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Federal Court Civil Causes of Action

This complete Cause of Action codes table is issued by the Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts.

CIVIL Cause of Action (CoA) Codes Reference

This complete Cause of Action codes table is issued by the Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts. However, not all CoA codes may be available for selection by attorney e-filers in CM/ECF. Please contact the Clerk’s Office at (317) 229-3700 for assistance with CoA codes.

MAY 11, 2018 | REPUBLISHED BY LIT: APR 25, 2021

Cause Code Description
2:138 Library of Congress Access
2:358 President’s Recommendations on Exec., Jud. & Leg. Salary
2:431 Federal Election Commission: Failure to Enforce Compliance
2:437 Federal Election Commission
2:681 Deferral of Budget Authority
2:1202 Discriminatory practices affecting US Senate employees
2:1301 Congressional Accountability Act
2:1317(a) Violation of Congressional Accountability Act
5:101 Ethics in Government Act
5:504(c )(2) Equal Access to Justice (Govt Employees)
5:551 Administrative Procedures Act
5:552fi Freedom of Information Act
5:552pa Right to Privacy Act
5:552b(g)sa Implement requirements of Govt in Sunshine Act
5:554 Adjudications Required by Statutes
5:555(b) Agency Decision – Right to Counsel
5:701 Judicial Review of Agency Decision
5:702 Administrative Procedure Act – Right of Review
5:704 Labor Litigation
5:706 Judicial Review of Agency Action
5:1508 Judicial Review of Order Issued by the Merit Systems Protection Board
5:2302 Federal Whistleblowing Act / Civil Service Reform Act (CSRA)
5:3318 Veterans Preference Act
5:5514 Debt Collection Act of 1982
5:5542 Federal Employees Pay Act — overtime rates
5:7101 Labor-Management Relations (Findings and Purpose)
5:7123 Petition by FLRA against unfair labor practices
5:7501 Government Employees Adverse Action–14 days or less
5:7511 Government Employees Adverse Action–Over 14 days
5:7703 Discrimination – Review of Agency Act
5:8101 Workmen’s Compensation Benefits
5:8110 Augmented Compensation for dependents of Govt. Employees
5:8316 Claims agst US re Retirement for Federal Emp.
5:8470 Enforcement of Judgment against Retirement Benefits


5:8701 Federal Employees Group Life Insurance Act of 1954
5:8705 Declaratory Judgment – Insurance
5:8715 Claims against the US – Jurisdiction of Courts
5:8901 Federal Employees Health Benefits Act
5:8902 Contracting Authority of OPM – Group Health Insurance
5:8903 Federal Employees Health Benefit Act
5:8912 Claims agst US re health benefits for Federal emp.
7:1 Commodity Exchange Act
7:6(b) Federal Commodity Exchange Regulation
7:9a Recovery of penalties by Commodity Futures Trading Com
7:13a Contract market rules violations; recovery of penalty
7:13a-1 Enjoin or restrain violations Contract Market rules
7:25 Fraud – Commodities Leverage Contracts
7:87 Enforcement of United States Grain Standards Act
7:136 Violations of EPA re Environmental Pesticide Control
7:181 Packers & Stockyards Act
7:193(b) Recovery of penalties re violations by packers
7:203 Recovery of penalties for violations by stockyards
7:209(b) Violations re purchase, sale, handling of livestock
7:210(f) Suit to enforce award of damages (Packers/Stockyards)
7:213(b) Unfair, discriminatory, deceptive practice/marketing
7:216 Injunctions to restrain & enforce orders of Secretary
7:222 Adoption of FTC powers for enforcement.
7:228a Request by Secretary for TRO or Inj. re Poultry
7:245 Action on bond by person injured in Warehouse
7:292 Monopolizing or restraining trade & enhancing prices
7:499 Agricultural Commodities Act
7:499E(c )(4) Perishable Agricultural Commodities Act (PACA)
7:601 USDA Condemnation
7:608 Agriculture Adjustment Act
7:901 Rural Electrification Act
7:1291(b) Agricultural Adjustment Act; freight rates.
7:1376 Adjustment of Quotas and Enforcement; penalties.
7:1501 Federal Crop Insurance Act
7:1508 Crop Insurance
7:1631 Food Security Act
7:1721 Agricultural Trade Development Asst Act
7:1922 Persons Eligible for Loans – Forclosure
7:1926 Water and Waste Facility Loans and Grants
7:1930 Perishable Agric. Comm. Act of 1930
7:2011 Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program
7:2022 Disposition of Claims: Denial application to participate; food stamp prog.
7:2023(a) Judicial Review of Food Stamp Disqualification
7:2024 False Claims Act, Food Stamp Fraud
7:2131 Violation of the Animal Welfare Act
7:2146 Transportation, Sale, and Handling of Animals
7:2301 Agricultural Fair Practices Act
7:2305 Unfair trade practices affecting producers Agri prod
7:2321 Plant Variety Protection Act
7:2563 Plant Variety Protection and Rights – Injunction
7:6999 Judicial Review of Adverse Farm Agency Decision
8:1101 Immigration & Nationality Act (Definitions)
8:1105a Immigration: Judicial Review for Battered Spouses; Deportation (INS)
8:1151 Immigration and Nationality Act of 1952
8:1152 Immigration: Numerical limitations on individual foreign states
8:1153 Immigration: Allocation of Immigrant Visas
8:1154 Immigration: Procedure for Granting Immigration Status
8:1158 Immigration & Nationality Act, Section 208 (Asylum)
8:1182 Inadmissible Aliens: Defend. Denial of Pla. Appl. for Alien Employment Cer
8:1183 Admission of Aliens on Giving Bond or Undertaking; Return on Departure
8:1188 Immigration: Admission of Temporary H-2A Workers
8:1225 Immigration: Enforcement of Administrative Subpoena
8:1231(a)(6) Immigration: Due Process Clause
8:1251(A)(4) Immigration: Application for a Stay of Deportation
8:1252 Judicial Review of Orders of Removal
8:1255 Immigration: Failure USCIS To Adjudicate Permanent Residency Petition
8:1260 Aliens: Removal of Aliens Falling into Distress
8:1324 Immigration: Complaint for Forfeiture
8:1329 Immigration: Writ of Mandamus to Adjudicate Visa Petition
8:1357 Immigration and Nationality Act – Administrative Search Warrant
8:1421 Immigration: Naturalization Authority
8:1445 Immigration: Application for Naturalization
8:1446 Immigration: Petition for Naturalization Hearing
8:1447 Immigration: Review of Denial of Naturalization Application
8:1451 Immigration: Revocation of Citizenship
8:1451(j) Immigration: Motion to Correct Order & Judg. of Naturalization
8:1451(a) Action to revoke Citizenship
9:1 U.S. Arbitration Act
9:3 Application to Stay Proceedings Pending Arbitration
9:4 Petition to order arbitration; failure to arbitrate
9:7 Petition to compel attendance before arbitrator
9:8 Declaratory Judgment/Admiralty
9:9 Motion to Confirm Arbitration Award
9:10 Petition to Vacate Arbitration Award
9:11 Motion to modify or correct arbitration award
9:201 Petition to Compel/Stay Arbitration under an Insurance Contract
9:202 Award under Convention on Foreign Arbitral Awards
9:205 Removal from State Court: Enforcement of Foreign Arbital Awards
9:207 Application for order confirming award of arbitrators
10:672 Armed Forces: Active Guard/Reserve (AGR) Program
10:1006 Armed Forces: Review of Agency Decision
10:1072tc Armed Forces: TRICARE PROGRAM
10:1089(c ) Armed Forces: Removal; dft acting in scope of duties
10:1091 Armed Forces: Personal Service Contracts
10:1107 Armed Forces: Use Of Investigational New Drug
10:1408 Armed Forces:  Claim for Military Retirement
10:1552 Armed Forces: Action to Correct Records
10:1553 Armed Forces: Review of Discharge or Dismissal
10:2005 Armed Forces: Advanced Education Assistance
10:2121 Armed Forces: Health Professions Scholarship Financial Asst Prog
10:2302 Armed Forces: Arms Services Procurement Act
10:2305 Armed Forces: Review of Federal Contract
10:2323fa Armed Forces: Fifth Amendment Equal Protection: Contract Goal for Small Disadvantaged Businesses
10:2733 Armed Forces: Military Claims Act
10:2734 Armed Forces:  Foreign Military Claims Act
10:2771 Armed Forces: Final Settlement – Deceased Members
10:3258 Armed Forces: Reg.Army: Re-enlistment after Service as Ofcr
11:101 Bankruptcy (Definitions)
11:110 Bankruptcy: Penalty for Preparers of Fraudulent or Negligent Petitions
11:362(h) Bankruptcy: Violation of Automatic Stay
11:523 Bankruptcy: Exceptions to Discharge
11:524 Bankruptcy: Effect of Discharge
11:525 Bankruptcy: Protections Against Discriminatory Treatment
11:548 Bankruptcy: Fraudulent Transfers and Obligations
11:704 Bankruptcy: Duties of Trustee
12:85 National Banks: Rate of Interest on Loans, Discounts, and Purchases
12:93(a) National Banks: Violation of Provisions; Forfeiture of Franchise; Personal Liability of Directors
12:191 National Banks: Appointment of Receiver
12:192 National Banks: Liquidation of National Bank
12:215 National Banks: Consolidation and Merger
12:622 Foreign Banking: Forfeiture, Dissolution, and Liability of Directors and Officers for Noncompliance
12:632 Foreign Banking: Voluntary Liquidation
12:635i-3 Export-Import Bank: Breach of Insurance Contract
12:1421 Federal Home Loan Bank Act (Short Title)
12:1441 FHLB: Financial Inst Reform Receiving Enforcement Act 1989
12:1451 Emergency Home Loan Corporation (Definitions)
12:1452 Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation Act

