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US District Judge Alfred Homer “Bent” Bennett, S.D. Texas, Houston Division

US District Judge Alfred Homer “Bent” Bennett, S.D. Texas, Houston Division

The People’s Republic of China Trade Secrets Entrusted to US District Judge Alfred Bennett

On the other hand, the secrets of American businesses and citizens residing in the Republic of Texas are made public by default.

Judge Bennett’s Magistrate Judge Yvonne Ho is the Antithesis of Honorable Stephen Wm. Smith

Magistrate Judge Yvonne Ho’s order proves she’s very willing to blank fraudulent transfers, title deed fraud, perjury and legal misconduct.

Bent Law: Raymond Washington Wants to Clean Up His Credit via Hill’s Illegal Reentry into Texas Court

Judge Al ‘Bent’ Bennett raises his hand to take this unlawful case from out of state law firm and unregistered with TX OCCC repeat offender.

LIT’s Legal Community Cribs n’ Dibs: Analyzin’ The Bent Chane of Title

The Chane of Investment in LLC’s has grown exponentially since 2019, once Judge Alfred H Bennett’s spouse ditched BP for real estate.

Judges and Lawyers Chane of Title to Land, Residential and Commercial Property Transfers and Sales

The Chane of real property recordings stops short at when the Bennett’s purchased from The Estate of Buster Dick, et al.

Who is ‘Notorious’ Texas Administrative Judge Susan Brown and husband Judge Marc Brown?

Presiding Judge of 11th Administrative Judicial Region is Judge Susan M. Baetz aka Judge Susan Brown who is married to Judge Marc W. Brown.

Time Necessary to File Initial Brief After Yesterday’s Confirmation of Judicial Bias at 5th Circuit

In the interest of justice, widower and elder victim of financial and judicial fraudulence seeks 30 day extn of time to file initial brief.

Bandit Lawyers Mark Hopkins and Shelley Hopkins Desperate and Wailin’ Objections to Venue Transfer

It is hard to discern from the response as to whether this is a begging letter to the Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit or legal argument

Time Necessary to Decide Venue Transfer as Judge Jim Ho Asserts there’s Judicial Bias at 5th Circuit

In the interest of justice, widower and elder victim of financial and judicial fraudulence seeks 90 day extn of time to file initial brief.

The Eight Balls of Fire Relied Upon to Transfer Venue the Hell Outta Texas

In the interest of justice, widower and elder victim of financial and judicial fraudulence seeks transfer of appeal to the 8th Cir.

CA5 Commence Clerkgate Appeal With Letter to Elder Victim of Predatory Lending

CA5 is the federal Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit in New Orleans Louisiana and is the Judicial Executioner of Homeowners, post 2008.

Foreclosure Scam Squad Series: Cameron Namazi Sued as Retaliation Breaks Out

There’s a bit goin’ on around here, and a lot of it is just research works and facts to update once we see Judge Payne’s case progress.

Doctor of Chiropractic, Pleshette Johnson Selected by Bent Judge Bennett

Property at risk of foreclosure; 1411 Cross Valley Dr, Sugar Land, TX 77479. Defended by Kay Hamilton of Hamilton Legal Services.

Clerkgate: Here’s What Sympathy Looks Like in Judge Alfred H. Bennett’s Courtroom

Order on Motion to Vacate and Motion to Alter Judgment is Denied. No findings of fact or conclusions of law provided re 8 reasons.

Jay and Janice Rudman of Katy Decide Erick DeLaRogue is the Legal Bandit for Them

Jay Rudman: The Court finds that Rudman committed fraud while president of KSPR. In re Chappell (Bankr. S.D. Tex. 2010), Judge Marvin Isgur.

Bandit Bounty Huntin’ Lawyers Frost Echols Reach New Low By Removin’ Car Repo Case to Federal Court

What Pro Se Tekesha Driver should know is Law Firm Frost Echols violate Texas Law as they do not hold an active Surety Bond with TX SOS.

Foreclosure Scam Squad Series: Lawyers Sal Momin ‘n’ Wife Kamelia Namazi Cracked by LIT Investigation

And why is it former Harris County Judge and now Houston Federal Judge Alfred H. Bennett keeps being assigned these property scammer cases?

Judge Al Bennett is Keepin’ it H-Town Real with a Burger at Barry n Sewart

Judge Alfred Bennett, a former Harris County State Court Judge is bound to be very familiar with the lawyers in this case.

Snap: Judge Bennett Assigned to Rene Gaviola’s Removed Lawsuit by Wells Fargo’s Favorite Foreclosure Mill

It ain’t Rene Gaviola that’s listed at HCAD, nope its Marievic Gaviola. And there is a selection of debt and foreclosure cases LIT has uncovered.

