at least 9 foreclosure filings spanning 18 years, including 6 since 2017.

How Many In-Person Hearings Are Happenin’ in SDTX: Allison v Lyondell Chemical Co

ORDER for Initial Pretrial and Scheduling Conference by Telephone. Counsel who filed or removed the action is responsible for placing the call

After Chasin’ Babies, New FDCPA Federal Cases in S.D. Tex. Are Being Assigned to the ‘New Hittner’ Courtroom

Who’s ready to take over the corrupt gavel of Senior Judge David Hittner? Well it’s apparently Judge Alfred Homer Bennett, S.D. Tex., Houston.

Pro Se Wayne Smith v. Judge David Hittner and MTGLQ Investors before Judge Eskridge

ORDER for Scheduling Conference. Initial Conference set for 12/17/2021 at 09:45 AM by video before Magistrate Judge Sam S Sheldon.

In re Kafi, Inc., the Live Controversy before Hand-Selected Federal Judge Vanessa Gilmore

With so many cases percolatin’ with so many judges, the departing (retiring) judge Vanessa Gilmore put herself forward to deal with Kafi.

The Big Question is Asked of The Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit

The scope of judicial immunity in the Eleventh Circuit is now made clear. Judicial immunity is complete, unqualified, and without exception.

Fifth Circuit ClerkGate Corruption Scandal Tracker: ECF Filing Permissions

Gov Abbott has declared a state of disaster in the State of Texas in response to the imminent threat of the COVID-19 pandemic.

ClerkGate: A Formal Request is Made to the Fifth Circuit for A Copy of the Phone Call Audio

This being the Audio Conversation Between Case Clerk Christina A. Gardner and John Burke in the ClerkGate Scandal at the Fifth Circuit.

It Ain’t Even 10 Days n’ Judge Alfred H. Bennett’s Already Violating The First, Fifth and Fourteenth Amendment

Ms. Burke, The Court does not accept filings by email. You must file the document in person, Lisa Edwards, Case Mgr to Judge Bennett.

Fifth Circuit ClerkGate Corruption Scandal: New Civil Action Is Formally Underway

This case has now been opened with case number 4:21-cv-2591 and randomly assigned to United States District Judge Al Bennett, S.D. Tex.

Another Foreclosure Case Parachutes into Judge Hittner’s Court. This Time Askin’ to Sanction Pro Se’s for Removal

It’s amazin’ how all foreclosure cases are distributed in S.D. Tex. Federal Court. We take no position on pro se’s case. Just the Blind Draw.

Judge Alfred H. Bennett, S.D. Tex., Reversed for Abuse of Discretion by Fifth Circuit

Abuse of Discretion: The scope of the district court’s discretion is narrower when the Rule 41(b) dismissal is with prejudice says 5th Cir.

Retaliating Against a Federal Judge – Man Jailed for 18 Months

Frank Caporusso, a Long Island man who left a threatening voicemail last year for the judge presiding over the Michael Flynn case

Here’s Why BDF Law Group’s Foreclosure Complaint Template Has Significantly Changed Since 2011

LIT Takes a Look at How Foreclosure Mill BDF in Texas Has Tightened the Noose on Homeowners’ Thanks to a Dishonorable Judiciary since 2008.

Why the Chief Can’t Judge Everything – Even with Judicial Immunity

No [wo]man in this country is so high that [s]he is above the law. No officer of the law may set that law at defiance with impunity.

What Do Judges Lynn Hughes, David Hittner and Patrick Higginbotham Have in Common?

Personal Vendettas: All pro se foreclosure cases end up on their desks sequentially and they are generally dismissed without due process.

Magistrate Judge Edison Cited a Foreclosure Case Where Attorney Fees Were Denied by a Judicial Colleague

Judge Edison omits quotation for a reason, Atlas denies atty fees : Rodriguez v. Quicken Loans, Inc., (S.D. Tex. 2017) (quotation omitted).

Federal Judicial Tag-Team Judge Andrew Edison and Judge George Hanks Go Rogue on Logue

Mortgage Servicer is entitled to recover the sum of $21,869.84 in attorney’s fees and expenses and accordance with the Deed of Trust.

