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Houston Lawyer William ‘Bill’ Ramey Cleared by Grand Jury in High Profile Case

This is a victory for the real victims of sexual assault struggling to find justice in the legal system says Houston lawyer William Ramey.

Houston Grand Jury Finds No Probable Cause to Prosecute William Ramey After Assault Allegation by Former Paralegal

NOV 8, 2021 | REPUBLISHED BY LIT: NOV 10, 2021

November 8, 2021, Houston, Tx.: Former Ramey & Schwaller, LLP paralegal Elizabeth Williams alleged William Ramey assaulted her in a civil claim filed August 26, 2020 after an incident in 2018. Ramey instead claims Williams fell while alone in the office after hours, causing injuries to her face. Williams filed a police report alleging a sexual attack 11 days after the disputed incident and six days after her lawyer sent a letter to Ramey demanding to settle the claim for an amount later made at $3.5 million dollars.

Ramey has consistently denied all claims made against him by Williams. He has alleged in counterclaims that Williams’ purpose for the sexual assault accusation and her subsequent civil lawsuit is to achieve monetary gain through the threat of ruining his reputation in the legal industry.

“This is a victory for the real victims of sexual assault struggling to find justice in the legal system,” says William Ramey. “The Grand Jury thoroughly investigated this case and found no probable cause of any attempted sexual assault against Ms. Williams. In cases like this, both sides must be heard and baseless claims must be dismissed so that real victims can find vindication. I have fought to ensure the truth comes out no matter how many times Ms. Williams’ attorneys demanded that I pay her money to make this all go away.”

On December 30, 2020, William Ramey filed a response to Elizabeth Williams’ civil claim and a declaration providing evidence Williams first told everyone she fell, causing her own injuries. It was only after Williams retained a plaintiff’s attorney, Kell Simon, that she demanded money in exchange for not making the accusations that she had been sexually assaulted to the police, according to allegations in pleadings in the case. Ramey alleges when Williams’ demands for money were denied, she made a police report alleging sexual assault, but even in that police report she told the police she didn’t know how she got injured.

William Ramey filed counter civil claims on October 6, 2020 saying the allegations made by Elizabeth Williams are false and have damaged him and his Firm. In response, Williams filed a motion to dismiss Ramey’s counter claim under the TCPA or anti-SLAPP statute on October 22, claiming Ramey’s counterclaims are a restriction on her exercise of the rights to free speech, however in March of 2021 the trial judge denied Williams’ motion and allowed Ramey’s counterclaims to continue.


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Houston Lawyer William ‘Bill’ Ramey Cleared by Grand Jury in High Profile Case
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