12:1452(f) Fed Home Loan Mortgage Corp: Actions by and against the Corporation
12:1455(b) Fed Home Loan Mortgage Corp: Enforcement of Regulations
12:1461 Savings Associations: Homeowners Loan Act (Short Title)
12:1464 Savings Associations: Federal Savings and Loan
12:1703 National Housing: Insurance of Financial Institutions
12:1715(b) National Housing: Rules and Regulations
12:1749aaa National Housing: National Insurance Development Program
12:1751 Fed Credit Unions: Short Title
12:1782 Fed Credit Unions: Administration of Insurance Fund
12:1786 Fed Credit Unions: Actions re Violations by Credit Unions
12:1787(a)(B) Fed Credit Unions: Liquidation of Insured Credit Union by Board
12:1789(a)(2) Fed Credit Unions: Admin Provision to Sue and be Sued
12:1811 FDIC: Financial Inst. Reform Recovery Act of 1989 (FIRREA) (Organization of FDIC)
12:1818 FDIC: Violations re Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
12:1818(e) FDIC: Suspension or Removal of Bank Officer
12:1819 FDIC: Corporate Powers
12:1821 FDIC: Insurance Funds
12:1831 FDIC: Separability of Certain Provisions
12:1831(d) FDIC: Deposit. Inst. Dereg. & Monetary Ctrl. Act of 1980
12:1831r-1 FDIC: Notice of Branch Closure
12:1833(a) FDIC: Forfieture Civil Penalties
12:1954 Injunctions (Action by Sec of Treasury re financial recordkeeping)
12:1971 Relief under Bank Holding Company Act (Definitions)
12:1972 Tying Arrangement Act
12:2001 Farm Credit Act of 1971
12:2601 Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act (RESPA) (findings & purpose)
12:2604(c ) Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act (“RESPA”)
12:2605 RESPA: Servicing of Mortgage Loans
12:2607 RESPA: Violation re kickbacks/unearned fees; Real Estate
12:2609 RESPA: Escrow
12:3012 National Consumer Cooperative Bank: Suits by or against Bank
12:3410 Right to Financial Privacy: Customer Challenges
12:3751 Single Family Mortgage Forclosure Act: Findings and Purpose
12:3801 Alternative Mortgage Transaction Parity Act
12:3907 International Lending Supervision: Capital Adequacy
12:4010 Expedited Funds Availability: Violation of Act (Civil Liability)
12:5101 Fraudulent Transfer Act (Enforcement for Mortgage Licensing)
15:1 Antitrust Litigation (Monopolizing Trade)
15:2at Antitrust Litigation
15:2fl Antitrust Litigation
15:4 USDC Jurisdiction re violations of Sec. 1-7 of Title 15
15:5 Bringing in Additional Parties
15:9 USDC Jurisdiction re violations of Sec. 8 of Title 15
15:13 Robinson Patman Act
15:14 Clayton Act
15:15 Antitrust Litigation
15:25 Clayton Act
15:26 Suit for injunctive relief re violation antitrust laws
15:34-35 Investment Company Act of 1940
15:41 Federal Trade Commission Act
15:45 Federal Trade Commission Act (unfair or deceptive acts)
15:45cp Violation of Children Online Privacy Protection Act
15:52 Federal Trade Commission Act
15:53 Federal Trade Commission Act
15:53(b) Prelim & Perm Inj Relief & other Equitable Relief
15:68 Proceedings re FTC violations re wool products
15:69 Proceedings re FTC violations re fur products
15:70 Proceedings re FTC violations re textile fiber product
15:77 Securities Fraud
15:78m(a) Securities Exchange Act
15:78j(b)ss Stockholder Suit
15:79 Public Utility Holding Companies
15:80a-3 Investment Company Act of 1940
15:260 Proceedings re weights and measures and standard time
15:298 Violation of Law Proceedings re gold or silver
15:433 Discrimination against farmers
15:631 Small Business Act
15:636 Small Business Act – Aid to small business
15:661 Small Business Investment Act of 1958
15:687 Small Business Investment Program
15:714(b) Commodity Credit Corporation
15:715(f) Proceedings re petroleum and petroleum products
15:717 Natural Gas Act
15:719i(c ) Civil actions re violations or inj involving Gas
15:766 Controversies arising re Federal Energy Admin. rules
15:1051 Trademark Infringement
15:1071 Appeal of Decision of U.S. Patent & Trademark Office (Comm / Trademark Trial Bd)
15:1114 Trademark Infringement (Lanham Act)
15:1116 Inj to prevent violation rights of trademark owner
15:1120 Trademark – False or Fraudulent Registration
15:1121 Trademark Infringement (jurisdiction)
15:1125la Trademark Infringement (Lanham Act)
15:1125(d)ac Trademark (Anticybersquatting consumer protection)
15:1125(a) False representation of goods sold in interstate commerce
15:1126 Trademarks – International conventions
15:1127 Trademark Infringement
15:1191 Flamable Fabrics Act
15:1221 Auto Dealer Suits Agst Manufacturers
15:1261 Hazardous Substances (definitions)
15:1263 Prohibited Hazardous Substance – Interstate Commerce
15:1267(a) Federal Hazardous Substances Act
15:1314 Antitrust–Petition for enforcement
15:1501 Estab of Dept of Commerce
15:1601 Truth in Lending
15:1605 Determination of Finance Charge
15:1638 Truth in Lending
15:1640 Truth in Lending
15:1666 Fair Credit Billing Act Dispute
15:1667 Consumer Leasing Act
15:1679 Violation of Credit Repair Organizations Act
15:1681 Fair Credit Reporting Act
15:1691 Equal Credit Opportunity Act
15:1692 Fair Debt Collection Act
15:1693ef Electronic Funds Transfer Act
15:1693m Violation of Prov. of Subchpt.VI (Electronic Fund Transfers)
15:1701 Interstate Land Sales Full Disclosure Act (ILFFDA)
15:1709 Interstate Land Sales
15:1714 Actions to enjoin violations re interstate land sale
15:2071 Consumer Product Safety; Condemnation hazardous prod
15:2073 Private action to enforce Consumer Product Safety
15:2301 Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act
15:2310(c ) Consumer Product Warranties
15:2601 Toxic Substances Control Act (TCSA)
15:2604 Application for inj re distribution toxic substance
15:2616 Toxic Substance control; seizure of chemical
15:2620 Toxic Substances Control Act: citizen’s petition
15:2651 Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act
15:2801 Petroleum Marketing Practices Act
15:2805 Petroleum Marketing Practices-Franchise Protection
15:3414 National Gas Policy Act
15:3710a Federal Technology Transfer Act of 1986
15:3901 Federal Risk Retention Act
15:6801 Gram-Leach-Bliley Act
15:7701 Federal CAN-Spam Act
16:19jj Park System Resource Protection Act
16:470 Archaeological resources Protection Act
16:470f National Historic Preservation Act
16:668 Bald and Golden Eagle Protection Act
16:669 Pittman-Robertson Conservation Restoration Act