Foreclosure: Leal Lindsey Sued by the Wolves in Federal Court Finds a Path the Judge Bennett

Judge Bennett is receiving a lion’s share of foreclosure cases on his docket via the blind draw assignment process in S.D. Texas, Houston.

Foreclosure Scam Squad Series: A Pro Se LLC in Judge Al Bennett’s Chambers is a Crooked HAR Realtor

This foreclosure case is another $10 fraudulent transfer and in the background lurk Kafi Inc et al, all Real Scumbags.

Judge Al Bennett Assigned to a Familiar Real Scumbag Foreclosure Lawsuit

This is the second time this Plaintiff has been removed to SDTX in a foreclosure involving the same attorneys on both sides.

As the Carmon Wrongful Foreclosure Case Arrives in Federal Court, Will the Court Seal the Records?

State Judge Phillips restricted a pro se’s response from the public. That triggered our interest, and LIT reviewed the restricted documents.

BDF Hopkins Response Deemed Legally Incompetent by Burke in Reply in Support of Rule 59(e) Motion

If the law and Const. is applied correctly by an impartial judiciary who follow the rule of law it should have no difficulty vacating judgment

The Bounty Hunters, BDF Hopkins Response to Rule 59(e) Motion Re Burke

Burke v PHH Ocwen, Hopkins Law, PLLC, Mark Hopkins and Shelley Hopkins before Bent Judge Al Bennett, SDTX, Houston.

Is Mike Burke Payin’ Rogue Foreclosure “Defense” Lawyer Clay Vilt, Or is Millennia Properties?

Robert C. Vilt files to stop the scheduled October 4, 2022 foreclosure. LIT read the complaint and suggest it’s another fraudulent filing.

The Foreclosure Scam Squad Series: Brewer, Vilt and DeLaRue Targeted Katherine Hietala in Katy

The subject matter of this lawsuit is the property at 21615 Oak Creek Court, Katy TX 77450, now transferred to Brian Brewer for ten bucks.

Eight Reasons Why You Cannot Trust a Federal Judge to Follow Their Oath nor The Rule of Law

Self-dealing caused Judge Bennett to enter judgment against Plaintiffs and equity will not enforce judgments procured by fraud.

Vexatious Pro Se Lawyer Larry Klayman Represents American Golfer Patrick Reed in Defamation Lawsuit

The lawsuit has been randomly assigned to regular golfer and United States District Judge Alfred Bennett and LIT’s now trackin’ the case.

Harris County Judge Jeralynn Manor and Husband, Lawyer Rod Manor Facing Foreclosure Before Judge Al Bennett

Federal District Judge Alfred H. Bennett spent six years as a Harris County Judge. This case is a pure conflict of interest, will he recuse?

A Nine Million Dollar Wrongful Foreclosure Lawsuit Filed by Chemeka N Alexander

There’s two foreclosure related cases in SDTX federal court by Chemeka Alexander, one with Judge Eskridge and latest with Judge Bennett.

LIT Asks A Circuit Judge and Law Professor on Advisory Committee on Rules of Appellate Procedure About Judge Bennett’s Order

Circuit Judge, Jay Bybee responded in a-typical fashion, we don’t provide legal advice or interpret the rules for the concerned public.

TX OCCC Violators Arrive from Out-of-State and File Suit Unlawfully in SDTX Federal Court

Neither Credit Repair Lawyers of America (MI) or Of Counsel Hilltop Law Firm (AZ) are Registered as Debt Management Providers in Texas.

Let’s Review Direct and Collateral Attacks, Due Process, Jurisdiction and Void Judgments

This review has been published on LIT after reading the surprise order dropped by Judge Al Bennett in the Burkes ClerkGate Scandal lawsuit.

This is a Case of a Judge Protecting the Judiciary and Fellow Colleagues by Despotism

Death-Row Murderers and Rapists Obtain More Constitutional and Federal Protection in Houston Federal Courts than Law-Abiding, Elder Citizens.

Motion for Continuation of 9/9 Conference Due to 911 Emergency

John Burke was rushed by ambulance to the Memorial Hermann North East (Humble) Hospital and during the day his health deteriorated.

The Foreclosure Scam Squad Series: Judge Al Bennett Never Questioned Brewer’s Inclusion as a Party

So here we have the foreclosure scam squad, comprising of Brewer, Vilt and DeLaRue, et al, cornering their prey, Shanadolyn Johnson

Third Removal By Bank of America in Re Isiah Kellup Foreclosure Lawsuit. But Vilt’s Vanished.

Case 1: Dismissed with Prejudice. Case 2: Never concluded. Case 3 is back, with lawyer Clay Vilt reappearing and dismissing with prejudice.

US Magistrate Judge Mark Lane Correctly Denies Motion to Withdraw as Attorney

The case is high profile – it involves Nate Paul and the foreclosure of many of his commercial properties in questionable circumstances.

