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President Biden Seeks to Improve Access to Justice and LIT Chimes Into the Conversation

President Biden’s executive action is to reinvigorate the federal government’s role in advancing access to justice.


LIT suggests the cost barriers for civil litigants in courts today are not just limited to low-income households. The fact is that lawyer hourly billing rates are generally 6x or so that of the average income earner.

For example, $100k annual salary seems comfortable right, but that averages out to $48.08 per hr. The average billing rate for a lower range lawyer is about $250 per hr and a paralegal or associate about $125 per hr so meld them together and for a small legal team to represent you is already going to have you empty your savings or 401k  to pay the fees if the litigation goes on for a period of time, which is commonplace. If your case is more complex, then law firms will want to add more lawyers onto the case or a partner to oversee, and generally their rates at the low end would easily be $650 plus per hr.

So the issue is not only about low income, it’s about lawyers billing rates and setting rates or providing fixed fee solutions that litigants can afford.

For example, Goodwin Procter — a firm that came in at No. 23 on the latest Am Law 100 ranking, generated $1,486,263,000 gross revenue in 2020. That’s right nearly $1.5 Billion dollars.

Courts should not be restricted to those with deep pockets or corporations, access to justice should not be a premium service, but that is exactly how it is today.

Biden takes executive action to boost legal services for low-income Americans

MAY 18, 2021 | REPUBLISHED BY LIT: MAY 19, 2021

Washington — President Biden took executive action Tuesday to boost access to legal services and the legal system for low-income Americans after government-led initiatives largely went dormant during the Trump administration.

Mr. Biden’s presidential memorandum is the latest step taken by his administration to advance racial equity and joins his requested $1.5 billion for grants to bolster state and local criminal justice systems, including for public defenders. His action also comes nearly a year after the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis, which sparked protests against racial injustice and federal efforts to reform policing.

“The federal government has a critical role to play in expanding access to the nation’s legal system and supporting the work of civil legal aid providers and public defenders,” the White House said in a fact sheet detailing the memorandum.

“President Biden’s executive action today will reinvigorate the federal government’s role in advancing access to justice, and help ensure that the Administration’s policies and recovery efforts can reach as many individuals as possible.”

Through his executive action, Mr. Biden directed Attorney General Merrick Garland to submit a plan within 120 days to expand the Justice Department’s work on access to justice. While the Justice Department under the Obama administration opened the Office for Access to Justice in 2010 to expand and improve access to lawyers and legal assistance.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions effectively shut down the office in 2018.

Garland is expected to issue his own memorandum Tuesday indicating the Justice Department’s efforts to increase access to legal resources will begin immediately.

Mr. Biden’s memorandum also re-establishes the White House Legal Aid Interagency Roundtable, which was launched in 2012 and formally established in 2015 by then-President Barack Obama. The roundtable is designed to raise awareness across the federal government of how civil legal aid advances federal objectives and improve access to justice.

Among the legal challenges the roundtable is set to address are those posed by the coronavirus pandemic, the White House said.

The pandemic “has further exposed and exacerbated inequities in our justice system, as courts and legal service providers have been forced to curtail in-person operations, often without the resources or technology to offer remote-access or other safe alternatives,” the memorandum states.

“These access limitations have compounded the effects of other harms wrought by the pandemic. These problems have touched the lives of many persons in this country, particularly low-income people and people of color.”

Since Mr. Biden took office, his administration has leveraged the authority of the federal government to advance criminal justice initiatives and address racial inequity.

The Justice Department opened civil investigations into the Minneapolis and Louisville Metro Police Departments following the deaths of Floyd and Breonna Taylor, respectively, by law enforcement.

Four former Minneapolis police officers were also indicted on federal civil rights charges for their role in Floyd’s death, while three Georgia men were charged with federal hate crimes for the 2020 killing of Ahmaud Arbery.

This List of North Texas PPP Recipients Supports the Finding: Law Firms are Abusing Financial Aid Intended for Small Struggling Businesses

You take $10 million, you slice that up by $100,000, that could have helped a lot of small businesses keep workers on their payrolls and that’s not what happened.

Boies Schiller Flexner LLP Take $10 Million from PPP and then Hand Out $20k Bonuses to New Starts, Who Ain’t Started Yet.

Boies Schiller & Flexner announced bank breaking bonuses that everyone at the biglaw firm is excited about. They also took a $10M PPP loan.

A New Question of Immunity for the Fifth Circuit Who Protect Lawyers at All Costs; Can a District Attorney Create Fake Documents Too or is that Only Sanctioned for Foreclosure Lawyers to Throw People Out of their Homes?

Federal judge Jane Triche Milazzo threw out the prosecutors’ claims of absolute immunity, noting that it never was intended to bless systematic fraud, and that where a prosecutor has side-stepped the judicial process, he has forfeited the protections the law afford those who work within the process.It’s notable that 36 former prosecutors, attorneys general, and justice officials have joined us to agree that Cannizzaro’s use of fraudulent subpoenas was a gross miscarriage of justice that does not deserve immunity.

President Biden Seeks to Improve Access to Justice and LIT Chimes Into the Conversation
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