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LIT’s Real Scumbag Series: Sanctioned Texas Attorney George Oggero Becomes Bandit Lawyer Erick DeLaRogue

It’s pass the parcel between Bandit foreclosure defense lawyers, aka ten dollar title deed scammers, as Texas Attorney George Oggero appears.


NOV 29, 2022

Rule 91 – Special Exceptions Sayeth

A special exception shall not only point out the particular pleading excepted to, but it shall also point out intelligibly and with particularity the defect, omission, obscurity, duplicity, generality, or other insufficiency in the allegations in the pleading excepted to. Tex. R. Civ. P. 91

Rambo Litigation Blanked by the Wolves and the Courts

Apparently Rule 91 is the new standard in 2022 for sanctions and bar referral when faced with bandit legal colleagues on the opposing side.

Here, we have the legal foreclosure mill of Mackie Wolf and their lawyers, who have read the Texas Lawyer’s Creed and the Texas Disciplinary Rules of Professional Conduct but refuse to enforce it. They are obliged to report misconduct as described by LIT in this article. It’s mandatory.

The Missing Document on the Docket

Where’s the Special Exceptions document to go with the proposed order re Rule 91, explaining the reasoning this case should be dismissed? We’ve reached out to Mackie Wolf for a copy.


Nov 28, 2022

Proposed Order of Dismissal – Special Exceptions


CAME ON TO BE CONSIDERED the Special Exceptions filed by Defendant Reverse Mortgage Funding, LLC (“Defendant”).

Having considered Defendant’s Special Exceptions, the Response thereto, and the argument of counsel, the Court determines that they should be sustained.

IT IS THEREFORE ORDERED, ADJUDGE AND DECREED that Defendant’s Special Exceptions are sustained and the claims brought in this suit are hereby dismissed.

This is a final judgment that fully and finally disposes of all parties and claims and it may be appealed.

Costs are taxed against Plaintiff.


SIGNED on                                                                   , 2022.


Automated Certificate of eService

This automated certificate of service was created by the efiling system. The filer served this document via email generated by the efiling system on the date and to the persons listed below. The rules governing certificates of service have not changed. Filers must still provide a certificate of service that complies with all applicable rules.

Alma Cruz on behalf of Nicholas Frame Bar No. 24093448 Envelope ID: 70481684

Status as of 11/28/2022 1:42 PM CST

Case Contacts

Name BarNumber Email TimestampSubmitted Status
Mark D. Cronenwett 11/28/2022 1:35:21 PM SENT
Vanee Alfred 11/28/2022 1:35:21 PM SENT
Alma Cruz 11/28/2022 1:35:21 PM SENT
Nicholas Frame 11/28/2022 1:35:21 PM SENT
Susan Taplin 11/28/2022 1:35:21 PM SENT




NOV 1, 2022 | REPUBLISHED BY LIT: NOV 2, 2022
Nov 11, 2022

No movement since this fraudulent filing was submitted by sanctioned lawyer and real scumbag George Oggero.


Stanley Abbott Jr takes over from Antoinette [Rojas]

She must be tending to the wounded from the scary night before

No Exhibits, No Affidavits. Nothin’. Just a Frivolous Lawsuit by a Vexatious Texas Lawyer.

A frivolous lawsuit where the court and/or the State Bar of Texas should hit Oggero with more probated suspension time…(that’s all they hand out in Texas for criminals masqueradin’ as lawyers).

LIT’s Foreclosure Scam Squad Series: CCTX and Jason A. LeBoeuf Continue their Thievin’ in Open Court

Christian Consultants of Texas is owned by Kevin Pawlowski, an insurance broker. This latest lawsuit is related to another case on LIT.

Real Estate Investor Susan K. Peterson Hires Bandit Lawyer Erick DeLaRogue to Stop Foreclosure

It’s tell a story time by DeLaRue, who submits the complaint without any supporting docs and the story timeline conflicts with public records.

Pro Se Curtis Cole Assigned to Harris County Judge Ursula Hall in this Wrongful Foreclosure Lawsuit

The last time LIT saw Curtis Cole was in February of 2022, when he was represented by Bandit Lawyer Erick DeLaRue. That didn’t end well.

LIT’s Real Scumbag Series: Sanctioned Texas Attorney George Oggero Becomes Bandit Lawyer Erick DeLaRogue
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