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Texas SCJC Invited Citizens to Discuss their Experiences regarding Family Matters in State Court, it Wasn’t Good News for Texas Judges

The State Commission on Judicial Conduct invited public citizens of Texas to a meeting to discuss Texas Judges and Justice in Family Court. It didn’t sound good.


Published Date; 20th April, 2020

Sixteen public citizens attended the SCJC public meeting to air their opinions and views on the state of the courts in Texas. It was not good. The repetitive message that follows in this article, which includes all the public citizens own words, is that judges and the courts in Texas are not adhering to the Constitution, Due Process in Law Clause and ultimately are above the law.

Citizens are frustrated and feel that family courts are inaccessible forums to conduct meaningful mediation regarding the children, parents have to be lawyers to be heard and when they come to court as pro se, they are being treated diabolically. They are asking the State Commission on Judicial Conduct (SCJC) to step in and help by reprimanding judges that are not following their judicial oath and the Constitution.

But they are hesitant, as they believe the SCJC is also a partisan commission, who will side with the judiciary before the people.

This meeting was in August, 2018 and in the intervening period , 2 public members have been ousted by Gov. Greg Abbott for defying his interpretation of laws in Texas. The SCJC also deleted, illegally, sanctions issued against “The Texas Eleven”. The SCJC is an organization which is only there to protect the judiciary and deflect citizens with placating words and repeat mission statements that are never adhered to.

Please note the audio was transcribed using an automatic speech recognition (ASR) service and hence there will be noticeable errors in translation. We’re not quite there yet in 2020 with new technologies and voice recognition.

Today is Wednesday, August 8th, 2018.

My name is Justice Douglas Lang. I am chair of State Commission on judicial Conduct.

At this time, I will ask the other members of the commission to identify themselves for the record for you. Start from my right.

Good morning. My name is Ruben Reyes. I am a District Judge in Lubbock, Texas

I’m a lawyer member of the commission, Ron Bunch, from Waxahachie.

Good morning I’m a county judge member, [unintelligable]

Good morning, Sujeeth Draksharam, public member, Sugar Land.

Good morning. My name is David Hall I’m a  county court law judge from Sweetwater, Texas.

Good morning, Catherine Wiley. I’m a judge for the city of Houston.

Good morning. I’m David Russell, a public member from Hays County.

Good morning. I’m Demetrius Bivens, an attorney member from Houston, Texas.

Good morning, I am Maricelo Alvarado from Arlington, Texas. Public servant.

Amy Suhl from Sugar Land. Public member.

Good morning. I’m David Patronella, Justice that these from Harris County.

Thank you. Commission members.

Today’s proceedings are being conducted pursuant to section 33.55 The Texas Government code which requires a commission in either number years, hold one public eri quota to consider comment from the public regarding a commission mission and operations.

To that, we’re here today to accept all of comment from those of you who have completed entered into the witness information, for we have several former available back, and this will be all matters that pertain to the commission’s mission operations because we said a copy for Miss Available back of the room going through the clerk of the commission.

Of course, it was available on agency website as a reminder of the registration period for those wishing to speak. Closes in 10:15 a.m. which isn’t about 11 minutes or so. Four received after that time may be considered chairs discretion. I would point out that we did convene a 10 a.m. a. Za pointed. It’s now approximately four minutes.

I will now read to you the commission’s state quote.

The mission of the State Commission on Judicial Conduct is to protect promote public confidence in the integrity and its confidence partiality of the judiciary. To encourage judges to maintain high standards of conduct both on and off the bench.

The commission accomplices this mission through its investigation of allegations of judicial misconduct for incapacity cases were judges found engaged in this conduct to be permanently incapacitated. The Texas Constitution authorizes commission to take appropriate disciplinary action up to and including issuing sanctions centers, suspensions or recommendations for removal from office.


Please be advised in section 33.55 Also advise. Your comments are to be considered in a manner which does not compromise confidentiality of matters considered by the commission.

In order to satisfy this provision, we ask you not to discuss a complaint for investigation that is, or maybe handy in our office or that has been dismissed or that resulted in private business. By law, those matters remain confidential.

Likewise, please be advised that this is not a form for voicing grievances against judges or for asking the commission to reconsider decision relating to any complaints filed against the judge.

There are specific Craig procedures in place for bringing the type of information to the commission’s attention, and we ask you to please follow those protocols, which you could find remember, each person testifies will be limited to five minutes. However, you may submit written testimony in addition to or in lieu of your oral test way will accept some any such written testimony as an exhibit.

Since the sole purpose of this hearing is to consider public comment commission members, a commission staff will not be responded to any questions.

We’re discussing the test off any witnesses.

Any comments from this permission will come through the chair.

The Syrian is being recorded. If you would like a copy of the recording police of many Red Request with the agency really its executive director. Parent fits.

Use of cameras, smartphones or other recording devices is permitted as long as they’re used, does not hinder. And it’s not disruptive to these proceedings.

Food and drinks are not permitted in this room.

No way. Have several Oh, witness affirmation forms. I have them. They were provided to be.

I understand your sequence. We’re quits. They filed. So I will, uh, call them in order. And I will call each one in turn, and each person will have five minutes to comment Is I just described to you. So when a witness comes forward, Yes, the witness to stand it, the microphone is on.

So what you say will be recorded and identify yourself, and then you may proceed with your comment for five minutes. All right, The first person I apologize if I do not read the handwriting.

Well, where I get your name. Make my best.

The first witness, Ms Anita Jones-Berg.

Good morning. Morning. Thank you very much.

I must say thank you for taking the time to have this type of public forum.

So that we, the public in an opportunity to address your mission and procedures as they relate to us in the public.

Um, I am Anita Jones-Berg. My brother Ralph Jones. He was a 25 year air Force retired and now deceased veteran. He blessed me seven years before he passed away to stand before you here today. My God do and prepared me for this day.

I’m a working class person, but through my God, Ralph blessed me financially through his passing. And, he prepared me, allowed me to be here today to speak to you on behalf of the middle working class and the poor. Okay? Um, who reside in the state of Texas and you have legal issues and have been called and have been called before the judicial system.

Whether this situation is over are doing or the doing of others. We, the people who elect the judge’s trust, the judge sitting on the bench and hold him or her to a higher standard of integrity had to comply with laws of the land of the United States and in this case, the state of Texas.

I stand before you today to address my concerns and opinions and the processes of procedures of the State Commission on Judicial Conduct.

The sitting judge knows that he or she has immunity. The United States Supreme Court has made it clear that when judges perform judicial acts within their jurisdiction, they are absolutely immune from money damages law suits.

This applies even if those actions were corrupt, malicious and illegal.

The group of people most abused by this judicial immunity is the working class and poor class of people. We wear many colors to our skin, but mostly a dark color.

Judges also know the working middle class and the poor class of people do not have the financial resource is readily available to appeal their biased, racially motivated collusion and corrupted driven decisions. Therefore, they abuse the power, authority and discretion they have been given and entrusted by the very people who have elected them into office.

Your commission makes it very hard to right the wrong of these groups of people that that they experienced because you reprimand  only conduct your commission is costly to purchase transcripts from a trial to prove the judge’s conduct. In my case, my transcripts calls $1,342. Most people just don’t have that money available, but it does help to prove the judge’s conduct at that time.

Misguided it is. It is costly to hire an appeals attorney to right the wrong of the horrible, misguided rulings handed down by the sitting judge.

I personally have had my family torn apart by a judge who used biased of personal feelings, collusion, opposing counsel, a court appointed guardian at light who he appointed and more over over he totally disregarded the laws in Texas.