Fifth Circuit’s Latest Unlawful Act in Remanding for Attorney Fees in Casalicchio v. BOKF

BOKF relies, principally, on a deed-of-trust provision purporting to allow it to “charge Casalicchio fees for services performed in connection with [his] default, . . . including . . . attorney’s fees .”

Get Ready for the Next Judicial Assault On the People By the Texas Federal Judiciary

Brantley Starr conflicts with Senior Judge Gray Miller in his reasoning for allowing attorney fees, citing § 38.001(8) which Miller rejected.

Ditchin’ the American Rule, $47k Attorney Fees Awarded in S.D. Texas Foreclosure Case

Lender shall be entitled to collect all expenses incurred in pursuing the remedies provided in this Section 22, including, but not limited to reasonable attorneys’ fees. . . .

Say A Prayer for Rev. Wesley Wilson. He Was Hopin’ For a Miracle.

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Revisiting MERS and the Lyin’ Words in Fifth Circuit Opinions

As for MERS being both a “nominee” and a “mortgagee”, the idea that a principal can be its own agent does not square with agency law. – Attorney James Knowlton.

Owen’s Easter Basket of Omissions and Whiteouts re Ocwen Loan Servicing et al.

The Burkes filed their Petition for Rehearing en banc to allow all the active judges who are not recused and able to participate, an opportunity to cast their Vote.

Protected: Owen’s Easter Basket of Omissions and Whiteouts re Hopkins Law et al

A party who files timely written objections to a magistrate judge’s report and recommendation is entitled to a de novo review of those findings or recommendations to which the party specifically objects. 28 U.S.C. § 636(b)(1)(C); Fed. R. Civ. P. 72(b)(2)-(3).

The Judicial Easter Egg Hunt: Owen’s Easter Basket and the Perversion of Justice.

We’re not privy to which Quarter Back clerk was assigned to draft the consolidated opinion but we can say emphatically it is villainous by design.

Oh Look Priscilla. It’s Premature.

Apparently premature is a word that the judicial colleagues of Chief Judge Priscilla Owen clearly understand without accenting in parenthesis.

Summary Judgment in Texas is a Book by David and Lynne. Here’s a Standard Template In a Live Proceeding

Locke Lord: Wendy Garcia filed this lawsuit in a baseless attempt to delay the foreclosure sale of real property located in Houston, Texas. Garcia v. PHH Mortgage Corporation, S.D. Texas

Social Media Death Threats Lead to Arrest

Joshua Docter, 21, is accused of threatening to shoot and kill the officials and “‘be the catalyst’ for a new American revolution,” authorities said.

U.S. Bank National Association v. Lamell, S.D. Texas – Magistrate Bryan Gives Judge Miller a Brief Headache on Acceleration

Magistrate Judge Bryan RECOMMENDS the Motion be DENIED with respect to PHH’s and USBNA’s request for declaratory judgment that the pre-2019 notices of acceleration were abandoned. District Judge Gray Miller defers ruling on that element in his Order Affirming Bryan’s M&R.

Deutsche Bank Trust Company Americas v. Mousavi, Commercial Loan Foreclosure Case before Judge Hittner

The unprecedented, global COVID-19 pandemic has had a devastating impact on the hospitality industry. Borrower owns and operates a hotel in Katy, Texas , which serves as collateral for the loan at issue.

Kafi, Inc. v. Deutsche Bank, Before Judge Hittner, Should Be Remanded and Not in Discovery

The evidence strongly suggests Deutsche Bank is not a citizen of Germany. Business activities of national banks are controlled by the National Bank Act. Hittner has abused his power by not remanding on a timely basis.

The Chasin’ a Baby FDCPA Case, Assigned to Judges Hittner and Bray, S.D. Texas

Plaintiff informed Paramount that “Hunter King” was unknown to her. Plaintiff informed Paramount that her son’s name was Hunter but he was born in 2017.

Wells Fargo Bank N.A. v. Lionel Garcia Romero, S.D. Tex: Senior Judge David Hittner

Senior Judge David Hittner enters default judgment in favor of Wells Fargo on real property at 718 Saint Edwards Green, Houston, Texas 77015.