16:675 Norbeck Wildlife Preserve Organic Act
16:703 Migratory Bird Act
16:823a Federal Public Utility Regulatory Policies Act
16:825 Federal Power Commission Regulation; Public Utilities
16:831 Actions re: rights of Tennessee Valley Authority
16:1244 National Scenic and National Historic Trails
16:1374(d)(6) Petition for Review re Application for Import of Polar Bear Trophies
16:1531 Endangered Species Act
16:1533 Endangered Species Act
16:1538 Endangered Species Act
16:1540 Endangered Species Act – Penalties and Enforcement
16:1600 National Forest Management Act of 1976
16:1801 Magnuson-Stevens Fishery Conservation and Management Act
16:1858 National Fishery Management Program – Civil Penalties and Permit Sanctions
16:3371 Wildlife Under the Lacey Act (Definitions)
16:3372 Lacey Act: Prohibited Acts
16:3373 Lacey Act: Penalties and Sanctions – Appeal of Decision – DOI
16:3374 Lacey Act: Complaint for Forfeiture
17:101 Copyright Infringement (definitions)
17:201 Ownership of Copyright
17:205(d) Priority Between Conflicting Transfers
17:407 Recovery of fines & penalties by Register of Copyrights
17:411(b) Action by copyright owner for infringement
17:501 Copyright Infringement
17:502(a) Inj to prevent or restrain infringement copyright
17:504 Remedies for Copyright Infringement
17:512 Copyright Infringement of Digital Communications
17:1201 Digital Millennium Copyright Act
18:492 Forfeiture of Counterfeit Paraphernalia
18:603 Conflict of Interest
18:922 Firearms – Unlawful Possession (Civil Fines)
18:923(f)(3) Review of Revocation of a License as a Dealer in Firearms
18:925(c ) Restoration of ability to possess firearms/ammo
18:981 Civil Forfeiture
18:981(a)(1)(A) Civil Forfeiture:  Money Laundering Control Act
18:983 Civil Forfeiture – General Rules
18:1030 Fraud & Related Activity in Connection with Computers
18:1345 Injunction against Fraud
18:1514 Civil Action to Restrain Harassment of a Victim
18:1514A Civil Action to Protect Against Retaliation in Fraud Cases
18:1836(a) Injunction against Misappropriation of Trade Secrets
18:1836(b) Civil Action to Protect Trade Secrets
18:1905 Disclosure of Confidential Information
18:1955 Civil Forfeiture-Prohibition of Illegal Gambling
18:1956(b)(3) Laundering of Monetary Instruments – Forfeit Property
18:1964 Civil Remedies: Racketeering (RICO) Act
18:1968 Action re civil investigative demand
18:2254 Civil Forfeiture – Exploitation of Children
18:2333 Civil Remedies: Anti-Terrorism Act of 1991
18:2511 Wiretapping – Injunctive Relief or Civil Fine
18:2520 Civil Damages for Interception Wire or Oral Communications
18:2707 Civil Action: Stored Communications
18:2710( c) Wrongful Disclosure of Video Tape Rental or Sales Records
18:2724 Civil Action – Motor Vehicle Records
18:3114 Motion for Return of Seized Property
18:3184 Extradition Procedure
18:3511 Petition for Judicial Review
18:3663 Civil Enforcement of Crim. Rest. Obligation
18:4100 Transfer of Offenders
19:1305 Customs Duties: Forfeiture-Immoral Articles
19:1497 Customs Duties: Penalty for Failure to Declare
19:1595a Customs Duties: Forfeiture and Other Penalties
19:1607 Customs Duties: Notice of Seizure
20:107 Randolph-Sheppard Vending Stand Act
20:1070 Student Assistance
20:1080 Default of Student Loan: Recovery
20:1087 Student Loan Discharge
20:1095a Education – Wage Garnishment Requirement
20:1097 Education – Criminal penalties for fraud
20:1098g Higher Education Act – Exemption from state disclosure
20:1232(g) Family Education Rights & Privacy Act of 1974
20:1400 IDEA: Individuals With Disabilities Education Act (short title)
20:1401 IDEA: Education of Individuals with Disabilities (definitions)
20:1412 IDEA: State Eligibility
20:1415 IDEA: Challenge decision re education for handicapped
20:1415(e)(2)de IDEA: Mediation
20:1681 Title IX Educational Amendments 1992 – Sex Discrimination
20:1683 Judicial Review: Prohibition against sex discrimination in education
20:1706 Relief from denial of equal educational opportunity
20:1717 Reopening proceedings w/order to end segregation
21:301 Federal Food, Drug & Cosmetic Act
21:331 Federal Food, Drug & Cosmetic Act – Prohibited Acts
21:332 Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act, Injunctive Relief
21:332(a) Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act
21:334(a) Forfeiture or condemnation-food, drug, cosmetics
21:348 Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act – Food Additives
21:360 Federal Food, Drug & Cosmetic Act – Drugs and Devices
21:467 Seizure and condemnation of poultry products
21:601 Federal Meat Inspection Act 21 USC 601-695 (Definitions)
21:673 Seizure and condemnation of meat or meat products
21:674 Proceeding to enforce & enjoin re meat products
21:821 Violation of Record Keeping Provision of Controlled Substance Act
21:841 Forfeiture Property – Drugs
21:842 Civil Penalty for violation re controlled substance
21:881 Forfeiture Property – Drugs
21:881a Forfeiture Property – Aircraft
21:881re Forfeiture Property – Real Estate
21:882 Inj to enjoin violations re controlled substance
21:1049 Seizure and condemnation re eggs or egg products
22:286 Action against World Bank or IMF
22:2702 Medical Malpractice by Govt. Medical Personnel
22:3612 Claim for Damage to Panama Canal
22:3776 Panama Canal Commission Action on claims
22:3777 Investigation of accident or injury giving rise to a claim
22:4140 Foreign Service Grievance Act – Judicial Review
23:112 Federal Highway Act – Letting of Contracts
23:134 Metropolitan Transportation Planning
25:1901 Indian Child Welfare Act
25:2701 Indian Gaming Regulatory Act (IGRA)
25:4101 Native American Housing Assistance and Self-Determination Act (NAHASDA)
26:63 IRS: Taxable income (Definition)
26:982 IRS: To Quash IRS Formal Document Request
26:2032 IRS: Alternate valuation
26:6212 IRS: Notice of Deficiency (Injunctive Relief from IRS Lien)
26:6213 IRS: Injunctive Relief from IRS Lien in Tax Court
26:6221 IRS: TEFRA Tax, Equity and Fiscal Responsibility Act of 1982
26:6226 IRS: Judicial Review of Partnership Adjustment
26:6320 IRS: Notice and Opportunity for Hearing upon Filing Notice of Lien
26:6330 IRS: Notice and Opportunity for Hearing before Levy
26:6331 IRS: Wrongful Levy
26:6334 IRS: Property Exempt from Levy
26:6502 IRS: Collection after Assessment (Enforcement of tax liens)
26:6532 IRS: Periods of Limitation on Suits
26:6653sp IRS: Failure to Pay Stamp Tax
26:6672 IRS: Failure to Collect and Pay Over Tax, or Attempt to Evade or Defeat Tax
26:6694 IRS: Underestimate Of Tax Liability By Tax Preparer
26:6702 IRS: Penalty for Frivolous Tax Submission
26:6703 IRS: Refund of Tax Penalty
26:7323 IRS: Proceedings in rem enforce forfeitures property
26:7401 IRS: Tax Liability – Authorization to collect via civil action
26:7402(b) IRS: Petition to Enforce IRS Summons
26:7402 IRS: Jurisdiction of District Courts
26:7403 IRS: Action to Enforce Federal Tax Lien
26:7404 IRS: Action for collection of estate tax
26:7405 IRS: Action for recovery of refunds erroneously made
26:7407 IRS: Action to enjoin income tax preparers
26:7422rt IRS: Refund Taxes
26:7422rx IRS: Refund Excise Tax
26:7425(a) IRS: Judiciary & Judicial Procedures – Discharge of Liens
26:7426 IRS: Wrongful Levy for Taxes
26:7428 IRS: Declaratory Judgment
26:7429 IRS: Tax Jeopardy Assessment
26:7430 IRS: Awarding of Costs and Certain Fees in Tax Suit
26:7431 IRS: Unauthorized Disclosure of Return & Return Info
26:7434 IRS: Civil Damages for Fraudulent Filing of Information
26:7604 IRS: Enforce summons; examination books & witnesses
26:7604(a) IRS: Complaint to Enforce IRS Summons
26:7609 IRS: Petition to Quash IRS Summons
26:7609en IRS: Petition to serve Third-Party Summons
28:157(b) Bankruptcy Claim to be tried in U.S. District Court
28:157(c )(1) Findings, Concl. & Proposed Judgment
28:157(d) Motion for Withdrawal of Reference
28:158 Notice of Appeal re Bankruptcy Matter (District or BAP)
28:463 Expenses of Judicial Litigation
28:534 Arrest Records
28:591 Independent Counsel
28:592 Independent Counsel – Application for Appointment
28:593 Independent Counsel – Court Responsibilities
28:594 Independent Counsel – Responsibilities
28:595 Independent Counsel – Congressional Oversight
28:596 Independent Counsel – Removal
28:597 Independent Counsel – Dept. of Justice Relationship
28:598 Independent Counsel – Chapter Termination
28:636 Jurisdiction and Power of Magistrate Judges
28:754 Receiver of Property in Different Districts
28:1291 Maritime
28:1330 Breach of Contract
28:1331 Fed. Question
28:1331ag Fed. Question: Employment Discrimination (Age)
28:1331al Fed. Question: Airline Crash
28:1331as Fed. Question: Assault, Libel, Slander
28:1331at Fed. Question: Anti-trust
28:1331au Fed. Question: Auto Negligence
28:1331b Fed. Question: Bivens Act
28:1331bc Fed. Question: Breach of Contract
28:1331bv Fed. Question: Bivens-Prisoner
28:1331ca Fed Question: Fed Communications Act
28:1331cm Fed. Question: Interstate Commerce Act
28:1331cv Fed. Question: Other Civil Rights
28:1331cr Fed. Question: Civil Rights (Race Discrimination)
28:1331dd Fed. Question: Discovery Disputes (conversion case)
28:1331dj Fed. Question: Declaratory Judgment
28:1331dp Fed. Question: Violation of Due Process
28:1331ed Fed. Question: Employment Discrimination
28:1331ef Fed. Question: Civil Rights Violation (Excess Force)