A child was stolen. Yes, stolen. Harsh, isn’t it? But it is the truth.

Through a judge’s actions, he abused the judicial system. Why you ask? Because he can. Because he has immunity for his actions, right or wrong, most people have to live with the ruling because they cannot afford a legal appealing the class of people consistently abused by this judicial system when the judge abuses his discretion and authority.

So if the judge has numerous complaints, we are in the age of computer and big data – Big data, I would like to see create an investigative department within your team, investigate the patterns and the trends and behaviors of the judge.

What attorney’s are coming before the judge with them? With these complaints on before the judge that’s brought before your commission, we the people can not all not be telling the truth.

Moreover, the actions of the judge is also very important the horrible conduct in the misguided actions of the judge. I believe that that the actions, as well as the conduct should be considered when looking at a judge and how he is to be reprimanded.

Thank you very much for your time today and the opportunities before you.

The next witness will be Michael Clifton. As with Jones-Berg, you will have five minutes.

Good Morning, Chairman and commission members. My name is Michael Clifton.

I’m here today to address three issues. I try to be as concise as possible within time frames.

Specifically, judicial nonfeasance defined in Black’s Law Dictionary has quote the neglect for failure of a person to do some act, which he ought to do. The term is not generally used to denote the breach of contract, but rather the failure to perform a duty towards the public, whereby some individual sustains special damage.

End quote.

Second judicial accountability, and finally, noncompliance with court orders – their own court orders.

It is abundantly clear that based on the information from your very own website in the most recent report by the Sunset Advisory Commission, this oversight entity is failing miserably.

You are a non compliant to your own mission statement, which states in part, that the S. C. J. C. is to quote this was stated earlier.

“Protect the public, promote public confidence in the integrity, independence, competence and impartiality of the judiciary.”

End quote

Now internally, how are you to accomplish this?

Again, I quote,

“The commission accomplishes this mission through its investigation of allegations of tradition, misconduct or incapacity in cases where a judge is found to have engaged in misconduct or to be permanently incapacitated. The Texas Constitution authorizes the commission to take appropriate disciplinary action, including issuing sanctions, censures, suspensions for recommendations for removal from office.

End quote.

It defies logic to me that you will find any semblance of misconduct if you arbitrarily dismiss almost nine out of 10 complaints brought to this body’s attention.

This is reflected factually in the S C J C documentation by the following examples. One the S C J C annual report for fiscal year 2017

and I quote

“The commission received a record number of cases filed during fiscal year 2017.

End quote

And also example by quote “Extraordinary – your word – growth in the number of complaints received in 2017.”

End quote

Yet conversely, quote

“The number of disciplinary actions against district judges continued its downward trend from 29 in 2015 to 13 in 2017.”

End quote.

This is a greater than 50% decrease in just this one category of judges alone. The S C J C philosophy states quote Each complaint on its face is thoroughly investigated.

End quote.

The facts do not support this statement was statistics from 2007 4 were reflected year over year increase of cases filed and the respect of dismissals also increase. You’re published budget of roughly $930,000 annually for 13 employees is predominately allocated to objects other than enforcement.

Perhaps it’s time to prioritize enforcement allocations since the most recent self evaluation report, dated 2011 by Sunset Review, the S C. J. C. Specifically states. A key obstacle to achieving your objectives is, and I quote number three.

The size of the board 13 members is too large, costly and unnecessary.

End quote.

Perhaps the greater than $54,000 in travel expenses and the greater than $25,000 in professional fees and service’s could better be utilized to implement your mission statement of quote.

Protect the public. Promote public confidence in the integrity, independence, competence, impartiality of the judiciary. Looking into the non compliance of judges to their own court orders, specifically, judges presiding over family court matters and enforcement of interference with child custody laws.

Specifically, Texas Penal Code 25 03 which is a felony in the state of Texas as well as the noticed. A peace officers venture noticed a Peace officers disclaimer, which is standard language in all Texas custody orders.

In short, when judges refused to enforce custodial visitation order, it is directly affecting the public and by extension of our Children, to the extent of no less than emotional and physical harm.

But worst case in scenario, the death of a child, something we’re seeing an increase in recently, under the overwhelming dismissal values happiness body be statutorily directed to provide specific sightings of why a complaint was dismissed.

Yet you provide a standard form letter stating the complaint was dismissed by fighting generalities of, I quote,

“A judges discretionary decisions.”

End Quote.

This standard form letter, I’m confident, was not the legislative intent of Senate Bill 209 nor Senate Joint Resolution 42 for providing that required quote reasons in plain language why the complaint failed to meet the definition of tradition misconduct. Enclosing all of these issues have direct correlation.

This oversight density, the atmosphere, middle accountability, the public perception of a slap on the wrist, possibly, and the irrefutable decrease in disciplinary actions proves that this entity has failed in its mission of protecting the public as well as providing confidence in the integrity of the judiciary.

I’ll leave you with this recommendation you can’t dance. Should do better. The data supports this position.

You sure?

Thank you of the neck with we’ll take them in quarter that they signed out just, huh?

Next witness; Thank you. My name is Josh.

I work closely with a lot of parental rights groups and Children’s rights groups here in Texas most closely associated with Americans for credible quality. And I’m here today representing thousands of parents across Texas who have gone through the family court system.

I don’t know how many of you have having experienced with family court system but greeting your mission statement to protect the public, to promote public confidence in the integrity, independence, competitions, impartiality of the court system.

And, you know, whenever somebody comes to court, they’re looking for one thing.

They’re looking for justice. They want to know if they’re coming into that court, that they’re going to see justice in the end.

And I can tell you right now, unwaveringly that the parents that have gone through our our Texas courts are Texas Family Court system have absolutely zero confidence in Texas family courts.

It isn’t it at an epidemic level right now, people don’t want to go in there because when they go in there, they don’t see justice.

I want to share with you just really quickly. If you don’t know much about family court, I know you have some public members here. If two parents got decide if they want to get a divorce, or maybe there’s a custody decision that needs to be made two parents walk into that courtroom and the judge removes the parental race from those parents and redistributes those rights back to those parents. One parent leaves being the custodial parent. The second parent leaves is a visitor to his Children. We took a look. Ahh One County, Brazoria County. 95% of the cases coming on Brazoria County showed that 11 parent was left with just four nights a month with his Children or her Children. Nine or 10 times here in Texas, that happens to be Dad, and you’re thinking, What would quality we need to have dad’s at the same level is Mom’s.

But that’s not what parents want. Parents want their parental rights to be protected. They want to know if they go into a court that they’re gonna have the U. S. Constitution protecting them.

I mean, we have the due process clause is that no person shall be deprived of life, liberty and property. And yet we have parents across Texas that are going into these courts and reduced to a visitor.

And there’s no confidence there’s no justice stone. The Texas family coat is not above the U. S. Constitution. The U. S Constitution protects parents, and we’re not seeing that here in the court systems. Uh, and I gotta ask myself, Why is that?

And what we found out is this one thing that is not justice that rules our courts. It’s money. We’ve discovered that judges have a pecuniary interest, a financial interest in ordering child support and ordering unequal parenting orders.

Because to do that, the federal government gives incentives is called title 4D. These judges are receiving money, to issue these orders out, their salaries are paid through the county. That is a direct conflict of interest.

And I would ask, How are we missing that? How is our court system so unfair? I’m sure that you have had thousands of cases that have come before you and parents that feel like their rights were violated. I know that’s got to be true, because I meet daily with parents.

