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Josh Fuller, Kevin Bierwirth and Bandit Lawyer James Minerve Drop Into Harris County Court 165

Josh Fuller is a Real Estate Investor in Ft Worth and Kevin Bierwirth a Notary Public who’s Notorious as a Vexatious Litigant in Texas.

202314624 –


 (Court 165, JUDGE URSULA A. HALL)

MAR 7, 2023 | REPUBLISHED BY LIT: MAR 8, 2023
APR 19, MAY 11, MAY 24, JUN 21, 2023

 Judge, does Bandit Minerve get to walk away without sanctions? – no need to answer that question – just file your signed order per usual

APR 19, MAY 11, MAY 24, 2023

No Standin’ Room in the Court, or is there – Judge?

MAR. 18, 2023

Outlaw and Admonished Judge Hall extends TRO to 30th March, 2023.

The Petition to stop foreclosure claims there’s $80k equity in the home but Zillow has it listed at $160k.

The mortgage payoff is allegedly $158k.

There’s also the omission of the fact there’s at least one other lien on the property for appx $11k.

DEBT Sub total without legal fees or other incidentals; $169k.

The alleged purchase price is $178k.

Based on the mortgage and liens, this would mean Josh Fuller is losin’ thousands if he HAD purchased the home instead of writing up a worthless sales contract.

Hi everyone! My name is Joshua Fuller. I’ve been in Real Estate since 2011. I started my real estate career once I completed my service within the United States Army. I’m proud to have served multiple tours of Airborne Infantry service overseas. Now I’m happy to be back from my duty station of Anchorage Alaska, helping my fellow Texans!

Before Starting, This Veteran Buys Houses, I owned and managed my own construction company and Landscaping company. Being an entrepreneur enabled me to really understand construction and repair costs and the work and the time that goes into repairing or remodeling a house.

I’ve worked with contractors from all over the DFW area and found it to be a challenge to find contractors that can truly be trusted. Now I focus on helping sellers who want to avoid dealing with contractors and the remodeling process.

What I like most about our This Veteran Buys Houses team is giving Veterans and First responders a place where we are all welcome and free to start serving our community again.

To have a career that lets us serve and be a part of a brotherhood like most of us look for after our time in service. Helping homeowners sell their house with dignity, respect, and a fair offer.

Helping others is what it’s all about! I also love being involved in the remodeling process. Many of our clients’ love seeing the completed project of their old properties! It’s a satisfying and fulfilling process for all involved!

He’s doin’ a lot of miles on the road from Austin. He’s back in Houston to execute this affidavit.

Bierwirth is also known to obtain signatures from the dead.

Bandit James Minerve Lies: Ancillary Judge Cory Sepolio’s $100 TRO Bond Stops Foreclosure

Jacobo Cordova’s water-damaged residence at 6 Heritage Court, Houston, a property valued at $830,000 was facing a March foreclosure auction.

Agreeing to Foreclosure for 14 Years, Felicia Oliver Ain’t Quiverin’ About Deutsche Bank, PHH or the Wolves

With non-contested judicial orders of foreclosure in 2010, 2013 and 2019, the property is still owned in Feb. 2024, by Oliver and Williams.

Harris County Foreclosure Lawsuits Involving Idaho Housing and Finance Association

Why has Judge Fredericka Phillips have such an interest in Idaho Housing and Finance Assoc foreclosures from assignment to TRO hearings?

Josh Fuller, Kevin Bierwirth and Bandit Lawyer James Minerve Drop Into Harris County Court 165
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