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Fifth Circuit Finds ‘Due to their “Institutional Interest” in Generating Court Revenue the Judges of the Orleans Parish Criminal District Court “failed to provide a neutral forum”

432 Views August 31, 2019 Be first to comment justicefortexas

Federal investigators further concluded that the city’s obsession with collecting revenue through fines and fees “compromised the institutional character of Ferguson’s police department, contributing to a pattern of unconstitutional…

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Leading Texas Law Firm Baker Botts Slams Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit’s Erroneous Decision in Law and Demands Correction; Let’s See if they Have More Joy than Hagens Berman Who Were Also Treated Unfairly

587 Views August 10, 2019 Be first to comment justicefortexas

“Uncorrected, the 5th circuit panel opinion will substantially undermine receivership courts’ ability to protect estate property in this circuit, presenting an issue of exceptional importance,” Sadler and Powers state…

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