I see stories daily. We have tens and thousands of parents across their state who are visitors to their Children.

You can’t tell me that the founders of our country, believe that this could possibly be right. You can’t tell me that the judicial system that we have here in Texas is somehow fair, that somehow Children in the best interest of the Children is paramount to our judicial system. It’s all about the money. It’s all about the money.

And when we have judges making decisions, thank you. When we have judges making decisions on what ruling they make because they will receive money and we’ll pad their pocketbook in the end, that is a conflict of interest.

Again, it’s it’s we’re not getting justice, and I would ask you to investigate. A lot of you have had cases that have come up, look into it right now.

How can a judge be impartial in Texas when they’re receiving their salary though unequal parenting orders? It can’t be done.

Thank you.

Next witness, Gabrielle.

Thank you for having me over. My name is Gabrielle from Cyprus, Texas.

My life has changed dramatically twice and both events have happened through a judge’s decision.

First happened back in 1996 when my brother was accused of doing something he didn’t do. And our attorney at the time asked us What do we want? A trial by judge or a trial by jury. The word judge to my family meant everything. Someone you can trust. Someone who does the right thing. So we did trial by judge.

Nowadays, I would tell somebody you’re crazy. I believe what it demands to be a judge that just turned his back on us when we needed him the most.

The officer lied. They convicted my brother. First he say that my brother had talked to him, made a deal with him. Two years later, he said he never met my brother until they arrested him. Only after we ask the judge to produce the court files, conveniently they lost all the recording and transcripts. My brother went to prison for eight years that was left behind to raise his Children from the age of two and six.

That was a judge decision. Changed my life dramatically.

My second event happened 2016. I was with my wife home, knock on the door said I was that I was a dead beat Dad. I said, you made a mistake. My Children are upstairs with my wife, I mean those. A judge in 2003  found me guilty or being a father of a child I know nothing of, had no relationship with the mother whatsoever and I was never served with no papers of servicing is filed just determined out for them.

I believe in the legal system. I believe in justice.

When this happened to me, I walked into a court without a lawyer because I believe I speak away on this.

I was treated like an animal. Spoken to like an unintelligent person and I was asked to be quiet, or be held on something that I think it was called contempt. Contempt because what does that contempt word means? It means I’m not allowed to say what I feel because you just don’t like what I have to say.

Also, pressure, held down and I have to find an attorney because the only well being heard.

Now just do something. This this is the machine. So I took two steps back out on my wife. Let’s find out what’s going on because I don’t know what I’m fighting here. A paternity tests prove I wasn’t a father. I was never served in eight years. Nothing was ever given to me. I have a Texas driver’s license …. I’m with that and they just still want to fight the case. There’s still a lot of the case to be a case for two years.

It cost us an immense amount of money.

You have no idea what it’s like to be held by a wrong decision being innocently lived through what I lived through. But that’s something I can put up with because I’m a man. I had to watch my Children get to this. My kid could not play baseball because I could not afford it. Downsides. So many things happen to my family because of judge decision.

When I went to family court, I went three times a week for three months to understand what’s going on, what I saw made me sick to my stomach.

I’ve seen people become abusers without ever having history of being  abused. But yet, because somebody said it, that person was not given a trial or nothing automatically. Protective order was given.

Asking people that come in to ask for a reduction of his payment cause they lost their job only to be thrown in jail couple of weeks later for non compliance.

I’ve seen people’s constitutional rights being thrown in the garbage with a simple phrase that means on the Constitution. I know nothing about it. It’s called “the best interest of the child”. Which means I’m leaving it to my discretion, discretion of the judge is worth not more than the Constitution of the United States and our rights as citizens. No judge has the power to do that to a human being.

You gotta have to make this right because the word judge no longer means what it meant to be.

Thank you.

The next witness is Lord. Yes. It’s a difficult name to pronounce, but thank you for giving it a shot.

Thank you. Yes. Thank you all for being here. I appreciate your listening to my story. My name is Mary Luz for sentence. I am from San Antonio, Texas.

You know, I read a couple of statistics one in four women in the United States or victims of domestic Milds One in six women. Our girls will be sexually assaulted by the age of 18. It’s in a, you know, astounding statistic when you think about you know, six people in the court.

You just look at the traditional panel. Six people in the court. If you were women, you would have been sexually assaulted by the time you’re 18 years old. Joe Meyer conducted a study. She’s a law professor at the University for Organization called TV Lied and she conducted a study.

It was a small minor study. I think that she took 500 cases nationwide, and I think there’s a misconception because initially women were given, you know, rights to Children and divorce settle things and stuff.

And I think that the population is a whole has this misconception that when you step in family court, you’re automatically given custody if you’re a female.

I think what a lot of people don’t realize is that 70% of cases are settled between parents that divorce, you know, they settled the case. 60 degree two. Here’s your hesitation.

Here’s my visitation and then the other 25% of mediated. There’s a total of 3% of cases They’re actually contested the contested cases in court by a lot of experts in domestic violence field they have based on feedback studies that have been conducted.

They have come to the conclusion that three’s 3% of the cases that are contested are the most dangerous cases that exist.

The most interesting Haitians that exist personally myself. I’m a survivor of domestic violence. I went through a contestant custody case, as the gentleman indicated earlier. I chose to go through jury because I have talked to so many people women living in shelters, so many advocates nationwide, so many people that have gone through the judicial system and women, and they were telling me very loose.

You have no idea what just happened. I spent my entire life savings. I went through hell. I got litigated for 10 12 years and I lost custody of my Children. I was put on the stand, and not only did I have to deal with domestic violence from this person, but these are the type of people that if they’re abusing their wives or even men or women.

They’re using men. If they’re capable of that level of abuse, it only extends into into judicial Satti because they know that they can get away with it. They found ways to use the system to their advantage in steps, you know.

Also, studies have shown that less than 3% of cases are actual false allegations of sexual violence and also domestic violence. I mean, nobody wants to go into a court setting, I think, and have to get beat up. I will start to shreds for 10 days and a jury sighting.

I was torn to shreds for three years in a court hearing, I spent the better part of 1/4 $1,000,000 litigating this. I have lost six months of my life. I lost my son’s college education. I lost 20 years of savings.

I asked pretty much everything and nobody. This isn’t a fun position to be in.

Nobody wakes up every day. Since you know I want to go and lose everything, just lose everything. And what did this binding exactly? Well, what it bought me was an individual that made me move three times have no protective order. My Children still have to go visit him while he sits with six guns under his bed.

If I had to put the profile of what a mass shooter looks like, I think he would be the poster child. And he gets the seven to court and have his race defendant. I think that that is part of the just justice system.

But I think that there comes a point where you get these people that are able to bring in experts that come into court, and most of it is junk science. It’s not even proved by the psychiatric board of psychology.

Thank you, sir. And it come in and have junk science that is, judges that you can bring it in and they can spend and go in every direction with that and people buy it.

You know, sometimes Juries buy it. Sometimes judges fight. So what I asked of you today is to consider that advert.

On average, there are 58,000 Children nationwide. They’re being sent off into abusive situations and 80% off sexually abused Children across the country.

According to this study was which was 500 gonna do 5000 are being sent into so custody off perpetrators.

Those Children’s voices need to be heard. And these women don’t have money to hire an attorney. That’s how they’re losing. And these counselors, they’re taking tons of money.

Thio handle these cases from attorneys are also need to be held accountable to some level of discretion.

Thank you. Appreciate it.

The next witness is story. Yeah, you have five minutes. Thank you.

