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Former Texas Lawyer Gary Inmon, Who Stole $119k Can’t Stay Out of the News, But Can Stay Out of Jail

Long-time Schertz-Cibolo-Universal City ISD Trustee Gary Inmon gave up his law license last year after pleading guilty to two felonies, but he refused to give up his board position is now facing more trouble.


LIT was checking in on past rogue lawyers in this list. Gary Inmon surrendered his Texas Bar license so we went to see what he’s been up. What we found is Inmon is facing more woes, but no jail time. As at the time of this post, Inmon‘s still on the School Board of Trustees. It looks like he’ll be there at least until his term expires next year.

Controversial school board member faces new legal issues

Gary Inmon sued by roofing company, ex-wife

Originally Published: Feb. 16, 2020 | LIT Republished: Dec. 6, 2020

A local school board member who’s been censured twice in the past two years for personal legal issues is now facing another court battle.

Long-time Schertz-Cibolo-Universal City ISD Trustee Gary Inmon gave up his law license last year after pleading guilty to two felonies, but he refused to give up his board position which he’s held since 2000.

Now, Inmon has been sued separately by a roofing company and his ex-wife, both claiming he owes them thousands of dollars.

Just over a year ago SCUC ISD board members voted to censure Inmon after he pleaded guilty to two third degree felonies related to a probate case Inmon handled in his private law practice.

Inmon was sentenced to 10 years deferred adjudication community supervision and agreed to pay $120,000 in restitution. He also resigned from the State Bar of Texas.

But Inmon refused to resign from the board, leaving censure as the board’s only option.

Robert Westbrook, who was the board president at the time, said Inmon’s guilty plea didn’t prevent him from continuing to hold office.

“Essentially he has to be convicted of a felony by a jury,” Westbrook said. “Deferred adjudication in my – it’s my understanding is not a conviction of a felony.”

That censure was his second in less than a year.

In June of 2018, Inmon was first censured after he was indicted for misconduct committed while handling the probate case to which he plead guilty.

At the time, he was also under investigation for allegedly choking his adult step-son during an argument in their Schertz home in December of 2017. Inmon said he was acting in self-defense.

That case was later dropped when the step-son refused to cooperate with law enforcement.

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Now, Inmon is facing new legal problems.

Last October, Inmon was accused of failing to pay for a new roof. In a civil lawsuit, filed by Holden Roofing Inc., the company alleged Inmon owed them nearly $21,000 for a roof they installed on his Schertz home in August 2018. An attorney representing the roofing company said that negotiations are ongoing.

In a statement to the Defenders, Inmon said: “The roofing company and I had a good faith dispute and we have resolved the disagreement.”

According to Guadalupe County court records, the case is still pending.

Inmon is also being sued by his ex-wife for allegedly failing to pay child support.

The civil suit filed in December alleged Inmon owed nearly $5,000 in unpaid child support at the time of the filing.

Inmon refuted the allegation in a recent statement to the Defenders, saying, “Contrary to my ex-wife’s allegations, all appropriate child support has been paid.”

Inmon and his ex-wife are due in court in March to address the child support issue.

As Inmon deals with his legal problems he continues to be a fixture at SCUC ISD schools and events.

Earlier this month, Inmon read to kids at an elementary school. Pictures were shared to the district’s social media accounts which led to complaints from parents.

Inmon has also attended graduations, school dedications, parades and a variety of other events, despite the fact that the board stated in its second censure that Inmon should be restricted from formally representing the district outside of his statutory board duties.

When asked why Inmon continues to appear at events that are promoted by the district’s social media, Board President Amy Driesbach said: “The Board of Trustees of the Schertz-Cibolo-Universal City ISD has twice censured trustee Gary Inmon for his personal conduct and the example it set for our students. Working together, the board will further clarify board member discretionary duties for all trustees and expectations for trustees who have been censured.”

Gary Inmon maintained he’s simply carrying out the duties of his office saying in a statement: “I am a duly elected school board member in SCUC and intend to fulfill all of the functions of that office.”

Inmon also pushed back against concerns raised by parents that he shouldn’t be representing the district after being censured.

In a statement he wrote: “I love serving and promoting our students and staff. I have put my heart and soul into SCUC as a trustee for 20 years (and have been an active part of the district for 40+ years), and have been to literally thousands of school related functions with thousands of students and staff members during those 40 years … without a single incident of improper conduct.”

Inmon’s current term on the board expires in November 2021. He did not respond when asked if he planned to run for reelection.

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