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Texan World Order (TWO) Emerges as a New Political Force Raising Concerns Over Liberty and Civil Rights

New Media Agenda: Tucker Carlson and Glenn Beck Join Forces with recently impeached Texas AG Ken Paxton and Donald Trump to Launch TWO.


SEP 22, 2023

Let’s delve into the realm of politics, for it carries profound implications for your civil rights and liberty.

Texan World Order, or “TWO,” has arrived on the scene with a resounding impact.

In an audacious display of power, a staggering $3 million was brazenly funneled to a non-lawyer Judge, and the former talk show luminary, Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick, to orchestrate the political exoneration of Texas’ Godly top attorney, Ken Paxton, from his impending impeachment proceedings.

In the wake of this scandalous maneuver, Paxton now finds himself gracing prearranged interviews with none other than Tucker Carlson and Glenn Beck, both stalwarts representing the New Media Agenda.

But let us sound the alarm regarding the New Media Agenda and TWO’s ominous Mission Statement. What you are witnessing, firsthand, is the meticulously orchestrated ascent of NMA across the sprawling landscape of social media and internet-driven platforms.

In recent years, Texas has become the epicenter of right-wing media influence. With newfound vigor, prominent figures in new media, such as Tucker Carlson and Texas resident Glenn Beck, have thrown their lot in with this renegade Republican coalition, giving birth to TWO in a cacophonous Paxton-Trump media blitz.

The NMA deploys disconcerting ‘misinformation’ campaigns through a web of paid video advertorials, persuasive infomercials, and unmistakably identifiable social media influencer accounts on platforms, including X, formerly known as Twitter, all in a fervent bid to spearhead TWO.

Citizens, take heed, for the looming specter of TWO and the unrelenting reach of NMA possess the potential to significantly impede your civil rights and liberty in forthcoming elections.

Remember this: The actions you choose to take with this knowledge will undeniably shape the future of your families and your nation. Stand vigilant.

Who is Vinh Truong, Real Estate Investor, Motivational Speaker and Self-Claimed Venture Capitalist?

Vinh Truong owns and operates several businesses and websites involved in foreclosures and distressed real estate investment.

3 Years In Litigation: Vinh Truong Sued for Title Deed Fraud Defended by Bandit Lawyer Jeff Jackson

VINH TRUONG has testified that he is one and the same as QUANG V. TRUONG. Yet there is no official filing of a name change in Harris County.

Texas Senator Joan Huffman’s Non-Disclosure and Perjury Swept Away Like AG Paxton’s Mistress

When Texas Senator Joan Huffman knowingly and willfully violated Texas Ethics by failing to disclose her financial interests, that’s perjury.

Hefty Cash Bribes Aimed Towards Lt Gov Dan Patrick’s Gavel in Impeachment Trial of AG Ken Paxton

Presiding over impeachment trial of suspended Attorney General Ken Paxton, Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick receives $3 million cash bribes (donations).

Texas PIA: Open Records Request Litigation Involving Friendswood Police Defended n’ Quashed by Lewis Brisbois

LIT is following up on a story by Wayne Dolcefino and his failed attempts to obtain the body cam footage from Friendswood Police Dept.

Lewis Brisbois Paid at Least $519,000 by Impeached AG Ken Paxton for Report, Despite Glarin’ Conflicts

Neither Paxton’s office nor Lewis Brisbois have any comment on how they handled the apparent conflict, or why Paxton wasn’t interviewed.

Bandit Lawyer Clay Vilt Files C J Charles Stop Foreclosure Auction Lawsuit Early

Robert Clayton Vilts’ Stop Foreclosure Auction Practice is still motoring along, despite a rap sheet as big as Ken Paxton and Nate Paul.

Indicted TX AG Ken Paxton Aims for Settlement of Employees Lawsuit Claimin’ Bribery and Corruption

Mark Penley, David Maxwell and Ryan Vassar — Paxton’s former deputies — asked the Texas Supreme Court to put the whistleblower case on hold.

The Shack’s Showin’ Up in Harris County District Court with His Ten Dollars for the Obey Clan

Lawyer Ray Shackelford has a HAR realtor called Isaac Flores lined up as a buyer, who owns a Texas Corp. called IMA Investments, LLC.

Texan World Order (TWO) Emerges as a New Political Force Raising Concerns Over Liberty and Civil Rights
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