Adegbenro v. Bank of America, N.A (4:22-cv-00828) District Court, S.D. Texas

In this removed foreclosure, the Initial Conference set for 6/3/2022 at 9:30 AM in Courtroom 8C before Judge Alfred H Bennett, SDTX, Houston.

Removal is Mandatory by Foreclosure Mills and Judge Bennett is Accepting All Applications

Agustin should obtain stay to seek assistance from Texas Homeowner Assistance Fund for those who incurred financial hardship during COVID-19.

Eleventh Circuit: Federal Judge Abused His Powers By Documented Perjury, But He Can Still Preside Over Case

A 3-Panel consisting of familiar Judges Charles Wilson, Kevin Newsom and R Lanier Anderson defies logic and the law in this perverted opinion.

Texas Bar: Would All the Bennett’s Please Step Forward

New lawsuit raps ‘lavish’ pay, benefits of Texas Bar employees. Says Texas Bar not following recent 5th Circuit decision.

Steve G. Morgan Receives an Impromptu Offer of a Loan Modification

Despite Steve G. Morgan’s complaint apparently not mentioning loan modification, that’s what would end up settling the case. 

A Broken Settlement, Deutsche Bank’s Foreclosure Failures Documented Over 16 Years in Courts in Texas

Mayberry has kept her feet firmly planted in state court. Mackie Wolf switched up the game. However, Karen Mayberry had a trick of her own.

Pro Se Party X v. Party Y Before Judge Al Bennett, SDTX

A sealed case filed by a pro se, known as Party X v. Party Y in S.D. Texas lands on Judge Alfred Homer Bennett’s desk randomly, of course.

It’s All About Rob-bin’ When it Comes to Foreclosures by BDF Hopkins

Crystal Gibson of BDF requests the Court stay deadlines, docket call and bench trial pending a ruling on Cenlar’s Motion for Summary Judgment.

Federal Law: The Rights of Elderly Litigants to Be Heard At an Oral Hearing

Justice Frankfurter believed that no better instrument has been devised for arriving at truth than the notice and hearing requirement.

Service of Process on Texas Bar and Continuances Before Judge Alfred H. Bennett

Attorney Rich Robins has e-mailed different lawyers at the Texas Bar re Service of Process, but he has not received any response from them.

The Best Work by Congress So Far in 2021: The STOCK Act (for Judges)

It’s a start. The STOCK act is a sign of progress and that is worthy of a hat tip, but there’s still so much judicial ochlocracy to correct.

Texas Federal Chief Judge Refuses to Label 18 Year Pro Se’s as Vexatious Litigants

This is the Pro Se’s ninth lawsuit involving the foreclosure of the Property and third lawsuit against the Attorney Defendant Barrett Daffin.

Hopkins Judgment on the Pleadings versus Hopkins Fraudulent Documents and Criminal Behavior

What is a motion for judgment on the pleadings and why are they disfavored by federal court judges? Answer: Because most are conclusory.

LIT’s Foreclosure Tracker is Now Following ‘Aleta’ Before Judge Bennett in S.D. Texas

Ms. Aleta R. Chapman of Fort Bend claims Shellpoint breached the deed of trust by failing to provide proper notice of the foreclosure sale.

Who’s Lyin’ Again in Federal Court? Hopkins Law, PLLC, Austin, Texas, Of Course

Plaintiffs request court take notice of the verified falsity and perjury of Shelley Hopkins, who submitted this ‘Joint’ Plan for Defendants.

This Ain’t a Reply Hopkins, It’s a Begging Letter for Felonious Judicial Protection

The Pro Se’s response with citations has blown Hopkins Law PLLC’s failed arguments out of the water so they opt for a begging letter instead.

The Ten Sins by Hopkins Law

Admitted serial liar Mark Hopkins, along with Shelley Hopkins of Hopkins Law, PLLC continue their premeditated legal frauds and schematics.

Texas Federal Judiciary Collaborate with Unlicensed Debt Collectors to File Vexatious Litigant Motions to Clear Docket

Chief Judge Lee Rosenthal denied label of ‘Vexatious Litigant’ with at least 9 foreclosure filings spanning 18 years, including 6 since 2017.

The Many Lyin’ Federal Judges Who Failed to Recuse Despite Conflicts Finally Being Questioned by Congress (2021)

LIT’s had this data for years but thanks to the much larger media outlets like Reuters and Wall Street Journal who have released detailed investigative reports.

BP, API and a Manifest Appearance of Bias. Judge Al Bennett Fails to Self-Recuse, Again.

Meet Tanyel Harrison-Bennett, Labor, Employment, and Litigation Counsel at BP and wife of US District Judge Alfred H. Bennett, SDTX, Houston.

