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Greenberg Traurig Escapes Jack Abramoff’s Nemesis by Biding it’s Time and Letting the Scandal Subside

That, along with GT Law’s political connections would ensure the biglaw firm would remain part of the one percenters community of corruption.

JAN 23, 2015 | REPUBLISHED BY LIT: JUN 13, 2021

A decade after being tarred by scandal, Jack Abramoff’s old law firm is staging a Beltway comeback.

Legal giant Greenberg Traurig was not prosecuted in connection with Abramoff’s schemes, but the downfall of its fedora-wearing star lobbyist left the South Florida-based firm in the Washington wilderness. Abramoff and nearly two dozen other conspirators headed to prison or pleaded guilty to bilking Indian tribes or other misdeeds, while Greenberg saw its federal lobbying revenue quickly drop by half.

But more than a decade later, Greenberg is aggressively reengaging in Washington.

The firm recently lured a number of veteran lobbyists, named a new head of government relations and announced expansion plans.

In 2014, it brought on more than 30 new federal lobbying clients and reported billing nearly $5.4 million in lobbying revenue — up from $3.9 million in 2013.

“They are back from the near-dead, no doubt about it,”

said Ivan Adler, a legal and lobbying industry headhunter at the McCormick Group.

“They are now totally relevant in government relations as far as law firms. It’s simply a function of time, and there has been enough time that has gone by where the Abramoff stuff is now irrelevant.”

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Greenberg Traurig Escapes Jack Abramoff’s Nemesis by Biding it’s Time and Letting the Scandal Subside
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