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The Legal Undertakers Collaborate to Send Underwood to A Predisposed Place, Homelessness

The legal undertakers comprise of Clay Vilt and turncoat Jason Leboeuf along with Shelley Hopkins and Robert Forster of BDF Hopkins.



(Court 151)

JULY 29, 2021 | REPUBLISHED BY LIT: MAY 24, 2022

When she’s not sendin’ pro se’s her monthly invoice and client lists on mimosa-induced Friday afternoon, or lyin’ on her PPP loan applications (which were forgiven 100% – SBA loan application fraud does not apply to foreclosure mill lawyers, apparently because they fabricate documents daily for banks and nonbanks), lyin’ Rogue foreclosure mill Attorney Shelley Luan Hopkins, based in Austin, Texas,  is workin’ with her former BDF Hopkins colleague Jason LeBouef and his legal associates over at that false advertising legal firm known as Vilt Law (they claim you can stop foreclosure and stay in your home) to bleed out the remaining cash the homeowner has in their legal fees, before Harris County District Judge Engelhart grants summary judgment – after the homeowner is left completely skint.

Petition Submitted by...

Motion for summary judgment filed by creditor rights lawyer Shelley Hopkins nee Douglass with her new man replacin’ missin’ hubby and sole owner of Hopkins Law, PLLC in Austin, Texas, Mark D. Hopkins, with BDF’s Robert Forster.

Petition Submitted by...

Here’s where LIT shows you how foreclosure defense attorney’s request time for their clients – rather than pursuing the breach of contract claims, as stated in their petition. This case was filed on July 29, 2021.

Vilt submitted an ‘amended complaint after the TRO was granted, on August 11, 2021.

BDF Hopkins general denials were filed on Sept. 9, 2021.

After that was the Docket Control Order as shown above, dated Oct 1, 2021.

The case percolates with no movement until March 2022, when BDF Hopkins submit for summary judgment.

Here, the case was intentionally delayed for 6 months per the ‘agreement’ between Vilt and BDF to give the homeowner time so Vilt can suck out as much money in fees from the homeowner.

It is obvious in this case that the homeowner did not have any more cash or funds to pay Vilt to defend the anticipated suit-ending motion and per the secretive agreement between Jason LeBoeuf and Shelley Hopkins, she filed for summary judgment.

LIT suggests, because it happens so often, these lawyers conspired to end the case after Underwood’s cash ran out.  The homeowner is foreclosed and evicted shortly thereafter.

Judge Mike Englehart signs off on the order, in favor of foreclosure for US Bank, mainly due to the fact there was no opposition to Summary Judgment by Vilt Law.

Petition Submitted by...

The legal undertakers comprise of Clay Vilt and turncoat Jason Leboeuf of Vilt and Associates, ‘foreclosure defense’ lawyers,  along with foreclosure mill lawyers Shelley Hopkins and Robert Forster of BDF Hopkins and Judge Mike Engelhart signs off because Vilt did not submit any response to the Summary Judgment.

Unlicensed Sandy Forsythe and Rogue Lawyer Clay Vilt United in Fraudulent Transfers of Real Property

And LIT hasn’t even touched on the buyer, Koren Levitas Knapp, a known Real Estate Investor when she’s not running an Insurance Agency.

Rogue Lawyer Clay Vilt Still Representing Unsuspecting Homeowners in Harris County Court.

We’re curious to learn how distressed homeowner William Carson came to be introduced to Robert C. Vilt of Vilt and Associates.

Unlicensed Sandy Forsythe of New Millenia Properties is Another Foreclosure Defense Scammer

And you don’t have to look far to see the shady foreclosure defense lawyers involved, like Robert Clay Vilt of Vilt and Associates.

The Legal Undertakers Collaborate to Send Underwood to A Predisposed Place, Homelessness
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