How Many In-Person Hearings Are Happenin’ in SDTX: Allison v Lyondell Chemical Co

ORDER for Initial Pretrial and Scheduling Conference by Telephone. Counsel who filed or removed the action is responsible for placing the call

Knight’s Askin’ for ASL Reimbursement from a Tone Deaf Federal Judge and Courthouse

The only sign language this court acknowledges is masonic or judicial handshakes which support commercial businesses and wall st banks.

After Chasin’ Babies, New FDCPA Federal Cases in S.D. Tex. Are Being Assigned to the ‘New Hittner’ Courtroom

Who’s ready to take over the corrupt gavel of Senior Judge David Hittner? Well it’s apparently Judge Alfred Homer Bennett, S.D. Tex., Houston.

Judge Al Bennett Scheduling A PHH Mortgage Courtroom In Person on Dec. 10, 2021. Who’s Goin’?

It’s early pickin’, so bookmark this page for updates and to see who else gets to join Judge Bennett on Dec 10 at 9am…

Sanctioned Lawyer Crystal Gibson of BDF Provides Bennett With A Reason to Stay the Foreclosure Case

Crystal Gibson of BDF requests the Court stay deadlines, docket call and bench trial pending a ruling on Cenlar’s Motion for Summary Judgment.

LIT Spotlights Magistrate Judge Johnson’s Order Related to COVID-19 and Access to Courts

Thus far, the pandemic has killed hundreds of thousands of Americans, with a total death count of half a million predicted for April 2021.

It’s Petty and It’s Unconstitutional. Y’all at SDTX Federal Court are Violatin’ Civil Rights of Texas Citizens

One cannot allow one federal court in the State of Texas to allow pro se to file electronically and another deny all pro se litigants.

LIT’s Texas Federal Foreclosure Tracker is Now Following ‘James’ and ‘Ray’

It’s early stages for James, who’s up against Dykema and PHH Mortgage Corporation in S.D. Texas Federal Court after removal from State Court.

The Big Question is Asked of The Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit

The scope of judicial immunity in the Eleventh Circuit is now made clear. Judicial immunity is complete, unqualified, and without exception.

Fifth Circuit ClerkGate Corruption Scandal Tracker: ECF Filing Permissions

Gov Abbott has declared a state of disaster in the State of Texas in response to the imminent threat of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Executive Emergency Orders: LIT Reviews Southern District Federal Court’s Failure to EFile During COVID-19

As long as the people accept this appalling type of behavior by federal judges and their staff, courts will continue to trample over y’all.

When is Mandamus Granted by the Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit?

This court is constrained to issue writs of mandamus only in situations that amount to a clear abuse of judicial power or usurpation.

ClerkGate: A Formal Request is Made to the Fifth Circuit for A Copy of the Phone Call Audio

This being the Audio Conversation Between Case Clerk Christina A. Gardner and John Burke in the ClerkGate Scandal at the Fifth Circuit.

It Ain’t Even 10 Days n’ Judge Alfred H. Bennett’s Already Violating The First, Fifth and Fourteenth Amendment

Ms. Burke, The Court does not accept filings by email. You must file the document in person, Lisa Edwards, Case Mgr to Judge Bennett.

Fifth Circuit ClerkGate Corruption Scandal: New Civil Action Is Formally Underway

This case has now been opened with case number 4:21-cv-2591 and randomly assigned to United States District Judge Al Bennett, S.D. Tex.

Judge Bennett Tells Bates Son, His Deceased Mom’s Place Is Officially Being Foreclosed

U.S. Bank, N.A. are ordered to submit a new proposed order of foreclosure of Bates property with briefing within 30 days for sign off.

Foreclosure Fee Scheme 2021: BDF Hopkins in Front of Judge Bennett with Attorney Fees Request

Shelley Luan Hopkins adds herself to Judge Al Bennett’s foreclosure case and then submits her summary judgment with attorney fees request.

Judge Jeff Brown Reverses Judge Al Bennett re Special Exceptions which Included Implied Threats of Murder

In earlier times, Judge Al Bennett was a Texas State Judge and Judge Jeff Brown was a Justice on the Texas Appellate Courts.

Judge Alfred H. Bennett, S.D. Tex., Reversed for Abuse of Discretion by Fifth Circuit

Abuse of Discretion: The scope of the district court’s discretion is narrower when the Rule 41(b) dismissal is with prejudice says 5th Cir.

Freedom on Information Easier to Get from D.C. Judge than Unsealed Documents in Texas Federal Court

The courts are closed in Texas if you are a citizen who is looking for unsealed documents not uploaded to PACER in violation of the law.

Judge Al Bennett Sentenced Corrupt Judge Rudy Delgado. He Should Heed His Own Words.

“A crooked judge is a crooked judge,” Bennett interrupted. “The public wants this to stop.”

US District Judge Alfred Homer “Bent” Bennett, S.D. Texas, Houston Division
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