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Harris County Judge Tami Craft Caught Defaming a Lawyer in Good Standing With State Bar of Texas

Texas Lawyer “Andy Taylor is a real clown and I will forever recuse myself from ALL cases that he files…He’s a disgrace to the entire Bar”.


JAN 25, 2023

On Dec. 11, 2023, LIT’s founder, Mark Burke, filed a motion to disqualify Judge Tamika Craft-Demming, aka Tami Craft.

She had 3 days to decide – mandatory rule. Craft failed to do anything, rather blanking the motion. Thereafter, she went on a tirade of retaliatory acts.

First, the court refused to accept the filing, claiming the exhibits had to be renamed. Mark refused, citing to prior examples of naming convention for exhibits accepted by the court. The court would then rename all exhibits as “Exhibit”.

Then on Dec. 27, 2023 she’d be the assigned ancillary judge for party Joanna Burke in her request for a TRO in case; 202386973 – BURKE, JOANNA vs. DEUTSCHE BANK NATIONAL TRUST COMPANY (Court 011). At the oral hearing she DENIED the TRO without reason, despite the overwhelming evidence supporting the TRO. See signed ORDER denying TRO, dated Dec. 27, 2023.

Next, on submission dayJan. 8, 2024, Mark intervened in the matter;  202366239 – IDEA 247 INC vs. EPPS, RAYMOND (A/K/A RAY EPPS) (Court 189) and the court would GRANT Idea’s motion to STRIKE the INTERVENTION, despite the objections and request for hearings which were also blanked by the court. The order was signed at 3.35 pm.

Also, at 1.16 pm earlier that day, the court – in the case 202311266 – KRUCKEMEYER, ROBERT J vs. BLOGGER INC D/B/A LAWIN TEXAS.COM (Court 189) – would email Mark falsely claiming “The courts do not have a record of a Proposed Order for the following setting. Please file one or contact the court if there is one on file.”. This was a ruse and Mark wittingly chose to ignore the premeditated invite to respond.

As detailed below, today, Jan. 23, 2023, the court and Outlaw Craft would contradict their own rule by holding the hearing (no proposed order, no hearing) and 3 minutes later stating it was PASSED. Shortly thereafter, it is clear from the online docket, Craft would then enter her self recusal – once her trail of destruction was complete.

Let it be known, this is only the beginning, Outlaw Craft, not the end of your ongoing relationship with Mark Burke and LIT.

See; Barnhill v. Agnew, No. 12-12-00080-CV, at *2 (Tex. App. Oct. 16, 2013)

(“When a party files a motion to recuse a trial judge, the responding judge, regardless of whether the motion complies with the requisites of Texas Rule of Civil Procedure 18a, must, within three business days after the motion is filed (1) sign and file with the clerk an order of recusal or (2) sign and file with the clerk an order referring the motion to the regional presiding judge.

See TEX. R. CIV. P. 18a(f)(1).

Failure to comply with the rule renders void any actions taken subsequent to the violation. 

In re A.R.,236 S.W.3d 460, 477 (Tex. App.-Dallas 2007, no pet.).”)

Notably, no email from the Court advising of this sua sponte recusal

Absent from the Docket as at Jan. 23 - An Order re Self-Recusal by Outlaw Tami Craft

LIT Commentary

JAN 8, 2024

Three days after LIT posted this expose about the Outlaw on the Bench named Tamika Craft-Demming aka Tami Craft, she’d retaliate against LIT’s founder in a court lawsuit which LIT was proposing to intervene, by unlawfully striking the intervention by court order, despite so many reasons the plaintiff’s motion should have been passed, or stricken. Aside from the rules violations, the court ignored the substance of the complaint, namely that the debt collectors clients, a firm owned by a duo of Florida lawyers, were charging usury rates for their Texas loan. Despite this being a crime in Texas law, this was snubbed by the newly appointed Outlaw in a Dirty Black Robe.

Explosive Video: Harris County District Judge Tami Craft aka Tamika Craft-Demming Causing Public and Judicial Friction Which Shows Her Temperament is Not Suitable for the Bench

JAN 5, 2024

The Full Story About Judge Tami Craft’s Leaked and Libelous Messages

Can You Trust this newly elected Harris County District Judge?

She cannot stay out of trouble. LIT previously highlighted our concerns:

The State of Texas raised serious allegations against Tami Craft-Demming, including theft, misappropriation, unlawful weaponization, breach of confidentiality, and potentially fraud. The allegations stem from a lawsuit filed by MD Anderson in 2018 in Harris County District Court, which was later transferred to the Houston Division of the Southern District Federal Courts.

Although the lawsuit was “settled,” disturbing revelations emerged during the proceedings. It was discovered that Tami Craft-Demming had stolen documents from MD Anderson, which contained highly sensitive personnel and patient information.

Representing MD Anderson, the Texas Attorney General’s Office alleges that these files were deliberately stolen with the intent to unlawfully use them as a weapon during litigation, suggesting a premeditated act of bribery and extortion to force an early and favorable financial settlement.

In summary, the stolen documents were unlawfully appropriated, breached confidentiality obligations, and involved fraudulent practices.

202310986 –


(Transferred from Court 189, JUDGE TAMI CRAFT to Court 133, JUDGE JACLANEL M. MCFARLAND)

FEB 20, 2020
JAN 5, 2024

Above is the date LIT Last updated and/or visited this article.

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Harris County Judge Tami Craft Caught Defaming a Lawyer in Good Standing With State Bar of Texas
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