Residential Mortgage Consultant Christopher Wyatt Defends HOA Foreclosure Action

Chris Wyatt’s removed federal foreclosure with PHH Mortgage was continued when he filed a now dismissed bankruptcy. It’s dismissed.


Apr. 18, 2024

There are two articles discussing foreclosure attempts on Wyatt’s residential property.

The summary below pertains to the main case, which ultimately led to the creation of this article when the stop foreclosure litigation was stayed due to Wyatt’s bankruptcy, and after nearly 16 months post bankruptcy, dismissed with prejudice.

In short, this article and case is distinct as it involves the only pending foreclosure by the homeowner association.

On Jun. 5, 2022 Wyatt sued PHH et al in Harris County District Court to stop a non judicial foreclosure.

On Jun 7, 2022 Wyatt filed for bankruptcy protection in SDTX.

On Jun. 27, 2022, AVT appeared and answered via the Wolves and PHH appeared and answered via Locke Lord – who snap removed the case to federal court, with Wyatt also filing notice of Bankruptcy on the same day.

Power Default, a party to the proceedings during removal doesn’t give consent, but the notice of removal by Lord purports it can do so anyway – and where they also erroneously state that AVT has not been served, but clearly that is not true.

On July 29, 2022, after snap removal by Locke Lord of this “by the debtor” case, and subsequent appearance by Mark Cronenwett as lead counsel along with Nick Frame for the wolves, as counsel for AVT Title Services, LLC, Judge Hoyt released an ORDER STAYING THE REMOVED CASE.

On Nov. 25, 2022 the bankruptcy case is closed.

On March 20, 2024, some 481 days from the start date to the end date, but not including the end date.

Or 1 year, 3 months, 24 days excluding the end date.

Or 15 months, 24 days excluding the end date.

Judge Hoyt dismisses the case after the parties agree to dismissal with prejudice.

In the interim, on Apr. 15, 2024, the HOA files for summary judgment, but the notice is deficient and will need corrected.


How is it that Wyatt avoided non judicial foreclosure by PHH/AVT as soon as the bankruptcy ended, and avoided it for nearly 16 months?

Why did the Catholic Bandit and the Lords’ not prosecute zealously for their client(s)?

Why do they only persecute 85 year old widows?


Judicial and Legal Corruption.

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APR 10, 2023 | REPUBLISHED BY LIT: AUG 4, 2023
AUG. 16, 22, OCT 3 18, NOV 1, 2023
APR 18 19, 2024

Case on “Holt” – Summary Judgment, kinda…

On Apr. 15, 2024 a motion for summary judgment was filed, but there’s an error in the notice of submission and set for Jun. 24, 2024 – which will need to be corrected by the HOA lawyers first….

Last Visit/Update by LIT

Apr 19 Update: There you go, a non-lawyer and legal blogger who knows local rules assists lawyers in correcting a hearing which could have been passed and/or contested as parties incorrectly identified – without providing legal advice – just noticing the law firm counsel who clearly reviewed and acted upon LIT’s email and submitted a corrected notice.

The question is, does that email make LIT “in privity” with the HOA and Holt?

Maybe y’all can answer that, because it appears today that in all proceedings and events leading to home ownership and subsequent foreclosure actions, even the auctioneers can sue to foreclose a home in Harris County District Court.


We’ve been updating this slow-movin’ HOA case involving Wyatt, and see y’all just filed for summary judgment.

That stated, there’s an error in the notice of submission which has been set for Jun. 24, 2024, and this will need to be corrected by the HOA lawyers first…

We’ve also added a few interested parties to this email thread, in case they wish to read and comment on LIT’s latest update.

Rest assure, we’ll check back later and update this high profile case on LIT accordingly.

Y’all have a great day.

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Residential Mortgage Consultant Christopher Wyatt Defends HOA Foreclosure Action
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