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The Foreclosure Scam Squad Series: Bandit Lawyers for CCTX file Sham Lawsuit naming Byron Foreman

Christian Consultants of Texas (CCTX) along with lawyers Robert C. Vilt and Jason Leboeuf are still operating the Foreclosure Scam in court.




JAN 27, 2022 | REPUBLISHED BY LIT: OCT 2, 2022
OCTOBER 14, 2022

You couldn’t normally expect to run around callin’ lawyers scoundrels and thieves without facing litigation, but when you’ve got all ‘your ducks lined up’ as Judge Lynn Nettleton Hughes’ was quoted as sayin’, and the evidence is overwhelming, then you can call ’em what they are, real scumbags who should be wearing shackles and orange jumpsuits.

This fraudulent lawsuit would be non-suited a week after LIT published this article.


(First Amended Complaint, after ‘HIS’ CORRUPT LAWYER, ROBERT CLAYTON “CLAY” VILT dropped CCTX, for reasons we all know – they work TOGETHER, filed Sep. 16, 2022)

This isn’t a lawsuit by Byron Foreman, this is a lawsuit merely to DELAY foreclosure by bandit lawyers who are deeply involved in a Foreclosure Scam which;

(i) has been going on since the Greatest Theft of Residential Homes in American History (post 2008),


(ii) has the approval of both the State and Federal Judiciary in Texas.

The fact that ‘Byron’s lawyer’, Rogue Houston attorney Clay Vilt non-suited CCTX, (represented by Bandit Turncoat Texas lawyer Jason LeBoeuf) is now only pursuing the tax/loan company in his amended complaint below, is a sham.

Compare the original complaint with affidavit of Foreman and includes the allegedly forged Special Warranty Deed, to the September 2022 amended complaint – enough said.

Hunter-Kelsey provided a loan and it appears they may have been difficult to deal with, however, it was only when CCTX and legal counsel appeared that a serious fraud was executed.

It’s a sham filing as CCTX, Vilt and Leboeuf are the real criminals in this civil action, and that’s sad for Byron Foreman, the real victim here. The case is still live – and that’s over 8 months since the lawsuit was filed – the DELAY is working.

We’ve explained how the Foreclosure Scam Squad operates, which is mirrored by Christian Consultants of Texas (CCTX) in prior articles and if you are unfamiliar with the fraud, we suggest you read them.

The only legal filing that should be happening is a federal criminal indictment of all these lawyers and judges who are aware of this fraudulent transfer scheme and have facilitated the ongoing crime(s).


(Original Complaint, with CCTX and Exhibits, inc. Affidavit and Special Warranty Deed Fraud, filed Jan. 27 2022)

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The Foreclosure Scam Squad Series: Bandit Lawyers for CCTX file Sham Lawsuit naming Byron Foreman
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