Erick DeLaRue

Rogue Lawyer Erick DeLaRue is Representing Thief and Convicted Felon David Soliz in Two Conflicting Court Cases

This Texas ‘foreclosure defense’ lawyer should be called Erick DeLaRogue as his client stole $200k from non-citizens or illegal aliens.

Soliz v. PHH Mortgage Corporation


District Court, S.D. Texas, Judge Lynn Hughes

NOV 7, 2022 | REPUBLISHED BY LIT: NOV 11, 2022




OCT 7, 2022 | REPUBLISHED BY LIT: OCT 10, 2022




SEP 14, 2022 | REPUBLISHED BY LIT: SEP 15, 2022

Rogue lawyer Erick Delarue knew that David Soliz stole $200k from two rent to buy victims he signed a sales contract with on this residential property. DeLaRue knew Soliz has a delinquent mortgage on the property and clearly knew PHH Ocwen were foreclosing, as he is the lawyer in the case below, defending Soliz in an lawsuit commenced by the scammed tenants/buyers and their counsel.

Is PHH aware of this?

Did Soliz disclose on the original loan this was a rental home and again in the loan modification applications?

Both the Fort Bend main residence and the Harris County residential property were purchased/inherited in 2005.

Has Soliz disclosed his criminal convictions on any loan modification or loan applications since the purchase of these homes?

The Soliz Residence; 16 Fosters Ct Sugar Land TX 77479




JUN 14, 2022 | REPUBLISHED BY LIT: SEP 15, 2022

Mario Gonzalez and Teresa Uyoa signed a sales contract to purchase the property at 530 W Bertrand St Houston TX 77037 for $238K. They gave Soliz $196K down-payment and have paid more than $200k before realizing the home is in foreclosure and Soliz scammed them out of their ‘life savings’.

DeLaRue is representing Soliz in the defense of this case.

The Soliz Rent to Buy Property (in foreclosure) ; 530 W Bertrand St Houston TX 77037

David Salinas Soliz and Leticia Soliz


United States Bankruptcy Court, S.D. Texas, Judge Jeffrey Norman

MAY 25, 2018 | REPUBLISHED BY LIT: SEP 15, 2022

Soliz v. State

No. 01-20-00192-CR

(Tex. App. Aug. 17, 2021)

AUG 17, 2021 | REPUBLISHED BY LIT: SEP 15, 2022

After appellant, David S. Soliz, without agreed punishment recommendations from the State, pleaded guilty to the felony offenses of insurance fraud and forgery of a commercial instrument, the trial court assessed appellant’s punishment at confinement for two years for each offense, suspended the sentences, placed appellant on community supervision for five years for each offense, and ordered that appellant pay $2,200 in restitution related to the insurance fraud offense.

In three issues, appellant contends that the trial court erred in denying his motion to withdraw his guilty pleas, his trial counsel provided him with ineffective assistance of counsel, and the record does not support the trial court’s restitution order.

We modify the portion of trial court’s judgment in trial court cause number 1560682, titled, “Terms of Plea Bargain,” to delete “2 YEARS STJ PROBATED 5 YEARS AND RESTITUTION FEE,” and we modify the portion of the trial court’s judgment in trial court cause number 1560683 titled, “Terms of Plea Bargain,” to delete 2 YEARS STJ PROBATED FOR 5 YEARS.” See TEX. R. APP. P.

We affirm the judgments of the trial court as modified.



(Court 080)

OCT 21, 2015 | REPUBLISHED BY LIT: SEP 15, 2022

This is how David S. Soliz mind works, like a fraudster and criminal that he is.

Soliz v. State,

No. 14-99-01095-CR

(Tex. App. Oct. 28, 2003)

OCT 28, 2003 | REPUBLISHED BY LIT: SEP 15, 2022

David Salinas Soliz found guilty of PERJURY. $500 fine and one year suspended jail sentence.

LIT’s Foreclosure Scam Squad Series: CCTX and Jason A. LeBoeuf Continue their Thievin’ in Open Court

Christian Consultants of Texas is owned by Kevin Pawlowski, an insurance broker. This latest lawsuit is related to another case on LIT.

Real Estate Investor Susan K. Peterson Hires Bandit Lawyer Erick DeLaRogue to Stop Foreclosure

It’s tell a story time by DeLaRue, who submits the complaint without any supporting docs and the story timeline conflicts with public records.

Pro Se Curtis Cole Assigned to Harris County Judge Ursula Hall in this Wrongful Foreclosure Lawsuit

The last time LIT saw Curtis Cole was in February of 2022, when he was represented by Bandit Lawyer Erick DeLaRue. That didn’t end well.

Rogue Lawyer Erick DeLaRue is Representing Thief and Convicted Felon David Soliz in Two Conflicting Court Cases
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