Good morning. I’ve come today to talk a little bit about what my friend Mary just spoke out with domestic and how it interprets to what you guys do today.

First of all, let me tell you, I moved here in 2007 from D. C. My ex husband told me that I shouldn’t believe all my appointments that I got from City Council Mayor’s office, the then governor, and come down here lovely Texas.

So I did, because we wanted to raise families and we wanted to be happy and by home still travel. Unfortunately, we got divorced on I. Do you appreciate what you’re doing today?

Because it’s not easy to listen to everyone’s viewpoints and then walk the road of what you’re commission is asked to. D’oh!

So what I’m gonna ask you today is to consider this The problem that I faced in family court started with pregnancy, um, and ended in my death. I died giving birth to my daughter. I later found out, was asked to sit on the board of H B 26. 20. Um, that’s my dad. It was a part of emotional abuse that I served during my pregnancy, and my daughter’s near death was the same result.

So going into court to face my abusers and going into court to protect my child 15 months after she was formed, there weren’t enough laws in the books to kind of say, Hey, this is what’s going on Even though he a g flag my case. And then we had witnesses of domestic violence.

The judge who looked at my case citing for ages office, decided to more all the things and basically said, my child off to her abuser. And I say that because he has abused her.

Um, and four years later, finally in court, been by a judge, but no one will protect her. I then went through abuse in a different way in court and the abuse that I went through court was being yelled at, screamed at, treated as if I was ignorant or dumb.

I was told that, um through actions, not words that due process no longer lives as a purpose. A member of the court of society S o I have sat through. I recently just had a witness Warren and a contempt hearing that none of the evidence was allowed to be brought in. Our witness was not able to be heard, and I have never made it. But getting a closing statement, I yelled at a lot, and I also have a lot of accusations that were not me that I could not present evidence against.

And then the orders that were broken were never top the grief that wars were broken. But they have the ability to actually do anything, which is absolutely untrue.

So we have a problem in family court, and we have a problem with faith in the public going now. I could have easily read something off. I could spend my time away from her daughter and written a letter to you guys and said, Hey, I need you to fix this because I’ve actually had a judge stand up and be so angry that he stormed out of the apartment and it was slamming every door I’ve had, I’ve been yelled at. I called names, and I’ve actually recently heard a judge called a child chattel. Now, for those you know your history, chattels not a welcome world.

A child is not a possession, their person and child. We first slavery and shirt me. We’re not slaves to this process, and a child is a person.

We have a problem. We need to do some more education. But we also have to look with your system and what you have done here. What you guys do here, and I think that one of the things that we need to do and I say we because I think it’s a process.

I think it’s a process with the public, and I think it’s a prosthesis with your commission is a look at better ways to hear the complaints on what’s being said. Um, and I also believe you hold this standards to cannon break where the judges need to be working within the law and that they need to be holding up public.

There’s no reason for us to be walking out saying that was against the family.

Thank you.

Next witness, George Warrant.

All right. Uh, how do you come prepared?

I didn’t want to speak today, but I guess I only saw 45 people in here. Are you guys a little bit?

So I’m a joint managing conservative, pro SE father. Child lives in Harris County. 343 days is what I have in my child. I’m not even a visitor to my child. I have a court order with that state seal on it. I don’t see my child. Mr. Clifton, talk about Texas penal code 25 03 year affair to child custody. That’s the route I have to go as a pro. See, filer, I can’t afford to keep going to court.

Every time someone breaks the law that you guys have taken over, we have a state seal. We have. I mean, you recited when we first started the government code. We can go to these websites. We can look at these statutes we can read. We can read the cannons. You know, you have to be respectful towards towards litigate when I go in there for cause I filed my own motion for enforcement by content just to see my child. And I can’t produce any evidence.

And the judge just on their treats. You like an attorney? Okay, fine. Civil rules of procedure. You need to follow simple rules of procedure to be able to introduce evidence. Okay, I get it. But 308 A. In the simple rules of procedure also state that you can enforce those orbs. How do you get that?

So today I’m at 343 days. I didn’t see much. A very unimportant I can’t overemphasize. I don’t know where that I don’t. If you didn’t know where your child was for 343 days, you’d be pretty upset. And I’m trying to keep it in because I am upset. I’m here today trying to be a father. I’m trying to be in my child’s life. I’m not. I’m not. They won’t even let me.

And I got standard visitation that that infuriates Mike’s talked about the Mr. Clifton talked about the statistics. I filed a complaint once on the judge. How do you hear anything else about it. I went through the whole process, did everything You asked me to the transcripts. I didn’t get nothing back in return. So I even do it. Why do it again?

Anywhere I wanna go off on a tangent. I know some people went on for five minutes, so I’m gonna just We need to do better. It’s up to you guys on this board to fix this.

The family coat and family law needs to be reformed. This is This is ridiculous.

Everybody here, mostly everybody we talked to already has already said that it’s family. All they have a problem with the family code needs to be read. I pro se filers meat. A little bit more respect.

Yes, I’m just trying to be a fox. That’s it. That’s why I’m here. Just so I could see my two year old son.

Thanks You, sir.

Next witness is Kelly Jones. Thank you.

Thank you, Mr Chairman. Commissioners, your honors and particularly Mr Russell from my county Hays County. I come before you.

My name is Kelly Jones, and I’m in the unique position this week of being all over the national news. My ex husband is Alex Jones.

He’s been removed from platforms from Facebook to you, too. For videos replete with hate speech and child endangerment.

I’d like to rely on the eloquence of the first speaker, Miss Jones, the statistics of the second gentleman who spoke about the systematic failures of this commission, thio to address the failings or two to fail to protect the public according to your by laws and the information put out about which this hearing is being held.

In addition to drawing on the trauma of these other two beautiful mothers on Dhe, speaking from the experience of being a domestic abuse survivor, I want a jury trial in 2017 despite the evidentiary bias and gross negligence of the judge to exclude footage from info wars which was directly related to my cause because of child custody, where I was defending myself from false allegations that my ex has been perpetrated that were shown to be false by experts who admitted lying under oath and in reports which is aggravated perjury and false reporting which are crimes which Judge Linden Toronto should have immediately indicted those people or a press further indictment when they were in the courtroom.

But I want this jury trial and despite the ruling for me to be primary parent, the scared of which the Texas really code is for me to have primary custody immediately of my Children.

My case having been based on abuse, gross negligence, medical neglect on dhe, quasi abandonment, horrific information about prostitutes in the household, heavy drinking with hard evidence, untreated broken bones that were failed to be reported on by the experts in my case.

And that’s how I want a jury despite Judge Murano controlling everything to try to get the evidence out, even kicking the jury out when evidence she admitted admitted was was there before the jury.

Despite this jury verdict, it took her eight months to intern final orders, which are not compliant with the Texas Family Code, which leave my vulnerable Children primarily with my ex husband, Alex Jones.

My son was put on the most hated show in America, a show that has been withdrawn from platforms from Facebook to YouTube. My son.

I couldn’t get the judge last week to your emergency temporary restraining order she met.

Misrepresented what? I want to remind you again. We’re not here to your grave.

I understand that, Your Honor. And I’m so sorry, but I’m bringing sport is a history on my attention is actually to be within the scope of what we’re talking about is your failure to protect, I believe, and I will cut it off there.

And I’d appreciate you draw me back because I want. With all respect, I am grateful for this opportunity.

And I want to keep focused on the fact I am traumatized.