28:1331ej Fed. Question: Enforcement of Judgment
28:1331es Fed. Question: Enforcement of Administrative Subpoena
28:1331fa Fed. Question: Civil Rights Violation-False Arrest
28:1331fl Fed. Question: Fair Labor Standards
28:1331fm Fed. Question: Family and Medical Leave Act
28:1331fr Fed. Question: Fraud
28:1331in Fed. Question: Insurance Contract
28:1331lm Fed. Question: Labor/Mgt. Relations Act
28:1331lm Fed. Question: Legal Malpractice
28:1331mm Fed. Question: Medical Malpractice
28:1331ng Fed. Question: Natural Gas Act
28:1331ni Fed. Question: Negotiable Instrument
28:1331pd Fed. Question: Property Damage
28:1331pi Fed. Question: Personal Injury
28:1331pl Fed. Question: Product Liability
28:1331ra Fed. Question: Racketeering (RICO) Act
28:1331pr Fed. Question: Federal Prisoner Civil Rights
28:1331rc Fed. Question: Reclamation Project Auth. Act of 1972
28:1331rd Fed. Question: Review Agency Decision
28:1331(a)rp Fed. Question: Real Property
28:1331rr Fed. Question: Railway Labor Act
28:1331rs Fed. Question: Federal Rail Safety Act
28:1331sh Fed. Question: Sexual Harassment
28:1331ss Fed. Question: Constitutionality of State Statutes
28:1331sv Fed. Question: Securities Violation
28:1331sx Fed. Question: Employment Discrimination (Sex)
28:1331tr Fed. Question: Trademark
28:1331tt Fed. Question: Tort Action
28:1331v Fed. Question: Violation 5th & 8th Amendments
28:1331va Fed. Question: Violation 5th & 14th Amendment
28:1331vc Fed. Question: Violation of Constitutional Rights
28:1331w Fed. Question: Wrongful Termination of Employment
28:1331wd Fed. Question: Wrongful Death
28:1331wl Fed. Question: EPA Waste Lien
28:1331wt Fed. Question: Water Rights
28:1332 Diversity Action
28:1332ac Diversity-Account Receivable
28:1332al Diversity-Airline Crash
28:1332ap Diversity-Airplane Product Liability
28:1332as Diversity-Asbestos Litigation
28:1332au Diversity-Auto Negligence
28:1332bc Diversity-Breach of Contract
28:1332bw Diversity -Breach of Warranty
28:1332co Diversity-Conversion
28:1332ct Diversity-(Citizenship)
28:1332de Diversity: Forcible Detainer
28:1332df Diversity-Contract Default
28:1332ds Diversity-Contract Dispute
28:1332dtp Diversity – Deceptive Trade Practices
28:1332ed Diversity-Employment Discrimination
28:1332ej Diversity-Enforcement of Judgment
28:1332fc Diversity – Foreclosure
28:1332fd Diversity-Breach of Fiduciary Duty
28:1332fr Diversity-Fraud
28:1332ia Diversity-Interpleader Action
28:1332if Diversity- Insurance Fraud
28:1332ij Diversity-Injunctive & Declaratory Relief
28:1332in Diversity-Insurance Contract
28:1332jd Diversity-Declaratory Judgement
28:1332lb Diversity-Libel,Assault,Slander
28:1332lm Diversity – Legal Malpractice
28:1332lp Diversity-Property Damage/Product Liability
28:1332lr Diversity – Labor
28:1332ma Diversity-Miller Act
28:1332md Diversity-Motor Vehicle/Wrongful Death
28:1332mm Diversity-Medical Malpractice
28:1332mv Diversity-Motor Vehicle Product Liability
28:1332ni Diversity-Negotiable Instrument
28:1332nm Diversity-Non-Motor Vehicle
28:1332nr Diversity-Notice of Removal
28:1332oc Diversity-Other Contract
28:1332op Diversity-Recovery of Overpayment
28:1332pa Diversity-Personal Injury/Airplane
28:1332pd Diversity-Property Damage
28:1332pi Diversity-Personal Injury
28:1332pl Diversity-Product Liability
28:1332pr Diversity-Petition for Removal
28:1332qt Diversity-Petition to Quiet Title
28:1332rd Diversity-Recovery of Debt
28:1332ri Diversity-Racketeering (RICO) Act
28:1332rl Diversity-Rent Lease & Ejectment
28:1332rp Diversity-Real Property
28:1332sa Diversity: Securities & Exchange Commiss
28:1332sf Diversity: Securities Fraud
28:1332sh Diversity-Sexual Harassment
28:1332ss Diversity – Stockholders Suits
28:1332t Diversity-Torts
28:1332tl Diversity-Torts to Land
28:1332tm Diversity-Tort/Motor Vehicle (P.I.)
28:1332tn Diversity-Tort/Non-Motor Vehicle
28:1332ts Diversity-Misappropriation of Trade Secrets
28:1332vt Diversity-Natl Motor Vehicle Title Information System
28:1332wc Diversity- Worker’s Compensation Benefits
28:1332wd Diversity-Wrongful Death
28:1333ad Admiralty
28:1333in Personal Injury
28:1333mc Marine Contract
28:1333pd Property Damage
28:1333pi Marine Personal Injury
28:1334 Bankruptcy Appeal
28:1334(b) Proceeding arising/related to case under title 11
28:1334(c ) R&R re motions for abstention
28:1335 Interpleader Action
28:1337sc Sherman-Clayton Act
28:1338cp Copyright Infringement
28:1338pt Patent Infringement
28:1338tr Trademark Infringement
28:1339 Postal matters
28:1340tp Jurisdiction of Internal Revenue Matters; Customs Duties
28:1341 Taxes by States
28:1343 Violation of Civil Rights
28:1344 Election disputes
28:1345 U.S. Plaintiff
28:1345co Replevin & Conversion
28:1345db Debt to US – FHA/HUD Title I
28:1345df Default of Promissory Note
28:1345er Recovery of Erroneous Refund
28:1345fc Foreclosure
28:1345ff Complaint for Forfeiture
28:1345hl VA Home Loan Guaranty Debt
28:1345lc Land Condemnation
28:1345mc Medical Care Recovery
28:1345mi Mining Claim Ejectment
28:1345pd Property Damage
28:1345pe Property Ejectment
28:1345rc Recovery of Debt to US
28:1345ro Recovery of Retirement Overpayment
28:1345st Default of Student Loan
28:1345tp Trespass on Public Land
28:1345tx Prohibit dfts assessing tx on purch/use of pers prop
28:1345va Recovery of VA Overpayment
28:1346 U.S. Defendant
28:1346bc Breach of Contract
28:1346pi Marine Personal Injury (or tort claim – personal injury / motor vehicle)
28:1346rc Recovery of IRS Tax
28:1346t Tort Claim
28:1346wd Wrongful Death
28:1348 Banking association as party
28:1349 Corporation organized under Federal Law as party
28:1350 Alien Tort Claims Act
28:1352 Miller Act
28:1355 Petition for Return of Property
28:1356 Executory Process/Foreclosure
28:1358 Land Condemnation
28:1361 Petition for Writ of Mandamus
28:1361pr Complaint for mandamus relief (prisoner)
28:1362ic Indian Tribal Controversy
28:1362iw Declaration re: Indian Tribal Water Rights
28:1363 Action for protection of jurors employment rights
28:1364 Auto Negligence
28:1367 Other Property Damage
28:1391 Venue (In our opinion, not a good selection for a cause code…but several courts have used it)
28:1394 Banking Assoc action agst Comptroller of Currency
28:1395 Complaint for Forfeiture
28:1402 US as Defendant
28:1403 Condemnation of real estate for the use of the US
28:1407 MDL: Airline Crash
28:1407im MDL: Silicone Gel Breast Implant Products Liability
28:1407md MDL: Multidistrict Litigation
28:1407n MDL: Personal Injury/Norplant Product Liability
28:1407pl MDL: Products Liability
28:1441ac Removal- Account Receivable
28:1441ada Removal- Americans with Disabilities Act
28:1441ag Removal- Civil Rights (Age)
28:1441al Removal- Airline Crash
28:1441as Removal- Asbestos Litigation
28:1441au Removal- Auto Negligence
28:1441ba Removal – National Bank Act
28:1441bc Removal- Employee Benefits
28:1441bc Removal- Breach of Contract
28:1441bfd Removal- Breach of Fiduciary Duties
28:1441ca Removal – Carmack Amendment
28:1441cc Removal- Computer Crimes Act
28:1441cj Removal- Confessed Judgement
28:1441cla Removal – Consumer Leasing Act
28:1441cp Removal- Copyright
28:1441cpl Removal – Contract Product Liability
28:1441cra Removal – Fair Credit Reporting Act
28:1441cv Removal- Civil Rights Act
28:1441dea Removal – Disabilities Education Act
28:1441df Removal- Contract Default
28:1441di Removal- Civil Rights (Disability Act)
28:1441dj Removal- Declaratory Judgment
28:1441ds Removal- Contract Dispute
28:1441ed Removal – Employment Discrimination
28:1441ea Removal- Employment Discrimination (Age)
28:1441ec Removal – Electronic Comm. Privacy Act
28:1441em Removal – Emergency Medical Treatment & Active Labor
28:1441er Removal- Employment Discrimination (Race)
28:1441es Removal- Employment Discrimination (Sex)
28:1441eb Removal – E.R.I.S.A. Employee Benefits
28:1441fa Removal – Civil Rights – False Arrest
28:1441fc Removal – Fair Credit Reporting Act
28:1441fd Removal – Fair Debt Collection Practices Act
28:1441fe Removal- Fed. Employee Garnishment Statute
28:1441fh Removal- FEHBA
28:1441fif Removal – Insecticide/Fungicide/Rodenticide Act -1942
28:1441fl Removal- Fair Labor Standards Act
28:1441fm Removal – Family and Medical Leave Act
28:1441fr Removal- Fraud
28:1441fs Removal – Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act
28:1441fsa Removal – Federal Food Stamp Act
28:1441hb Removal – Petition of Habeas Corpus
28:1441hc Removal – Handicapped Child Protection Act
28:1441hd Removal- Housing Discrimination
28:1441ia Removal- Interstate Commerce Act
28:1441if Removal – Insurance Fraud
28:1441ij Removal- Injunctive/Declaratory Relief
28:1441il Removal- Interstate Land Full Discloser Act
28:1441in Removal- Insurance Contract
28:1441int Removal- Action for Interpleader
28:1441la Removal – Truth in Lending Act
28:1441lb Removal- Libel, Assault, Slander
28:1441lm Removal- Labor/Mgmt. Relations
28:1441ml Removal- Motor Vehicle Prod Liability
28:1441mm Removal- Medical Malpractice
28:1441mv Removal- Motor Vehicle
28:1441ni Removal- Negotiable Instrument
28:1441nm Removal- Non-Motor Vehicle
28:1441oc Removal- Other Contract
28:1441pa Removal – Patent Infringement
28:1441pd Removal- Property Damage
28:1441pi Removal- Personal Injury
28:1441pl Removal- Product Liability
28:1441pr Petition for Removal
28:1441nr Notice of Removal
