Nevada Supreme Court’s Deliberate Blunder in Thunder

A Foreclosure Sale Does NOT Start the Statute Of Limitations Clock according to the majority of justices on the Nevada Supreme Court.


Nevada Supreme Court

FEB 3, 2022 | REPUBLISHED BY LIT: FEB 3, 2022

A Foreclosure Sale Does NOT Start the Statute Of Limitations Clock….

Dissenting (in part):

“The answers the majority gives to the Ninth Circuit’s questions do not meet these criteria.

In the first place, the majority’s opinion is impermissibly advisory — it opines that all of the Bank’s claims are subject to the four-year catch-all statute of limitations in NRS 11.220 but then holds that the HOA foreclosure sale did not start the clock running on any of them.”

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Aiding and abetting is a legal doctrine related to the guilt of someone who aids or abets another person in the commission of a crime.

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Assignment of the claims back to Petitioners was the only solution to avoid the untenable position of an Indenture Trustee suing itself.

Misappropriation of Client Funds by Attorney Doesn’t Warrant Suspension Sayeth Nevada Supreme Court

Contrary to the State Bar’s argument, the testimony supports the panel’s finding that personal or emotional problems apply here.

Nevada Supreme Court’s Deliberate Blunder in Thunder
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