Upset because I was assaulted on the third floor of the courtroom at the courthouse last week by just wrong. Physically have a combat me. That’s part and grab my phone. I have filed a complaint, Your honor.

Okay, if I could have the respect of having a few extra minutes for the correction because what I was told when I found my complaint is there is no remedy that my cause is gonna be heard with same urgency at any cost.

I am a politician who was assaulted and exploited by a judge on the third floor of the courthouse across the street.

And I’ve been told that there is a revenue in the local government rules nor on the governmental code. For that I’m not talking about my complaints of talking about the history of the thing. I’m not okay. I apologize. Thank you, Your Honor. So what I’ve been told and what I’m here to say is I believe that the judicial commission and the state of Texas is in an emergency situation.

I have an article that I might be in The New York Times Where and I hope they will. They will put forward my plea that the governor immediately insect, an emergency legislative section Thio immediately provide a remedy for the S C J C. Whatever.

Geller called Thio immediately act to be able to protect the public. Because when I spoke to Mr Vincent just a couple days ago, he said there is no remedy in the local government rules or the government falls. There’s remedy for local judges, but not for district judges. You, according to this test testimony that you provide searcher at your opening statement or whatever that’s called you said that you all have the power to suspend the judge this judge has repeatedly with Maya’s attacked mother’s.

I think I don’t have that stuff for five minutes, ma’am. I just pointed out several times respectfully that you are talking about a particular judge.

Incidents wear not well. Thank you, Your Honor.

I didn’t understand the your opening statement. There was no nothing said about particular judge way.

Okay, I’ll be asking for …Are you recording that?

I’d like to finish up.

Then I won’t talk about the judge and I’ll talk about how I feel that you’re failing families.

I feel that what complaints made to you according to the statistics of Second gentlemen, that that you’re not falling through disciplinary action on judges, I feel that you have obviously received multiple complaints on the same judges repeatedly.

And yet when somebody’s in an actual emergency situation where their Children are in physical danger, according to the other party that they could be killed, that they could be killed, his child endangerment that you failed to act with any haste and and the the excuses.

There’s no remedy in the world. If there’s no remedy in the law, we need remedy in the law. If there’s no way for you all to intercede to impeach a judge, you can suspend them.

This is an emergency for my family, but not just mine. It’s an emergency for anything that’s her before any of these judges, that the complaints of whom you are leaving languishing when there are parents across the board that are here to testify, that that’s what’s going on in Travis County Family Court is broken and corrupt.

I have filed a civil liberties complaint with the federal government. Thank you, your Honor, and thank you for hearing Thank you for hearing my cause. I have passion because my kids are in an emergency.

I appreciate it. Thank you.

Thank you for the opportunity you’ll forgive. My allergies weakened my voice just a little bit, but I am glad to be here today.

So many of the others have already mentioned the same things that weigh on my mind and my heart about family law system, State of Texas. Maybe I’ll try that to reiterate too many of those points.

I do hope that this commission does take a very close look at what is going on in these family courtrooms.

The behavior from the judges of absolute misconduct.

We’ve heard someone spoke about jury trial. I went in for a jury trial. Mine was delayed effectively. They did away with a jury trial because the judge was able to stall for two years and in two weeks before the jury trial, said, We cannot have the jury trial because we’re not ready, even though we had two years to prepare for it.

This judge was also on his way out. Bench Hey, had lost an election. Hey, I am a custodial parent. I have custody of my two boys, but yet I still pay child support to a mother who lives in Seattle, Washington.

That is because of another judge who refuses to enforce her own rulings. And I’m having to go about this another way and fight and work with the attorney general’s office to correct the child support issue.

This mother was required to return to the safe before August 15th of last year, did not comply with the judge’s order, and the judge refused to hear any evidence or even define what her own order meant in order to put the Children into my custody and to correct everything that goes with that.

So here I am still paying child’s mother while taking care of two Children, Uh, again.

There’s so much I could talk about a non limited and these other folks have mentioned a lot of the same problems, Uh, but something something’s gotta be fixed because it’s the Children who suffer the Children who are moved repeatedly or forced to move from school to school more than they should. They have no consistency in their life because you spend 3 to 4 years and a lot of money trying to fight to right these wrongs from a parent who is only concerned with herself and not concerned with the well being of Children.

The Children become leverage in these family court situations because there’s financial gain in it for the parent who can maintain control of the Children.

And that’s what prevails. Judges. They’re not listening to evidence they’re disregarding evidence.

In my particular case, the person I was against in court was found to be dishonest through the evidence that we prevented.

The judge was anger to the point of calling a recess because of the dishonesty that shone. No action was taken because, said dishonesty, judge merely came back. We picked up where we left off as if nothing had ever happened.

Family members of the mother of my Children. Their testimony even corroborated my testimony and my evidence given. But it didn’t seem to matter that much.

She was still given a second chance to return to the state maintained primary custody. She didn’t do so.

The Children were left with their grand parents. And that wasn’t that wasn’t what the ruling said. So just in playing simple speak, that’s what goes on in family courts.

It’s not just me. I have met so many other people who have had the same type of situation who have been through the same frustration, the amount of money, the amount of time.

It’s not about winning in these courts, and unfortunately, I think the judges look at it. It’s simply a win lose situation.

I was told that I got a big win because my Children were returning to the state of Texas. But it’s not about winning. It’s about what’s right for them.

I had to fight an additional year just to get them into my custody.

Thank you for your time.

Yes, sir. Good morning. My name is Terrence Champagne. And I would like to thank the Committee for for giving me the opportunity to speak on the topic of judicial misconduct.

My topic of concern today is the current state of the Texas Family Court system.

I will point out the failings of how the family court system conducts itself and how the family court system flagrantly disregard any system semblance of justice.

I will start the title five of the Texas Family Code. Subtitle be Chapter 153 So Chapter A Section 153.2 Best interest of the child.

The best interest of the child should always be the primary consideration of the court in determining the issue is of conservatorship and possession off and access to the child. Currently, the common rulings provided by the majority of judges in this state do not in any way, shape or form, strive to consider the best interest of the child.

The standard possession order and, in some cases, the extended expanded standard possession order. Artificially limit time Children can spend with one their pasts.

In the case of most rulings, though, not all fathers were given far less time with their Children is generally a rubber stamp process where deviation from the standard orders is lacking.

If what is noted on the Attorney General’s website is indicative of what actually happens in the court system. 90% of non custodial parents are fathers, assuming most of these rulings result in the standard or extended standard possession over this restriction of times highly detrimental to the development of Children.

If you trust statistics, can help to elucidate this fatherless Children already dramatically greater risk of drug and alcohol abuse. 71% of high school dropouts.

Our father’s father. Those Children have more trouble academically, scoring poorly on tests of reading, mathematics and thank you skills. Children from father Absent homes are more likely to be true from school, more likely to be excluded from school. More likely to leave school at age 16 and less likely to attain academic and professional qualifications in adulthood. A study of 40 No. 1409 rural Southern adolescence. 851 females and 558 males aged 11 to 18 years old investigate the correlation between father absence itself. Reported sexual activity.

The results revealed that adolescents and father absent homes were more likely to be to report being sexually active compared to adolescence, living with their fathers in addition, the federal government noted the following in their publication The Importance of Fathers in the healthy development of Children.

Highly involved biological fathers had Children who were 43% more likely than other Children to earn mostly eight and 33% less likely than other Children to repeat a great and even from birth, Children who haven’t involved Father are more likely to be emotionally secure, be confident to explore their surroundings and, as her older, have better social connections with their peers.

Even with this small amount of evidence presented here, current standard rulings blatantly disregard the best interest of the child.

