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List of Licensed Process Servers in Texas 2023

Service of process is usually executed by a sheriff, constable, or other person authorized by law to serve process in Texas.

Texas Office of Court Administration

JBCC Online Certification, Registration & Licensing System

Judicial Branch Certification System (JBCC)


You can search for current Texas Process Servers online and/or download an excel spreadsheet based on your search. LIT is providing a full list for Texas but you can search by more specific criteria to narrow the results and download that search result accordingly. For example, here’s the List of Process Servers in Harris County (2023).

Eighth Circuit Choice Sparks Outrage: Violent Criminal’s Rights Prevail as Elderly Citizen Denied Justice

Fairness in Federal Judiciary’s Service and Remand Orders Questioned as Eighth Circuit Asserts Robber’s Rights Trump Elderly Citizen’s Needs.

Service of Process on Texas Bar and Continuances Before Judge Alfred H. Bennett

Attorney Rich Robins has e-mailed different lawyers at the Texas Bar re Service of Process, but he has not received any response from them.

Proof of Service – or Lack Thereof – in Texas Federal Courts

Failure to effect proper service of process within 90-day period per FRCP 4(m), Court must dismiss the action without prejudice.

List of Licensed Process Servers in Texas 2023
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