28:1441qt Removal- Petition to Quiet Title
28:1441ra Removal- Civil Rights (Race)
28:1441ri Removal- Racketeering (RICO)
28:1441rl Removal- Rent, Lease, & Ejectment
28:1441sa Removal- SEC Act
28:1441sf Removal- Securities Fraud
28:1441sh Removal-Sexual Harassment
28:1441st Removal – Stockholders Suit
28:1441sv Removal-Security Violation
28:1441sx Removal-Civil Rights (Sex)
28:1441ti Removal-Trademark Infringement
28:1441til Removal – Truth and Lending
28:1441tl Removal- Torts to Land
28:1441tm Removal- Tort/Motor Vehicle (P.I.)
28:1441tn Removal- Tort/Non-Motor Vehicle
28:1441tc Removal – Tricare Program
28:1441us Removal – Uniformed Svc Emp/Reemp Rights Act
28:1441wc Removal – Worker’s Compensation Benefits
28:1441wd Removal- Wrongful Death
28:1441wt Removal- Employment (Wrongful Termination)
28:1442 Notice of Removal – Suit against Federal Officer
28:1442aaf Petition for Removal – Agst members of armed forces
28:1443(1) Removal from State Court – Civil Rights: Rent, Lease, and Ejectment
28:1444 Notice of Removal- Foreclosure
28:1446al Notice of Removal – Airline Crash
28:1446as Notice of Removal – Asbestos Litigation
28:1446bc Notice of Removal – Breach of Contract
28:1446cs Notice of Removal – Child Support Enforcement
28:1446dj Notice of Removal – Declaratory Judgment
28:1446er Notice of Removal – E.R.I.S.A
28:1446fm Notice of Removal – Family and Medical Leave Act
28:1446fr Notice of Removal – Fraud
28:1446in Breach of Contract – Insurance
28:1446lb Notice of Removal – Libel, Assault, Slander
28:1446ml Notice of Removal – Motor Vehicle Prod Liability
28:1446mm Notice of Removal – Medical Malpractice
28:1446mv Notice of Removal – Motor Vehicle
28:1446ni Notice of Removal – Negotiable Instrument
28:1446nr Notice of Removal
28:1446oc Notice of Removal – Other Contract
28:1446pd Notice of Removal – Property Damage (P.I.)
28:1446pi Notice of Removal- Personal Injury
28:1446pl Notice of Removal – Product Liability
28:1446pr Petition for Removal
28:1446st Notice of Removal – Stockholders Suit
28:1446tl Notice of Removal – Torts to Land
28:1446wd Notice of Removal – Wrongful Death
28:1452 Removal of Claims Related to Bankruptcy Cases
28:1453 Class Action Fairness Act
28:1491 Tucker Act
28:1602 Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act
28:1605 Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act of 1976
28:1605A Antiterrorism & Effective Death Penalty Act 1996
28:1610 Juridictional Immunities of Foreign States
28:1631 Case Transferred to Cure Want of Jurisdiction
28:1651cn Petition for Writ of Error Coram Nobis
28:1651hc Petition for Writ of Habeas Corpus
28:1651mn Petition for Writ of Mandamus
28:1651w All Writs Act
28:1651ne Application for Writ Ne Exeat
28:1715 Class Action Fairness Act of 2005
28:1732 Reproduction of Records
28:1738Acs The Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction Act
28:1782 Assistance to Foreign Tribunals (incl letter rogatory)
28:1783 Petition for Subpoena of person in foreign country
28:1826 Order of confinement of recalcitrant witness
28:1875 Juror Protection Act / Protection of Jurors’ Employment
28:1916 Marine Personal Injury
28:1963 Registration of judgment from another district
28:2001 Judicial Sale of Realty
28:2071 Rule Making Power Generally
28:2201 Creation of a Remedy – Declaration of Rights
28:2201an Declaratory Judgement (aliens and nationality)
28:2201cp Declaratory Judgment (Copyright)
28:2201dj Declaratory Judgment
28:2201fa Declaratory Judgment- Firearms
28:2201fs Declaratory Judgment (Food Security Act)
28:2201ij Injunction
28:2201in Declaratory Judgment (Insurance)
28:2201pi Declaratory Judgment – Personal Injury
28:2241fd Petition for Writ of Habeas Corpus (federal)
28:2241in Habeas Corpus: INS
28:2241st Petition for Writ of Habeas Corpus (State)
28:2244 Habeas Corpus – Finality of Determination
28:2254 Petition for Writ of Habeas Corpus (State)
28:2254dp Petition for Writ of Habeas Corpus (Death Penalty)
28:2254se Petition for Writ of Habeas Corpus (Stay of Execution)
28:2255 Motion to Vacate / Correct Illegal Sentence
28:2283 Stay of State Court Proceedings (Injunctive Relief)
28:2347 Petition to Review Orders in the Ct of Appeals
28:2401 Federal Tort Claims Act (Time for commencing action against the US)
28:2403 Constitutionality of State Statute(s)
28:2405 Garnishment of debtors of a corporation by US
28:2409(a) Quiet Title Action
28:2410 Quiet Title – Actions affecting property on which United States has lien
28:2412 Equal Access to Justice Act
28:2415 Detinue and Conversion
28:2671 Federal Tort Claims Act (Definitions)
28:2672mv Federal Tort Claims Act – Motor Vehicle
28:2672pi Federal Tort Claim Act – Personal Injury
28:2674 Federal Tort Claims Act – Liability of US
28:2675 Federal Tort Claims Act – Disposition by Agency Req
28:2679(d)(2) Federal Tort Claims Act – Employee of U.S.A.
28:2680 Federal Tort Claims Act – Exceptions
28:3001 Federal Debt Collection Act
28:3001(a) Federal Debt Collection Procedures Act of 1990
28:3203 Postjudgment Remedies: Writ of Execution
28:3301 Fraudulent Transfer Federal Debt Collection Procedures Act
29:101 Labor: Issuance of Restraining Orders and Injunctions
29:151 Labor: National Labor Relations Act (NLRA)
29:158(b) Labor: NLRA – Unfair Labor Practices
29:159 Labor: Violation of Collective Bargaining Agreement
29:160 Labor: NLRA – Prevention of Unfair Labor Practices
29:160j Labor: Petition for Inj – Relief from Unfair Labor Practice
29:160l Labor: Petition for Inj re Uncertified Labor Organizations
29:161(2) Labor: Enforcement of agency subpoena
29:178 Labor: Petition for Inj to Enjoin Strike during Natl Emergency
29:185 Labor: Suits by and against Labor Organizations
29:186 Labor: Liabilities of and Restrictions on Labor and Management
29:187 Labor: Recover Damages from Unfair Labor Practice
29:201fl FLSA: Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)
29:203 FLSA: Definitions
29:206 FLSA: Minimum Wage
29:206(d) FLSA: Prohibition of Sex Discrimination
29:207fl FLSA: Maximum Hours
29:207(a) FLSA: Action for Overtime Wage Violation
29:210 FLSA: Court Review of Wage Orders in PR and VI
29:215fl FLSA: Prohibited Acts
29:216(b) FLSA: Minimum wage or overtime compensation
29:216(e) FLSA: Penalty assessed for child labor provisions
29:217 FLSA: Enjoin Violations of Fair Labor Standards Act
29:260 FLSA: Liquidated Damages
29:401 Labor Management Disclosure Act
29:411 Landrum Griffin Act
29:412 Infringement of rights; members of labor organization
29:440 violations reporting requirements; labor organization
29:501(b) Violation of Fiduciary Responsibility
29:621 Job Discrimination (Age)
29:623 Job Discrimination (Prohibition of Age Discrimination)
29:626 Job Discrimination (Investigation and Enforcement)
29:633 Job Discrimination (Age – Federal-State Realtionshship)
29:651 Occupational Safety/Health
29:660 Action by Sec Labor for discrimination re rights OSHA
29:662 Inj proceedings re dangerous emp conditions; by Sec.
29:666 Collection of civil penalties under OSHA
29:701 Vocational Rehabilitation
29:791 Job Discrimination (Rehabilitation Act)
29:792(d)(2) Accessible facilities for phys. handicapped emp
29:794 Job Discrimination (Handicap)
29:1001 E.R.I.S.A.: Employee Retirement
29:1002 E.R.I.S.A.: Employee Retirement (Definitions)
29:1055 E.R.I.S.A., Employee Retirement (Joint and Survivor Annuity)
29:1101 E.R.I.S.A.: Coverage
29:1104 E.R.I.S.A.: Recovery of Benefits to Employee
29:1109 E.R.I.S.A.: Breach of Fiduciary Duties
29:1132 E.R.I.S.A.: Civil Enforcement of Employee Benefits
29:1145 E.R.I.S.A.: Delinquent Contributions
29:1149 E.R.I.S.A.: Prohibition on False Statements and Representations
29:1161 COBRA – Continuation Coverage
29:1162 COBRA – Continuation Coverage
29:1303 PBGC: Operation of Corporation
29:1362 E.R.I.S.A.: Liability for Termination of Single Employer Plans
29:1381 E.R.I.S.A.: Withdrawal Liability
29:1401(b)(2) E.R.I.S.A.: Resolution of Disputes – Appeal of Arbitration Award
29:1451 E.R.I.S.A.: Enforcement – Civil Actions
29:1801 Farmworker Rights
29:1854 Migrant & Seasonal Agri Worker Protect Act (AWPA)
29:1916 Spec. Rule for Longshoremen & Harborworkers
29:2001 Employee Polygraph Protection Act
29:2101 Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act
29:2104 Worker Adjustment & Retraining Notification (WARN)
29:2601 FMLA: Family and Medical Leave Act (Findings and Purposes)
29:2611 FMLA: Definitions
29:2612 FMLA: Leave Requirements
29:2617 FMLA: Enforcement
30:22 General Mining Law of 1872 (Lands Open to Purchase by Citizens)
30:181 Land subject to disposition; persons entitled to benefits; reciprocal privileges
30:801 Penalities/Federal Mine Safety Health Act
30:815 Federal Mine Safety & Health Act (Procedure for Enforcement)
30:1201 Environment: Review of Agency Action (Congressional Findings)
30:1202 Mining Reclamation Act (Statement of Purpose)
30:1276 Interior: Judicial Review of Agency Action
30:1701 Federal Oil Gas Royalty Mgt Act 1982 (FOGRMA)
31:732 General Acct. Office Personnel Act of 1980 (Personnel Management System)
31:1341 Government employee–limitations on expending monies
31:3545 Civil Action to Recovery Money
31:3702 Procedures for Settling Claims
31:3713 Priority of Government Claims
31:3720 Federal Income Tax Interceptions (Collection of Payments)
31:3728 Setoff against Judgment
31:3729 False Claims Act – Liability