How are these follow? His Children are more often than not created not by father’s leaving their Children, but by the court systems actions, as evidenced by the following in the Texas Family Code 1 53.1 Public policy Public policy off the state is to assure the Children will have frequent and continuing contact with parents who have shown the ability to act in the best interest of the child and encourage parents to share in the rights and duties of raising their child.

After the parents have separated or dissolve their marriage. Part one implies that apparent needs to be proven to act in the best interest of the child. In the syllabus of the court case trucks over Granville, it was written that there is a presumption that fit parents act in the best interest of the child.

With this frequent and ongoing contact is an ambiguous definition. In the case of the standard possession order, Children spend approximately 33% of the night of the year with a noncustodial parent. In the case of the expanded standard possession order that is approximately 40%.

Even in that case, that is often a difference. Approximately 60 overnights for years thank you. Part tree is so regard these ludicrous.

The system is founded on conflict.

Three parties walking to the court and enter into a winner takes all battle where only one party walks out is the winner of the primary custodial parent.

The losers are made me the child who has a loving bond with their parents severed and potentially permanently damaged by the court system. And they’re not custodial parent.

The system generates intense conflict that is in no way conducive to encourage parents to share in the rights and duties of raising a child.

Both the fifth and 14th Amendment of the United States Constitution state that individuals who will not be deprived of life, liberty or pursuit without due process of law the overall liberty of Children to have equal and ongoing access to both parents is deprived by the courts under the ill defined, nebulous best interest of the child. Current orders issued by the state court failed. Act in accordance with these guidelines and the Texas family, and are often detrimental to our Children of the state of Texas. Thank you very much.

This is Jimmy. Thank you, Commissioner. No. Here I was coming in my district. I’m Jimmy Wheeler from Houston. Harris County, Texas.

I’m up to speed on here. Everybody else given the testimonial family court. Just incredible system.

But I haven’t had anyone say anything about the several judges. Seven. District Court in Houston, Texas. Young lady, you see, and how corrupt this system is here. Well, I look at the Silver District Court in Houston. Is the court that monitoring granted awards given We’re talking about love bought and paid for by big banks, big financial institutions judges are big corporations in the water. But my mind was a big law firm case. In fact, I have several decisions of France, and I speak for that. Helped them out financially. That not 45 system silver court.

You’re not giving me 1/4 party attorney you are given. You have the paper and the judges rush decisions, too. Rushed to visit into a summary judgment on the visit of a trial. A jury trial but is rushing to some reject that case.

Example. You big financial institutions. We know the big banks. I committed millions and billions of dollars of mortgage fraud. I brought the whole state of Texas. Not one Executives spent a day in prison, but you take the little person who was behind on the mortgage.

Is seven situations foreclose on, kicked them out.

The loss quickly tell Statue of Limitation In Texas, several cases are fighting now for kinds of my eyes. Friends of my statue of limitations.

Several course says no. Papers need four years, the Statue of Limitation and therefore yeah, probably real property. Have you taken his example? If your grandmother are you mother?

A lawsuit and she falls into a store. Oh, big reach up about it. Trying around this soup one day past the statute of limitation the little judges was not because he missed the statue of limitations.

One day he and taxes we have Biggs, that Mr Statute of limitation by one year. Attention, Supreme Court Out lied and judges room and feeble big banks and financial institutions and taking their houses from a smaller person.

And I’m going to get out of four for a retrial. Our appeal Detective Supreme Court stays it very, very clear statute limitation. But they are. We look at the judges who bagged up, and it’s seven district court. You’re back by these big banks and institutions. 95 to 97% of these these summary judgments because I don’t want to go the subject.

In addition against a smaller favour the smaller person in favor of the big pigs.

You as commissioner, this commission that we lie off, please protect the person. The smaller person, please blowback judges and go ahead and put them. You guys appellate very poorly on this. You’re very good commission here. You guys understand what I’m saying? Very probably on here. And how many of these judges. Silver side has been suspended for wrong doing and nobody lost burgers. Steak. So he had this little person, huh? Is this cast no go with? No. I got Jim knowing that the judge did not make the decision in favor of Texas a prostitute.

Supreme Court was issued stashing limitation and they did not file on appeal. Don’t have the money. So the big, big when big financial institution with just the wise. So we done it for his tensions before people, buddy. For over, you’re bought and paid for by a big financial institution. Big banks facing facts. Wells Fargo.

Ready, Kowalski. The person who was Chief executive officer. That vision get a retired service package $200 million. Seven employees worked up. You got it done. Forgot fire and wind up with nothing. Please help the small person. I beg you guys, look at the law in this state of Texas.

Yeah, Been mispronounced for years. Thank you very much. My name is Cynthia from Bergen County nearby. And my case is again with the family of all issues.

Specifically just to give you a little background, no one else must go into details, which I will. But my case has been going on in family law for five years now, which, to me, is no way the best interest you. Sorry, I’ve been through to custody. Two for abuse, 3000 expectations. Thea,

The cost of the evaluations could be this much. Just $5500 for a custody evaluation to DEA. Formal mediations with the judges run 3 to $5000 apiece to do with those All of these court appointed by judge. No choice.

You have to do it. I would like to see Well, I would like to see its limits on time to resolution of the case limits on what the court appointed evaluators in charge and letters to the time costs allowed per custody evaluations.

One of my evaluations. Too excited. Two months, which you could imagine what I’ve been. Well, this God goes for five years. What the foolish I’ll also reach out to Carol. It’s that are similar to my situation so far. In the past few months, I’ve met with 28 parents personally, have similar issues.

These parents have no criminal record, no little Elvis, no parenting issues. But they all have Children will go for their lives. The common denominator seems to always be the same. It’s the fact that there’s a lot of corrupt and bias professionals that air involved there were appointed by the courts. 28 people that I have collectively met with have total spent $8.7 million putting their violent family court.

I can’t give you a list of mothers that are there currently or have been homeless because of family court. I ask that you take a deeper look into the corruption, the common circles that lawyers, judges and psychologists because there are many.

My case has been said, spent in court for five years. There were five orders entered out of the blue.

There was an emotion file. There wasn’t a hearing scheduled. I now see my son 28% of the time. My child support his order three times what it should be because nobody asked me for tax returns or proof of income.

They ordered back child support since I filed five years ago, and so they reported that I’m $15,000 behind on child support, which is showing up on my credit report, which is now affecting me.

Getting Carlos a place to live threatening. Take my passport. I work for a company out of Europe. I had no idea that these orders were filed, and the other side intentionally waited three months to notify me, so I couldn’t do anything about it.

Now, by my option is to go find another attorney. Payton. 10 $20,000 retainer and trying file a killer review. To fight this, I asked you to have stiffer penalties for export a communications and for actions that violates violate our rights and our due process. Oh, what now?

The next witness is Kyle. All right, Thank you. I would like to start off by just passing some simple questions.

First question I like, ask, Is everyone here aware that the similarity between the Nazi rock and include close claim was Christianity is everyone where that Christianity, and used as a form of terrorism throughout the history of inhumanity, is everyone you aware that Greg Abbott, Donald Trump, Jeff Sessions all claim to be Christian is that when you’re aware that the similarity between the Nazi Third Russian include Klux Klan is also the false ideology of white supremacy is that when you’re aware that work you actually happened, does anyone deny that will work? Who actually happened?