Catherine Watkins v. Deutsche Bank National Trust Co., S.D. Tex: Senior Judge David Hittner

Deutsche contends summary judgment is proper because Watkins does not have evidence to support her claims. Watkins did not file a response to Deutsche’s motion for summary judgment.

It’s Not Only a Manifest Injustice, It’s a Perversion of Justice

Here, this Judicial Council has an opportunity to correct not only a manifest injustice, but perversion of justice. It should do so and reverse the Chief Judges’ erroneous order and proceed with a special committee investigation.

A Threat’s A Threat, Unless it’s a Texas Lawyer

Two articles about death threats. Meanwhile in Texas, a lawyer can threaten two elders with serious but false accusations with impunity.

The Ninth Circuit Quickly Disposes of Selia Law. We Doubt it’s Over.

A unanimous panel of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit ruled that the CID issued to Seila Law was validly ratified by Director Kraninger and affirmed the district court’s decision granting the CFPB’s petition to enforce the CID.

No Bond for Threatening a Judge in Florida.

Judge Melissa Distler was the intended target of the vitriol every time, causing her distress and leaving her in fear for her safety.

Chief Judge Priscilla Owen’s Panel Reversed by Supreme Court in Qualified Immunity Case. LIT’s Judicial Profiling is Vindicated, Again.

The Fifth Circuit is reversed [for showing no emotion nor humanity and] for incorrectly applying qualified immunity when clearly that protection was not available in the given circumstances.

A Hunter or a Howler? Fifth Circuit Chief Judge Unlawfully Implements Threat Management Process Against Elder Victims of Judicial Misconduct

For the Chief Judge to claim the Burkes complaint is merit-based, conclusory and issue a warning violates the Judicial rules as well as in contradiction of Supreme court precedent and in conflict with  ‘The Breyer Report’ standards.

A Debt Collector or Any Agent Is Legislatively Disbarred from Authoring a Response to a QWR

In the Burkes reply brief to their lawsuit on appeal at the court of appeals for the Fifth Circuit, they show the 3-panel of Judges Higginson, Elrod and Brown the abusive debt collection practices and violations by Mark Hopkins and Shelley Hopkins of Hopkins Williams PLLC.

Threatening to Kill a Federal Judge

Caporusso was indicted on one count of threatening to assault and murder a federal judge to influence the performance of his official duties and one count of making an interstate threat.

Judge David Hittner Judgments are Not Vindictive nor Unconstitutional According to a 2020 Opinion by the Fifth Circuit

In 1992, a Fifth Circuit judge called out Senior United States District Court Judge David Hittners sentencing as vindictive and unconstitutional. Move on 18 yrs later and while a judicial complaint against David Hittner (seeking impeachment) is percolating at the 5th Cir., they affirm his outrageous sentence.

Fifth Circuit Judicial Council Immunity Leaves Rogue Judges’ Secretary in the Cold

The court dismissed the complaint for lack of subject matter jurisdiction, concluding Danos’s claims were barred by sovereign immunity.

Thrice. Texas Ethics and Federal Appeals in 2020

A Theoretical dismissal is Not Justice. Unlike the Burkes, not a shred of evidence was presented by Hopkins to support his claims.

Benchbook for U.S. District Court Judges (Civil Section 6.01)

Before issuing a scheduling order, most judges find it advisable to hold a case-management conference to learn more about the case.

Judge David Hittner is Over 80 Years Old and Still Can’t Find a Hobby, So His Courtroom is His Playroom

“When I took senior status, in effect, it created another judgeship. But since I kept a full caseload, the district gets another judge and the other judges don’t have to divvy up my docket.” said Senior Judge David Hittner

The Texas Death Warrant May Proceed for Elderly Homeowners. But Texas Won’t Execute Death Row Killer

Two elderly citizens, in poor health and fighting a wrongful foreclosure, are issued a ‘death warrant’ only 5 days after Gov. Abbott’s declaration that Texas was officially a disaster State (on March 13, 2020). On the other hand, a killer due to be sentenced, is given a reprieve.

US District Judge David Hittner, S.D. Texas, Houston Division
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