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It’s Another Corrupt Judicial WhiteOut. This time In New Hampshire and Where the AG is On Both Sides.

Nashua Circuit Court Judge Julie Introcaso faces criminal charges of falsifying physical evidence, tampering with public records and an unsworn falsification.

Judge who allegedly altered document resigns in agreement reached with Judicial Conduct Committee

The option to resign rather than face discipline is corruption at its core. There needs to be new rules and laws enacted to prevent this from being an option. Misbehavin’ judges should be held accountable for their misdeeds.

Feb 17, 2021 | REPUBLISHED BY LIT: FEB 16, 2021

CONCORD — The Nashua judge facing criminal charges involving whiting out court records resigned her position on Tuesday, the day before a multi-day hearing was to begin on violations of judicial ethics.

Nashua Circuit Court Judge Julie Introcaso did not contest the numerous ethics violations listed against her, according to an agreement she reached with the Judicial Conduct Committee. Introcaso has been a judge for nine years.

The JCC, which would have conducted the hearing, posted the settlement agreement on its website Wednesday.

In the agreement, Introcaso states she desires to resolve the charges without a hearing and therefore signed the agreement.

Her lawyer, former Attorney General Michael Delaney, said Introcaso won’t comment because the matter is pending before the JCC and is subject to Supreme Court review.

The agreement does not resolve criminal charges. Last week, acting Attorney General Jane Young announced that Introcaso, 56, was being charged with five crimes. The charges allege that Introcaso whited out an order she wrote in a parenting case once she learned that authorities were investigating a complaint against her by a party in the case.

Introcaso had been on leave since Jan. 21. Once she was arrested, court officials stopped paying her $165,000 annual salary.

The Bedford resident faces criminal charges of falsifying physical evidence, tampering with public records and an unsworn falsification.

The JCC issued formal complaints against Introcaso in October after one of the parties in a parenting case, Robin Partello, complained to the JCC.

Partello has claimed that Introcaso had appointed a friend as the guardian ad litem in the case and issued rulings that favored the friend.

According to the charges, Introcaso knew she was under investigation by the JCC and applied white-out to two orders she issued in the Partello case.

The white-out would have obscured her decision that allowed the fees to the guardian ad litem to exceed a fee cap and whether Apple Pay could be used to cover the fees.

The JCC said a summary of the case will eventually be filed with the New Hampshire Supreme Court. That has not been filed yet, the court system said.

LIT comment: So they expedited her resignation without even writing up the summary, that’s shocking, alarming and should void the agreement.

Judge Edith Jones Avers Judge Lynn Hughes Did Not Ridicule the Complainants or Their Claims in Any Way.

LIT has seen Judge Lynn Hughes reversed twice at the Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit in early 2021 and also the cases reassigned. Here’s what happened a decade ago when the Burkes complained about Hughes.

Senior Slap Down: Judge Lynn Hughes Bias Demands Reassignment Says Sr. Judge Grady Jolly

Because the sentencing judge seems immovable from his views of the sentence he imposed, and because the judge displayed bias against the government and its lawyers, we sua sponte reassign this case to a different judge.

Price Doesn’t Meet the High Standards Needed for a Pro Se Coming Before the Court, Sayeth the Fifth Circuit

What’s interesting here is Stanley Price complained about lower court Judge Vance, who was succeeded, albeit temporarily, by Judge Engelhardt who sat on the latest CA5 appeal.

It’s Another Corrupt Judicial WhiteOut. This time In New Hampshire and Where the AG is On Both Sides.
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