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New Lawsuit Confirms Curry Town Investors and Landlords Turnin’ Harris County Into a Slum

Visiting Google Maps, the confirmation of the facts in the petition are hard to ignore, just look at the lot beside the car luxury dealer.

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MAY 11, 2023 | REPUBLISHED BY LIT: MAY 12, 2023
MAY 12, JUN 12, AUG. 3, OCT 19, 2023

This case is dead. It should be DWOP’d.

Above is the date LIT Last updated this article.



New Curry Town Slumlord case.

Service issued…

Infinity Interests, L.P. filed as a Domestic Limited Partnership (LP) in the State of Texas on Tuesday, September 5, 2000 and is approximately twenty-three years old, according to public records filed with Texas Secretary of State.

Cole Development Co., LLC filed as a Domestic Limited Liability Company (LLC) in the State of Texas on Tuesday, September 5, 2000 and is approximately twenty-three years old, according to public records filed with Texas Secretary of State.

Raj Natarajan built a 15 single family home property management company into a national asset management company managing over $20 billion of failed real estate portfolio for financial institutions and government entities in the 1980s by creating a major industry disruption. The key ingredient to his success was to strategically position the company in the market, and capture business opportunities by offering free development of detailed asset plans to build long term mutually beneficial partnership relationship with the clients. This was accomplished by developing an efficient and simple logistical process for expansion, empowering his working partners and often resulted in delivering higher net present value to clients than specified in the original asset plans.

Over the last 25 years, Raj built a personal multi-million USD global real estate portfolio without any debt and investor funds, by using the human and capital resources effectively while positioning his projects in a unique market niche with timeless designs, quality construction and superlative customer service.

Raj’s holds an MS in Chemical Engineering and MBA in Finance from the University of Missouri. As an outsider to the real estate industry, he has succeeded by using common sense, always thinking outside the box, and then consulting with real estate experts to create the best possible solutions.

He has a great desire to bring his proven expertise to innovative and scalable companies in the USA, India and New Zealand, as their long-term partner, coach and mentor and empower them to become global organizations.

Raj Natarajan Jr has 15 years of experience operating across 4 continents and has been responsible for projects in the Real Estate, Hospitality and Information Technology sectors. He has a deep understanding of operations from the frontline to management and brings a solution driven orientation to the scaling of enterprises.

He grew up steeped in the family business of Real Estate Asset Management and Development and could punch out a house by the ages of 10. He currently holds key management positions with family owned companies such as Raj Development Corporation, Mint Homes, Earth Data Solutions, Earth Data Surveying, Earth Data Engineering and is responsible for providing support and guidance for operations and IT.

In addition, he provides operational continuity for all new ventures. In 2005, Raj was tasked with diversifying operations and spearheaded an expansion into India. This was the firms first overseas project and included the acquisition of land, creation of operating infrastructure, and the construction of a multi-unit residential project. As a company committed to “Quality and Integrity without Compromise”, he had to navigate the challenges of operating ethically in a country where majority of the real estate business is done in a corrupt environment marked by bribes and black money. The first project, The Retreat in Coimbatore won 2012-2013 International Property Award as the best multi-unit project in the Asia Pacific region competing with the best projects from 23 countries. His hard won experience of maintaining transparent and ethical business practices while operating in complex varied situations has provided invaluable insight about how to scale globally with integrity.

Additionally, over five years he worked his way up to Vice President of Earth Data Solutions, a firm offering GIS, civil engineering and surveying in Houston, and in the process learned the planning, engineering design and infrastructure development required to develop land. During this time, Raj oversaw the successful implementation of enterprise wide IT systems, to support the development of a GIS platform, that was first licensed and then eventually spun off, and profitably sold.

Currently, Raj is overseeing the development of 36 acres into 250 residential lots and the development of 9 acres into 86 townhome lots in Houston, as well as managing real estate assets in Croatia and India. He is actively developing plans for low to zero carbon building methodologies, as well as models for the construction and financing of affordable housing. Further, he has built a team in India under Vaithianadan Information Solutions that offers BPO, IT support services, and software development to offshore firms.


DBA Progressive Autosports

All About and Curry Town lawyer Jeff Jackson Visiting Judge David Hittner in Federal Court

Its the real estate theft by All About who’ve arrived from India and buying up all the giveaway real estate they can from Texas auctioneers.

What Happened When Curry Town Arig Inc aka Kafi Went to Gumbo5 With Bandit Lawyer Jeffrey Jackson?

Property at Risk, 1104 W Tri Oaks Lane No. 119 Houston, TX 77043 Put on the Market Immediately After Fifth Cir. Opinion drops.

After 2 Default Judgments One of the Lewis’s Comes Out of Hiding to Fight Wells Fargo

Shysha Lewis puts on her big girl pants and files to stop Wells Fargo foreclosure with the Curry Town Law Firm of Jeffrey Jackson LLP.

New Lawsuit Confirms Curry Town Investors and Landlords Turnin’ Harris County Into a Slum
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