31:3730 False Claims Act – Civil Actions
31:3731 False Claims Act – Procedures
31:3733(j)(2) Pet to Mod or Set Aside CV Investigative Demand
31:5314 Failure to Report Interest in Foreign Accounts
31:5317 Search and Forfeiture of Monetary Instruments
31:5320 Inj proceedings re Rpts of Currency & Foreign Trans.
31:5321 Civil Penalties re Reports of Currency and Foreign Transaction
31:5332(a) Evading Currency Reporting Requirement
31:5332(f) Transport and Transfer US currency from in to out
31:6716 Discrimination re money and finance
31:9701 Federal User Charge Statute
33:408 Injury to Harbor Improvement
33:594 Land Condemnation
33:901 Longshoremen Harbor Workers Compensation Act (Navigation and Navigable Waters)
33:905(b) Longshoremen Workers’ Compensation Act – Recovery of Damages caused by the negligence of a Vessel
33:918 Longshore and Harbor Workers Compensation Act – Collection of Defaulted Payments
33:921 Longshore & Harbor Workers Compensation Act – Review of Compensation Orders
33:933 Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act – Compensation for Injuries (Third-Party Claims)
33:1221 Ports and Waterways Safety Program
33:1251 Federal Water Pollution Control Act (Clean Water Act)
33:1319cw Clean Water Act – Enforcement
33:1319(a)(2)pv Clean Water Act – Pollutants & Permit Violations
33:1321 Clean Water Act – Discharge of hazardous substance or pollutants/water
33:1361 Clean Water Act-Administrator Authority
33:1364 Clean Water Act – EPA action to restrain pollution endangering health (emergency powers)
33:1365 Clean Water Act – Citizen Suits re Environmental Matters
33:1415 Marine Protection, Research, and Sanctuaries Act
33:1515 Deepwater Ports Act (citizen civil action)
33:2701 Oil Pollution Act of 1940
35:1 Establishment of PTO
35:32 Suspension from Practice before Patent & Trade. Off.
35:145 Civil Action to Obtain Patent
35:146 Appeal from Decision of the Board of Patent Appeals
35:183 Right to Compensation – Patent Laws
35:256 Patent Non-Infringement (Correction of Named Inventor)
35:271 Patent Infringement
35:281 Remedy for Infringement of Patent/jurisdiction conferred 28:1338
35:282 Patent Infringement – Defenses
35:283 Action to enjoin violation of right secured by patent
35:289 Recover profits from unlicensed use of design patent
35:291 Action for relief between owners; interfering patents
35:292 Penalty & Forfeiture; illegal use of word patent (false marking)
35:311 Patent – Request for Inter Partes Reexamination
38:1110 Basic Entitlements / Wartime
38:1131 Basic Entitlements / Peacetime
38:1816 Deficiency balance on VA Mortgage Foreclosure (Regulations Governing the VA Loan Guaranty Program)
38:1965 Servicemen’s Group Life Insurance (Definitions)
38:1975 Recovery of Servicemen’s Group Life Insurance – Jurisdiction of District Court
38:1984 Suit for Veterans Insurance
38:3481 Recovery of VA Overpayment
38:3680 Recovery of Education Assist Allowance Overpayment
38:4212 Veterans Employment Emphasis Under Federal Contracts
38:4301 Uniformed Srvs. Employment & Reemployment Rights Act (purpose)
38:4302 Veterans Reemployment Rights Act (relation to other laws and plans or agreements.
38:4311 Uniformed Service Employment or Reemployment Rights Act (USERRA) – Discrimination
38:4312 Rights of inducted persons to reemployment
38:4323 USERRA – Enforcement of rights with respect to state or private employer
38:4324 USERRA – Enforcement of rights with respect to federal executive agencies
38:5315 Delinquent Payment of Amounts Due to US
38:5316 VA Overpayment
39:403 Discriminatory use of the Postal Service
39:409 Suits by and against the Postal Service
39:1207 Review Agency Action–Labor Disputes
39:1208(b) Postal Reorganization Act of 1970 – Suits
39:3005 False Representations and Lotteries
39:3007 Detention of Mail for Temporary Periods – Injunction directing retention of incoming mail
39:3008(e) Enforce compliance with a USPS Prohibitory Order
40:581 General Authority of Administrator of General Services
40:1101 Brooks Architect – Engineers Act
40:3131 Bonds of contractors of public buildings
40:3142 Davis-Bacon Act (prevailing wages)
41:2102-2107 Procurement Integrity Act
41:3301 Competition in Contracting Act
41:6503 Walsh-Healy Act – Breach of Public Contract
41:6505 Exclusions – Review of legal questions in contracts; Walsh-Healy Act
41:6702 – 6704 Service Contract Labor Standards / McNamara-O’Hara Service Contract Act 1965
41:7105(f) Action to Judicially Enforce Administrative Subpoena
42:205 Appointment of Surgeon General
42:206 Surgeon General – Assignment of Officers
42:254o Breach of Scholarship Contract
42:256 Public Health Services Act – Grants
42:292f Default of borrower
42:292k Student loan insurance (Public Health Occupations)
42:293 Recovery of losses from loan guarantee; public health
42:297 Student loans; public or nonprofit school of nursing
42:300aa-1 Nat’l. Childhood Vaccine Injury Compensation Act
42:300f Safe Drinking Water Act (Definitions)
42:300g Actions re safety of public water systems (EPA)
42:300g-3 Enforcement of Drinking Water Regulations
42:401 Social Security Act – Trust Funds
42:402 Social Security Benefits
42:405id Review of HHS Decision (SSID)
42:405rs Review of HHS Decision (RSI)
42:405wc Review of HHS Decision (DIWC)
42:405ww Review of HHS Decision (DIWW)
42:421(d) Review HHS decision re disability determinations
42:423 Social Security Act (Disability Insurance Benefit Payments)
42:427 Social Security Benefits (Transitional Insured Status)
42:601 Title IV-A of the Social Security Act (Grants to States for Aid and Assistance to Needy Families)
42:602 Temp. Assistance for Needy Families (TANF)
42:660 Action to enforce child support obligations
42:1320a-7b(b)(2)(A)  Anti-Kickback Act (for federal health care programs)
42:1320d-2 Health Insurance Portability And Accountability Act (HIPAA)
42:1381a Supplemental Security Income benefits (SSID)
42:1382 Eligibility for benefits
42:1383 Review of HHS Decision (regarding payment of benefits)
42:1395dd Exam & Treatment Emergency Med Cond & Women in Labor
42:1395w-21 Medicare Act (Eligibility, Election, and Enrollment)
42:1395 Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act
42:1395hr Hospital Reimbursement for Medicare Services
42:1396a State Plans for Medical Assistance
42:1396b Medical Assist Prgm, Pmt to States/Medicaid Implem
42:1437 U.S. Housing Act of 1937
42:1475 Declaratory & Injunctive Relief – Foreclosure Procedures
42:1479 Mortgage, lease, contract re farm housing
42:1651 Defense Base Act
42:1705 Receipt of Workmen’s compensation benefits
42:1971 Voting Rights Law
42:1973(a) Enforcement of Voting Rights
42:1973(c ) Voting Rights -Qualifications & Procedures
42:1973 Voting Rights Act
42:1973gg-2 Nat’l. Voter Registration Act of 1993 (NVRA)
42:1981a Damages in cases of intentional discrim. in employment
42:1981cv Civil Rights
42:1981hs Housing Discrimination
42:1981jb Job Discrimination (Race)
42:1981ra Race Discrimination
42:1981sx Sex Discrimination
42:1982hs Discrimination re property rights (housing)
42:1982ra Discrimination re property rights (race)
42:1982sx Discrimination re property rights (sex)
42:1983bv Bivens Non-Prisoner
42:1983cv Civil Rights Act – Civil Action for Deprivation of Rights
42:1983cvp Civil Rights (Personal Property)
42:1983d Civil Rights (Death)
42:1983dp Civil Right Denial of Due Process
42:1983ed Civil Rights (Employment Discrimination)
42:1983pr Prisoner Civil Rights
42:1983vp Violation of Due Process and Equal Protection
42:1985 Consipracy to interfere with civil rights
42:1986 Neglect of Duty
42:1987 Prosecution of violations of certain laws (violations of sec 1990 or 5506 to 5516 or 5518 to 5532)
42:1988 Proceedings in Vindication of Civil Rights
42:1997 Institutionalized Persons Act of 1980
42:2000a-3pa Discrimination, segregation; public accommodation – Injunctive Relief
42:2000bea Equal access to public facilities
42:2000c-6ed Discrimination in Education
42:2000e-2ag Job Discrimination (Age)
42:2000e-2e Job Discrimination (Unlawful Employment Practices)
42:2000e-2no Job Discrimination (National Origin)
42:2000e-2ot Job Discrimination (other)
42:2000e-2pb Job Discrimination (Public Accommodations)
42:2000e-2ra Job Discrimination (Race)
42:2000e-2rl Job Discrimination (religion)
42:2000e-2sh Job Discrimination (Sexual Harassment)
42:2000e-2sx Job Discrimination (Sex)
42:2000e-5eeo Petition to Enforce EEOC Subpoena
42:2000ad Job Discrimination (Disability Act)