Nobody good is that one here or where that Hitler was able to do what heaven was able to do by appointing only members of the Christian wants for Mrs Party notice and Nazis to the positions of officers of the court, including judges, attorneys and oversight committees which would never hold accountable. The officers of the court, including the judges and attorneys, practiced law with malicious intent to obstruct justice and the execution of civil process while depriving people who are not members of the Nazi Third Reich, their God given unevenly bowl, equal rights and some deliveries.

I’m hoping that you people who are the ones who are responsible for holding accountable, lawless, corrupt on principle judges have enough Kahane’s to stand up against added sessions. Trump and their two dick, their judges and occurrence.

You are our last defense as we, the people, United States of America have given our consent only be governed by the Constitution and civil servants who have placed their hands on a Bible while talking to God, swearing that they use the law to treat other people equally.

And in the Bible it talks about corrupt on Principal Wallace people in positions of officers, of course, who traveled guys courts by seizing the possessions of the widows and orphans and forcing people anomalous nous.

And that is exactly what these people have said. That is going on right? There is an oversight committee that is over the federal judges. In Texas, it’s called the fifth Circuit.

There are four members of Greg Abbott’s formal four months on legal counsel on the fifth Circuit.

Do you understand that in the event that you sue a judge in federal court, that oversight committee for Texas is now run by Greg Abbott’s minions?

So if you sue a a federal court judge in federal court goes the fifth Circuit and all of those people are influenced by it, that it goes around bragging.

Don’t mess with Texas. You know why? Because he’s got everybody in his pocket.

So now if you have a beef with at it because he’s got a judge who’s taking your Children about when you have a community problems, there’s no recourse. That’s what she was saying.

That’s what Alex Jones wife was just saying how to be the people of mad states.

America Hold a candle Individual members of the State Judiciary Conduct Committee who have all been appointed by Greg and it’s prejudice.

White supremacist, Christian terrorist organization who’s not hold accountable. Lawless, corrupt, unprincipled, money loving longing, prejudice. Lights for Mrs Person.

Terrorists, judges and Texans sworn oath to treat other people.

He put in a court of law that civil servant, while placing their hand on the Bible, talking again as every defense an envoy.

Swine are where, over the course of last 6 14 months, the Judiciary Conduct Committee receiving no less than nine lawsuits from me against judges and mistake because my Children were taken away from you.

I did not commit any crimes. However, I did go public with the true story of my black girlfriend named Jimmy Lee Jackson, having been raped and sadly coerced into getting an abortion by pinning Vatican Marmara in exchange for Gina to be seen being exploded as a celebrity prostitute for cold called Burning Man in San Francisco.

And just make sure that nobody conduct that What I say is true that it was kind enough to post a video on Facebook titled How Brainwashed Rules Into the Burning Meaningful for the Whole World To see It is not a crime could go public with the rape of My girlfriend, however, apparently is private data. Black roll. What’s pharmacist? Christian Terrorist?

A Texan break after points like minded waits for Mrs Christian judges and Connie’s to the positions of officer of the Court. And now we, the people of the United States of America want to know how to hold a cow.

ndividual overs of the State Judiciary Conduct Committee and members of 1/5 circuits, including her Vincent Waste, one who have refused to hold accountable judges. You’ve signed court orders taken away my Children. I did not come in any crimes.

It’s my legal right to ask this question in the public hearing How to Be the People, United States America.

Contact the International Criminal Court in the head to prosecute the lying prejudice white supremacist, Christian terrorist people in positions of man, a parent authority. United States got moved, including the president of United States of America. The attorney general, Jeff Sessions together, Texas abbot there, judiciary appointees, including the judges, attorneys and individual members of oversight committees, including the fifth Circuit and the Judiciary, conduct many of Texas. Thank you very much.

The next witness is something hard, Thanks.

I don’t know if I’m allowed to go. Would like to submit 50 pages of evidence of judges breaking the law violating my due process. I believe the statute of limitations for complaints against attorneys and judges should be extended. I have had no fair hearing or trial for two years.

This is a King Road court, with judges receiving huge financial contributions from a large law firms. I certainly admire Man who’s fully support and fully support 50 50 custody for fully weaned Children.

Unfortunately, when in the case of abusive man, he can use the child as a pawn of abuse and the legal system. In my case, the father in no way cares for our child, but his extended family have been given my baby. There’s gonna be completely prevented if there are fewer people making money off of our distress in the growth separation of a child from a parent. I currently over $56,000 in attorney’s fees and pay 50% of my income and support for my child.

I am obligated to over 100% of my decent income in order to pay professionals in my case, yet I do not see my child at all. He is three years old.

I am under an order that can put me in jail the moment the father filed in court. Individuals that go through the judicial system end up traumatized and infused.

This affects their intellectual and emotional capacity to function as good members of the community. I have gone eight times and more with more than two consecutive months of no access to my darling boy.

I have not been a parent to my angel for two years. I have seen my son 10 times for a couple hours in the past seven months.

I have been jailed for 30 days for failure to pay $36,000 in attorney’s fees.

I am neither a criminal nor have done any wrong doing in the eyes of criminal courts. This is This jailing was, despite an affirmative defense of inability to pay attorney’s fees and based on testimony of hearsay. Why do I think this happened?

Because I raised my voice and sought custody when my child complained of pain in areas that I feel embarrassed dimension to this court. My two year old baby was screaming not to be hurt, and I saw custody. I had four months of P I evidence showing that the father had nothing to do with my child. Yet the court refused to hear me. I was refused and prohibited from being bringing evidence to the court as a pro se litigant. Why was this money awarded to the father and $36,000? This money was awarded to the father for one hearing in two motions in two weeks time. Why would this happen? Because I took my baby to the beach out of state for two weeks and then came home. This was not a violation of the court order. Why would intelligence saying educated woman do such a thing as take her baby out of state during litigations? Because a judge told her six times she would be without this child? Don’t think he would not take this baby from his mother. If she does not shape up, she will lose custody because that’s the way things are going to go. My baby, my nursing baby was ripped from my breast with no wrong doing. I have gone two years since that time having any contact of any significant means with him. After that moment, I went two months without any contact whatsoever.

I have been abused, raped, assaulted, not only by man but by this judicial system. I have been unjustly treated. What did I do wrong? I complained that my baby needed milk and was losing weight. I complained about the father’s drug use, and I filed for child support. Who was the baby going to be giving to a stranger? A man who provided no support to the mother of our child refused to see the child before the attorney general’s office told him that he had to pay child support. I spent six months petitioning the court pro SE for access to my child, but with prohibited each time from presenting evidence by judicial actions, I have had each petition denied in contradiction to the Texas Rules of Civil Procedure, Texas Family, Cold and U. S. Constitution and the Texas Constitution.

As a pro se litigant, I should not be denied justice. I’m among the top 20% in education in the U s and I’m perfectly capable of downloading a form for O’Connor’s and doing research. This is after contributing to this corrupt system $400,000. I did not know if my child is well. Hold safe and nurtured. Forget how this is ruined me. What about him? How we ever be able to trust other individuals? His mother informed proper attachments. You guys have a lot of work cut out for Thank you.

Thank you. I hope these five minutes very precious. So if you don’t mind, I’m going to read what I’ve written down. My name is Rhonda Tiffany. I have an Austin, Texas mean a group called Speak. Love Stands for Share Parenting. Encouraging advocacy for Children. The kids.

