Edward Rene Charged and Bonded in TSU Pay-to-Play Scandal. Austin Lane Escapes Charges – To Date.

Former Texas Southern University Law School Asst Dean Edward Wayne Rene formally charged in August 2020. There has been no movement in the case at 228th Court, before Judge Frank Aguilar.

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Updates in this ‘Speedy Trial’

Update (Jul 13, 2023)

Edward Rene 
Have you noticed how Harris County District Court’s delay criminal proceedings for white collar crimes for theft or those involving sex with minors? Meet Edward Rene. His lawyers have deferred his first charge of theft since August 10, 2020 and his subsequent charge while on bond for alleged sex with a minor since December 21, 2022 on the assertion that the “summons is outstanding”. Where is Rene, that he’s that difficult to find, is he now on the run and livin’ it big in Thailand?

Next Court Setting

We’re well past the 2 year anniversary in this case as it moves very slowly (next hearing now March 7, 2023) along but not without more drama as Rene is charged once more, this time for sex with a minor (f).

Update (10/22/2021): See Screenshot – is the court waitin’ for a donation from gofundme for restitution?


Update (6/23/2021): See Screenshot for deferred docket deadlines….


Update (4/4/21): Pretrial motions scheduled on Docket for May 13, 2021.

It’s over 7 months since the Asst Dean at TSU was noticed, charged and bonded. Not a peep from any outlets  about former President Austin Lane and whether any criminal charges will follow. As far as Edward Rene’s case, there has been absolutely zero update on the docket. No such thing as a ‘speedy trial’ in the State courts it would appear.

Former TSU law school assistant dean surrenders, posts $10,000 bond in theft charge

AUG 14, 2020 | REPUBLISHED BY LIT: MAR 24, 2021


HOUSTON – A former Texas Southern University law school assistant dean turned himself in to authorities Friday after he was previously charged with theft in an alleged admissions scheme, officials said.

Edward Rene, 52, was charged with theft Monday after being accused of awarding double tuition scholarship to at least two students and then making them return the extra money, which investigators say he kept.

Rene surrendered at court Friday morning. He was given a $10,000 bond, which he posted and was released.

About the case

Harris County District Attorney Kim Ogg said Rene “masterminded a variety of schemes to steal money from the school by diverting student scholarship funds to himself.”

“He abused his power for personal profit and his actions hurt the school and the students,” Ogg said in the release.

“It was the TSU Board of Regents who brought us the case following an internal investigation, and we applaud their swift actions to bring this thief to justice.”

Rene acted as the school’s chief enrollment officer and was employed as the Thurgood Marshall School of Law’s Assistant Dean of Admissions since 1999, according to the school’s website.

In November, the university said an employee had been fired over improprieties in the admissions process but did not specify who the employee was or what the improprieties were. At the time, the school said the findings of their internal audit were turned over to local authorities.

In February, TSU President Dr. Austin Lane was fired after the university’s board of regents voted 6-1 in favor of his termination.

In a statement after Lane’s termination, the board said Lane “failed to appropriately act on or inform the Board about allegations of fraud committed by the former law school official, including evidence of a student payment for admission to the school.”

The DA’s office said the university’s board of regents brought the matter to their Public Corruption Division and together with the FBI, charges were filed against Rene.

A spokesperson for the DA’s office said Rene is expected to surrender in the coming days.

Anyone with further information about possible wrongdoing in this matter is asked to contact the District Attorney’s Office Public Corruption Division at 713-274-5911 or FBI’s Houston Division at 713-693-5000.

Edward Rene Still Out on Bond, Despite Facing Serious New Criminal Charges and Second Case

Former Texas Southern University Law School Asst Dean Edward Wayne Rene hit with second serious criminal charge.

Texas Southern University Admissions Scandal is Appalling. Criminal Indictments Need to Be Issued. The Audit Report Already Proves the Corruption

Texas Southern University awarded more than $400,000 in scholarships to poorly performing students in a scheme to boost enrollment and enrich a school official that went unnoticed for years, according to an auditor’s report.

Ex University of Texas Tennis Coach Gets 6 Months in Jail. Yet Texas Southern University’s Ex President’s “Pay to Play” Scandal Received a Golden Handshake

Corruption in Texas: When you’re in charge of a Texas Law School and are Accused of a “Pay to Play” Admissions Scandal, you get a Golden Handshake. Not the same if you’re a Non-Lawyer as Michael Center found out.

Edward Rene Charged and Bonded in TSU Pay-to-Play Scandal. Austin Lane Escapes Charges – To Date.
1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Honesty 4 ALL

    March 25, 2021 at 12:06 am

    I am a former employee of the law school and it was reported years ago about Edward Rene tactics. Carrington and Holley firmer Dean’s were well aware they were taking trips and using school funds so they ignored this Edith Dean was collecting money for her personal use firmer law school payroll manager. Trust me the level of dishonesty goes far attention Law School. Edward Rene boyfriend Tezno worked across campus and was doing the same thing before he went to a different university

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