42:2000bb Religious Freedom Restoration Act of 1993
42:2000cc Religious Land Use & Institutionalized Persons Act of 2000
42:2000d Federally Assisted Programs
42:2003 Regulations of Indian Hospitals
42:2005 financial assistance to Indian tribes
42:2210 Indeminification & Limitation of Liability-Financial
42:2651 Medical Care Recovery by US
42:2996 Legal Services Corporation Act
42:3058(g) Older American’s Act of 1965, 42 U.S.C. 3058(g) (State Long-term Care Ombudsman Program)
42:3121 Public Works and Economic Development Act of 1965
42:3133 Coordination – Grants for Public Works and Economic Development
42:3601 Fair Housing Act
42:3604(f)(3)(c) Fair Housing Amendments Act
42:3610 Fair Housing Act-Administrative Enforcement; Preliminary Matters
42:3612 Civil rights in housing  – Enforcement by Secretary
42:3613 Action for inj relief re deprivation of civil rights
42:4001 National Insurance Flood Act
42:4013 National Flood Insurance Act – Nature and Limitation of Insurance Coverage
42:4053 Breach of Insurance Contract
42:4072 Payment of Flood Insurance Claim
42:4321 Review of Agency Action-Environment (Declaration of Purpose)
42:4332 Environmental Policy – Cooperation of Agencies; Reports
42:4721 Intergovernmental Personnel Act (findings and purposes)
42:4821 Lead-Based Paint Poisoning Prevention Act (findings and purposes)
42:4901 Noise Control Act of 1972 (findings and purposes)
42:4910(c ) Action to restrain violation re noise control
42:5101 Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act
42:5303 Block Grant Act of 1974 (42 USC 5301-5321)
42:5401 Natl Mnfactrd Housing Cnstr Safety Standard Act 1974 (findings and purposes)
42:5411 Housing Construction and Safety Standards Act – Injunctive Relief
42:5851 Discrimination “Whistle blower” Employee – ERA (employee protection)
42:6101 Age Discrimination in Federally Assisted Programs (statement of purpose)
42:6201 Energy Policy & Conservation Act (statement of purpose)
42:6393 Controversies under Energy Policy & Conservation Act (Admin Procedure and Judicial Review)
42:6901en Environmental Cleanup Expenses (congressional findings)
42:6901rs Resource & Recovery Act (congressional findings)
42:6928 Violations of requirements of hazardous Waste Mgmt (federal enforcement)
42:6961 Federal Facilities Compliance Act
42:6972(a) Solid Waste Disposal Act – Citizen Suit
42:6972 Resource & Recovery Act – Citizen Suit
42:7192 Controversies under Dept of Energy Organization Act – Judicial Review
42:7384 Energy Employees Occupational Illness Compensation Program Act (EEOICPA)
42:7401 Clean Air Act (findings & declarations)
42:7412 Air Pollution Control – emission standards
42:7413(b) Clean Air Act – Enforcement
42:7475 Clean Air Act – Preconstruction Requirements
42:7545 Air Pollution Prevention – Regulation of Fuels
42:7603 Action for immediate restraint (Emergency Powers)
42:7604(f)cl Clear Air Act – Emission Standards
42:7604 Clean Air Act – Citizen suit to enforce Clean Air Act
42:7671 Clean Air Act (Stratospheric Ozone Protection) (Definitions)
42:8324 Powerplant and Industrial Fuel Use – terms and conditions
42:8351 Powerplant and Industrial Fuel Use – Temporary Exemptions
42:9601 Comprehensive Environmental Compen/Resp/Liab (CERCLA) (Definitions)
42:9604 Comprehensive Envir., Response, Comp. & Liab. Act (CERCLA) – Removal and Other Remedial Action
42:9607 Real Property Tort to Land – Liability
42:9613 Comp Environ Recovery Comp & Liability Act (CERCLA) – Civil Proceedings
42:10139 judicial review of agency actions
42:10801 Protection & Advocacy for Individuals with Mental Illness Act of 1986 (PAIMI)
42:10805 Protection and Advocacy Systems
42:11001 Emergency Plan. & Comm. Right to Know Act (EPCRA)
42:11046 Fed Emer Plan Comm Right-to-know Act (EPCRA) – civil actions
42:11101 Health Care Quality Improvement Act of 1986
42:11112 Health Care Quality Improvement Act (Standards for Professional Review Actions)
42:11601 International Child Abduction Remedies Act
42:11603(b) Int’l. Child Abduction Remedies Act (ICARA) – Judicial Remedies
42:12101 The Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990
42:12102 Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Disability Definition
42:12111 Americans with Disabilities Act – Employment
42:12112 Americans with Disabilities Act – Employment Discrimination
42:12117 Americans with Disabilities Act – Enforcement
42:12132 Americans with Disabilities Act – Discrimination
42:12188 Americans With Disabilities Act – Civil Enforcement Actions
42:13981 Violence Against Women Act (Civil Rights)
42:14135 DNA Backlog Grant Program
42:14901 Intercountry Adoptions
42:15483 Help America Vote Act
43:421 Complaint in Condemnation – Eminent Domain
43:945a Compensation for Land Condemnation
43:945b Complaint in Condemnation – Easements
43:946 Complaint in Condemnation – Right of Way for Irrigation and Drainage Projects
43:1331 Outer Continental Shelf Lands Act (Definitions)
43:1333 Outer Continental Shelf Lands Act – Laws and Regulations Governing Lands
43:1349 Outer Continental Land Shelf Act – Citizen Suits
43:1701 Violation of Federal Land Policy and Management Act (FLPMA)
43:1737 FLPMA – Implementation Provisions
44:2107 Presidential Recordings and Materials Act (NARA acceptance of records for historical preservation)
45:51 Railways: Fed. Employer’s Liability Act
45:56 Employers Liability Act – Personal Inj re Railroads (bringing an action)
45:151 Railway Labor Act (Definitions)
45:152 Railway Labor Act – General Duties
45:153 First Railway Labor Act – National Railroad Adjustment Board
45:159 Review of arbitration award (RR Carriers/Mediation Bd)
45:184 Action to Set Aside Award of a System Board
45:231(f) Compel obedience to order of Railroad Retirement Bd
45:351 Railroad Unemployment Insurance Act
45:719 Regional Rail Reorganization Act of 1973 (judicial review)
45:1105 Northeast Rail Service Act – Judicial Review
46:2114 Wrongful Discharge from Employment – protection from discrimination
46:30101 Extension of jurisdiction to cases of damage or injury on land
46:30104 Marine Personal Injury – Jones Act
46:30302 Shipping: Damages for Death on High Seas
46:30304 Breach of Maritime Contract – liability of noncompliance
46:30503 Limitation of Liability – declaration of nature and value of goods
46:30504 Limitation of Liability – loss by fire
46:30505-30510 Exoneration, Limitation of Liability
46:30511 Action by owner for limitation
46:30701 Marine Cargo Loss or Damage – Liability of Water Carriers
46:30704 Liability of Water Carriers – Loading, stowage, custody, care, and delivery
46:31102 Public Vessels Act – Waiver of Immunity
46:31301 to 31343 Maritime Commercial Instruments and Liens Act
46:30902 to 30911 Suits in Admiralty Act
46:31301 Federal Maritime Lien Act
46:31321 Foreclosure of Preferred Ship Mortgages
46:31325 Suit to enforce lien upon mortgaged vessel-foreclosure / Foreclosure of Preferred Foreign Ship Mortgages
46:31341 Federal Maritime Lien Act
46:31342 Breach of Maritime Contract (establishing maritime liens)
46:31343 Commercial Instruments & Maritime Liens
46:40101 Shipping Act of 1998
46:41102(a) Shipping Act of 1984 – General Prohibitions
46:41309 Shipping Act of 1984 – Enforcement of Reparation Orders
46:50101 Violation of Maritime Regulations
46:58109 Violation of Merchant Marine Act – Penalties
47:151 Federal Communications Act of 1934
47:151cs Federal Communications Act – Collection for Services
47:201bt Breach of Tariff
47:203 Telecommunications Collection of Charges
47:205 Wire and Radio Communication Svc and Charges (Recovery of Damages)
47:206 Carrier’s Liability for Damages
47:227 FCC-Unsolicited Telephone Sales
47:227(b)(3) Telephone Consumer Protection Act of 1991
47:251 Telecommunications Act of 1996 – Interconnection
47:252 Telecommunications Act
47:254(h) Children’s Internet Protection Act
47:332 FCA-Wire or Radio Communications (Mobile Services)
47:332(c ) Federal Telecommunications Act of 1996
47:338 Satellite Home Viewer Improvement Act
47:401 Application of Federal Communication Comm for Inj. (Enforcement Provisions)
47:407 Order for payment of money; petition for enforcement;
47:510 Forfeiture of Communications Devices
47:521 Cable Televsn. Consumer Protection & Competition Act of 1992
47:532 Cable Communication Policy Act of 1984
47:551 Cable Communications Act
47:553 U.S.C.A. Cable Communications Policy Act
47:605 Unlawful Reception Broadcast Signal i.e., Satellite – Theft of Satellite