I know many of these people here. I’ve said No thousands of more parents, not only citywide nationwide. I know them globally. This is a pandemic happening. An effort to not repeat what we heard. My Clifton Josh Charles, Gabriel Cornu, Kelly Jones, Cindy Any others share. I just went toe further. Acknowledged the racketeering happening. Travis County and Williamson County Family Court. What Josh Charles said about the powers and influences of money are very true. Tato 40 Funding is a huge issue and warrants analysis and revamping. As we all know, there are two approaches and family law, a collaborative cooperative approach, which is collaborative law and then the competitive, adversarial approach which many of us are informing you of here today.

There’s tremendous racketeering happening in family law with these adversarial cases. These are families and crises coming into the courtroom for help, an intervention. But what happens in a competitive approach is one parent is deemed the winner, and the other parent is deemed the looser. The losing parent experiences extreme character defamation, gas lighting and fathomable expenses, temporary orders that can go on until the child ages out and trauma that can last a lifetime. What we’re experiencing in our civilized, systematic oppression and violence. If there wasn’t already violent family violence happening before entering the courtroom, there’s certainly is through family court and its supporting systems. When you give one parent power and control over the other parent and Children and allow him or her to abuse that power, you’re creating family violence.

It’s creating or fostering the violence that was already there. You’re condoning violence. What we’re seeing in family affairs are obstructions of justice, lack of due process, gaslighting false accusations, manipulation of evidence, lack of equal access to fair litigation, abusive discretionary powers, biased judges and professionals. By the way, everyone is buying. To a certain degree, we all know that we all have our own schema.

We enter the courtroom with our own running narrative, and so we ask for these judges and the supporting professionals to be reflective practitioners to be as impartial as possible. We appoint you in these positions to uphold these laws and integrity. What’s happening on a city and county level? We should also acknowledge a very recent tragic case that happened in Travis County courts.

It was the Captain Kaplan case happened in December of 2017. Ah, father was in trapped in family court in the family. Well, systems was being, um, experiencing tremendous gas lighting and alienation men’s expense, and could have been facing bankruptcy, like many of us have. I’ve been bankrupted to I’ve been adversely affected. My son has to. You are Kathlyn in December of 2017 shot his 17 earth, shot his nine year old daughter and killed her, and committed suicide. I asked I as an advocate for family law reform and spreading over Anissa parental alienation. I’ve heard so many cases of parents committed suicide and Children eight year olds out cries for help and to just have their parents resolved matters. But how can we do to these faulty systems?

On a personal note? My divorce was seemingly amicable. My hell began within one week of my spot. So support my assessments. Emotional state was taken advantage of. We’re now, four years later having to clean up from us.

He’s afraid to go back into the courtroom because he now realizes how corrupted us. We’re back to a 50 50 jmc situation, which is wonderful with our son, but we’ve all been traumatized. I did financially exhausted.

My ex husband was fired from his job and he hasn’t regained informant. It’s been almost one year we’re picking up the pieces. What about the attorneys and the judge and everyone who participated? What are they doing for us? We’re too afraid to go back in the courtroom. Please help restore integrity. E clean up our family courts. Thank you Witnesses. Branch Johnson. Thank you. Thank you for having me today I am Brandon Johnson. Everything just nobody special except two kids come back. That’s what brought me down driving three hours.

Stay in here. I appreciate your time cause I had to have been affected by the family court system. It is a system that’s just just a system that’s sold out, profiting off of destroying families and creating a follow this society. And all this is done through garnering top 40 monies.

But I’ve got a hard time believing that whole judges, you folks here or evil people carrying out some kind of evil scheme in our families are impacted by the decisions that the judge is making it hold them accountable to the trouble with family court system.

Yes, is that the decisions were made and it’s been said today Well, they’re playing proceedings, resulting in Boulder playing orders. We have a broken system, and how do we know it’s a broken system?

You have ordinary citizens like myself, these parents in this room, late people digging into to the law, understanding the root causes of the injustice by learning the family ball Cook Rules of civil procedure Rosa uh paella cores code of federal regulations, coz said.

Civil procedure being able to quote a large section of these things that most people in America have never heard about. It means our system is broken. We should not be dedicating our time to these type of things. In order to restore faith in this broken judicial system, the judges must be no just be held to the letter of the law and the rules.

But the moral and ethical foundations from which they were plenty in place in the judicial trust and confidence report it just put it out. There’s a quote from a French novelists to distrust dude issue farce, the beginning of the end of society.

This committee is full stand in the gap by holding judges. They don’t need any more validation, our approval, other. They’re bad actors.

Wait, don’t the numbers in your reports, 1500 cases submitted, and out of that, only 50 I think it was this last year were prosecuted. The numbers just don’t add up. And I think that is a very that’s gonna be the telling thing next year for us.

He really is. I mean, that’s less than 1%. It defies mathematics, so we need our characters upholding constitutional Instead of about our constable statues, you need more than placating reports about public confidence. We need you to help us restore confidence in the judiciary by addressing the systemic problems of justice instead of service level issues. In your capacity as this of this committee, the only thing we can truly has is for you to send a message to the judges through disciplinary action.

And like I said, okay. And so that is my plea. Do you just again stand in the gap for those of us who do not have the ability to correct injustice on our own? Thank you very much for your time here.

Next witness is gone. Bye bye. Yes, thank you. Yes, thank you, sir. I appreciate it. Okay, here we go. Good afternoon. Distinguished commissioners, Mr. Chair and Victim. Parents that have come today. I have been sitting here listening to the testimony so I won’t overburden any of you with information that you’ve already received.

What I would like to do is speak to you about potential solutions to these problems. They are very emotionally charged and very complicated.

And I respect that through my 13 years trapped in family court. I have adapted a formula to effectively track all of these overlay decayed litigating cases, and you probably would be startled to find out that the same 10 7 to 10 professionals just in Travis County Court are always attached to high conflict over litigated family court cases.

I’m only gonna give a brief summary of what I do. It is the docket watch. I copy the daily docket every day and have no for for two years, and I randomly forget me.

Forget I randomly select red flying cases that appear to have the markings of lawsuit abuse or over litigated child custody cases. In December of 2017 alone, I red flagged 15 cases, and I started conducting my own investigations to see a subject or as objectively as I could, what the possible solutions could be.

And what I have determined based on what other states are doing and they have implemented quite successfully, is to introduce and asked the commission to support me in my efforts to independently investigate the red flag cases and present reports to your commission on my findings.

Inside all of the public records information that I gather what I’m finding is very disturbing, for example, and then I’ll close because I’m hoping you’ll ask me questions. And let’s just see.

On an average and Travis County Family Court, there are average of 2000 active divorces every single month in Travis County. In a stark comparison, there are always on active 11,000 child custody modifications that are active every single month just in Travis County alone.

What my goal is is to try to find solution based alternatives to family court over litigation so we can protect the victims and give these Children back their childhood. And with that, if anybody would like to ask me questions, I scrapped my entire speech because I didn’t want Thio.

You never know. That’s regard to take everything. That’s Vince about today. Thank you. Yes, no questions. Okay, I understand. I will submit all of my information, Theo.

Daily docket research that I have been confined compiling for two years. I think you will find very, very interesting. And it is all public record and I can help you. I’m not asking for my I can help navigate you through the formula that I have come up with. That is specifically identifying those cases that are over. And if anybody would like a copy of finding so far and how I am conducting this investigation, I’ll leave my information.

Please. I hope that you contact me because I do have solid evidence and names apart. They’re involved, and we could actually do something. Proactive, sir.

That will help alleviate all of these problems that these families are going through. And still this This take your money. I’m sorry if you like this. Thank you. So Okay.

Thank you, Members. I appreciate it.

Way. Have no further business to conduct. Fine.

So with that, thank you.”














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