The Foreclosure Scam Squad Series: The Villainous Outlaws and Bady Bunch

Unlike the majority of Vilt’s similar cases, this fraudulent conveyance comes with a copy of the Special Warranty Deed.

Bady v. JPMorgan Chase Bank, National Association (I)


District Court, S.D. Texas, Chief Judge Lee Rosenthal (Dismissed With Prejudice)

APR 3, 2017 – SEP 8, 2017 | REPUBLISHED BY LIT: JUL 5, 2022

Chief Judge Rosenthal, No Written Opinion

Known for always finishing her cases with a detailed opinion, the Chief noticeably discards that formality. LIT avers she doesn’t want to have to perjure her own written summary. Bady’s legal counsel, Vilt and Associates have acted criminally, as pointed out by Quilling, counsel for JPMorgan Chase.

Fraudulent Special Warranty Deed

Executed Jan 19, 2017

Bady v. JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A. (II)


District Court, S.D. Texas, Judge David Hittner (Dismissed Without Prejudice)

NOV 15, 2017 – JUL 2, 2018 | REPUBLISHED BY LIT: JUL 5, 2022

Judge David Hittner Also Does Not Offer to Pen an Opinion

After JPMC filed their Motion to Dismiss, Judge Hittner issued a curt order allowing Vilt to replead and amend, within 21 days. That initial order refused to provide an opinion on Quillings’ claims of res judicata, the ‘Trustee’ sale violation, the Chief’s prior dismissal With Prejudice and similar complaints. Instead, with Vilt advised to let the clock run out, this would conveniently allow the court to issue an order dismissing the case for want of prosecution, e.g. without prejudice.

The True Facts and Criminal Acts By Vilt, Archer et al is Blanked and Covered Up By these Federal Judges

This is A-Typical of the Federal Court in Rusk St., Houston, when [Rogue] Lawyers  and Real Property is Involved

Bandit Lawyer Clay Vilt’s Collectin’ Judges Who All Turn a Blind Eye to His Real Estate Fraud n’ Treachery

This case is assigned to Judge Michael Gomez, Court 129, Harris County District Court. Bookmark for updates.

Bandit Bob Vilt’s Arrived At Judge Reeder’s Court and the Docket is Inaccessible

Bandit Bob’s only listing the wife as a party but it appears Edward Campos has a traceable history and we’ll swing back later.

The State of Thieves Welcomes the Monthly Visit From Bandit Texas Lawyer Clay Vilt

He’s back. Bandit Lawyer Clay Vilt loves those foreclosure auction properties in Spring, Texas and this home has liens galore.

The Foreclosure Scam Squad Series: The Villainous Outlaws and Bady Bunch
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