49:101 ICC Termination Act of 1996
49:502 Transportation Administrative Subpoena
49:1113 Petition to enforce administrative summon
49:1136 Aviation Disaster Family Assistance Act of 1996
49:10101 Interstate Commerce Act-Interstate Transportation Rail
49:10743 Revised Interstate Commerce Act
49:11101 Interstate Commerce Act
49:11501 Railroad Revitalization & Regulatory Reform Act (General jurisdiction)
49:11502 Railroad Revitalization Regulatory Reform (authority to exempt rail carrier transportation)
49:11701 General authority of enforcement of regulations in rail
49:11702 Enforcement by the Board
49:11705 Limitation on actions by and against rail carriers
49:11706 Carmack Amendent (Liability of carriers under receipts and bills of lading)
49:11707 Carmack Amendment (Liability when property is delivered in violation of routing instructions)
49:13101 Transportation Policy
49:13702 Tariff requirement for certain transportation
49:13706 Motor Carriers, etc-Liability for Payment of Rates
49:14501 Preemption (federal authority of intrastate transportation)
49:14705 Interstate Commerce Act/Carmack Amendment (Limitations on actions by and against carriers)
49:14706 Carmack Amendment to the Interstate Commerce Act / Liability of Carriers – Receipts & Bills of Landing
49:20301-20306 Federal Safety Appliance Act
49:21302 Carriers violations of Interstate Commerce Act (Chapter 201 accident and incident violations and chapter 203–209 violations)
49:30112 Motor Vehicle Safety (prohibition on non-complying motor vehicles and equipment)
49:30101 National Traffic & Motor Vehicle Safety Act
49:30502 Natl Motor Vehicle Title Information Syst
49:31114 Access to Interstate System/Commercial Motor Vehicle
49:31502 Motor Carrier Safety: Requirements for Qualifications
49:32101 Motor Vehicle Information and Costs Savings Act
49:32701 Odometer Requirements Act
49:40101 Federal Aviation Act
49:40102 Airline Deregulation Actv(definitions of air and commerce safety)
49:40105 Warsaw Convention
49:41705 Air Carrier Access Act (discrimination against handicapped individuals)
49:41713 Airline Deregulation Actv (premp of authority over prices, routes, and service)
49:44709 Noise Control Act of 1972
49:44715 Noise Control Act of 1972
49:46507 False information and threats
49:47101 Airport and Airway Improvement Act of 1982
49:47501 Aviation Safety & Noise Abatement Act of 1979
49:49101 Wrongful Termination in Contravention of Published Regulations
49:49104 Breach of Lease by Metro. Wash. Airport Auth.
49:60101 Pipeline Safety Act of 1994
49:60102 Hazardous Liquid Pipeline Safety Act of 1979 (HLPSA)
49:80102 Bills of Lading – Application
49:80302 Contraband – Prohibitions
49:80303 Seizure and forfeiture of vessel or aircraft conveying contraband
50:1701-1706 International Emergency Economic Powers Act
50a:1 Trading With the Enemy Act (act located in Title 50, Appendix.)
50a:533 Servicemembers Civil Relief Act-mortgages (act located in Title 50, Appendix.)
50a:501 Sailors and Soldiers Civil Relief Act (act located in Title 50, Appendix.)
50a:540 Sailors and Soldiers Civil Relief Act (act located in Title 50, Appendix.)
50a:2412 Export Administration Act–1979 (act located in Title 50, Appendix.)
51:20137(a) Malpractice & Negligence Against U.S. Space program

TX Home Theft: Deutsche Bank, The Catholic Bandit and Hired Wolf Nick Frame in Federal Conspiracy Racket

Chasing Tiny Debts to Strip Cash Windfall from Equity in Home: The loan was for $66k and LIT suggests appx $17k remains on $174k property.

Operation Lone Star: Deutsche Bank Agree to Dismissal in Cartel Cash Trafficker’s Foreclosure

Texas Homeowner Veronica Mafle Arrested in Operation Lone Star for Attempting to Smuggle $222k in Dirty Money Shuttle to Mexico.

Agreeing to Foreclosure for 14 Years, Felicia Oliver Ain’t Quiverin’ About Deutsche Bank, PHH or the Wolves

With non-contested judicial orders of foreclosure in 2010, 2013 and 2019, the property is still owned in Feb. 2024, by Oliver and Williams.

Federal Court Civil Causes of Action
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