Plan B: Hire a Legal Bandit to Stave Off Foreclosure in Dallas, Texas

Plan B Dev. Owner and CPA, John Miller crunched numbers and options and his Plan B along with Joyce: Hire a Legal Bandit to Stop Home Auction





MAR 21, 2024 | REPUBLISHED BY LIT: MAR 28, 2024
FEB 5, 2024

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Goal: To work in a high energy, collaborative setting.

Extremely broad range of knowledge & experiences.

Financial background (CPA) has served as a solid foundation for logical decisions and thought process. This was applied to development process as well as litigation assistance/support.

Entrepreneurial skills and experience, self employed or business co-owner since 1993. Many successes and some painful defeats. One can learn from both.

Experienced business development, marketing and sales professional to Fortune 500 clients in consultative telecommunications, computer system and software industries. A proven track record for business development, multi-level relationship building, customer retention and contract negotiations in a team setting. Ability to identify, focus and execute priorities to achieve results with complex clients.

Vice President

Plan B Development

Dallas TX

“ Your greatest weakness
can become your greatest strength.”

The name Plan B was chosen for several reasons. It always pays to be looking ahead. If what you are doing isn’t producing the desired result, then what to do? In real estate development, as well as in many areas of life, things rarely go exactly as planned. Plan B signifies being flexible and able to use a different approach when necessary.

Plan B’s primary focus is the redevelopment and adaptive reuse of historic properties for distinctive loft apartments and commercial spaces. The company targets buildings that have little remaining economic life but that possess rich historic character and qualities suitable for an adaptive reuse. In other words, properties ready for their “Plan B” usage. Typically, these properties are located in neighborhoods near the urban core that have fallen on hard times. The barriers for a successful redevelopment can be great. The utilization of various development subsidies is often essential in overcoming the increased costs and mitigating the development risks.

The difficulty of redeveloping an older historic building in an area that has seen little new investment eventually becomes an asset. The same barriers to entry that, in the beginning, make our development difficult to bring to fruition also exist for other developers. The same is not true in many of the suburban locations that are today’s darlings for the herd of real estate developers. Our developments assist in the revitalization of its’ neighborhood. However, it is rare that overbuilding occurs. Instead, the neighborhood experiences a steady and rewarding growth. Further, it is rare for a historic building to be perfect for its new use. As a result, its sense of place is unique. Sometimes quirky. It is not a cookie-cutter type building that may exist many times over around the corner and down the street. Residents and commercial tenants readily embrace the feel of something different and unique.

John W. Miller is the principal shareholder of Plan B. His varied background includes spending a year in Brazil as a Rotary Exchange Student, as well as audit and tax assignments in public accounting and working for other developers. A CPA since 1977, John has also worked in loan workouts during the S&L crisis. In 1995 he purchased his first redevelopment project as a principal.

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Plan B: Hire a Legal Bandit to Stave Off Foreclosure in Dallas, Texas
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