Justin Bayne: Hardeman Family’s “Fall Guy”

When the Hardeman Family decided to start investing as an active loan purchaser in the Austin real estate market, who did they turn to to serve as the Manager of the LLC’s and to be the front man to hide their shenanigans? Justin Bayne, a 40-year old Austin real estate broker with no investment or real estate lending experience – and no money to invest.

As the Hardeman Family embarked on their audacious plan to steal properties from Austin real estate investor, Nate Paul, they formed a series of entities to shield their identity. The only name that has EVER appeared in public records is a tenant rep office broker named Justin Bayne. This was an odd situation as Justin Bayne was not known in the market as an investor, lender, or debt expert. He is known instead as your quintessential broker living off commissions. According to a former coworker of Bayne’s, the only thing firmly on Bayne’s calendar was happy hour.

According to Bayne’s bio, “in 2017 he converted his brokerage business to Bayne Commercial in order to focus on his 160-acre multi-use development project, Pearson Ranch, and simultaneously founded his professional coworking concept, FIRMSPACE.”  See https://www.deepeddycap.com/our-team

To translate that in to layman terms, he spent the last 4 years on a development project that didn’t get developed and he started a knockoff version of WeWork that didn’t take off. When you have mouths to feed, might as well take on the role of fall guy for the Hardeman scheme in hopes of getting rich quick!

Bayne isn’t alone in his role however. His counsel is none other than his uncle: notorious swindler Mark Riley. Some background on Mark Riley below (yes, we also wonder how he is still allowed to practice law in the state of Texas). He’s a “lawyer” and a “CPA”, and is well known in Houston for the time spent in the courthouse as a serial defendant more so than a practicing lawyer.



According to sources, Bayne’s involvement stems from his friendship with Bryan Hardeman’s privileged offspring, Will Hardeman. These 2 buddies orchestrated this strategy with Bayne’s crooked uncle and Will’s scumbag father, Bryan Hardeman.

Will Hardeman isn’t known for being the sharpest crayon in the box. Will’s time is spent wanting to be a race car driver or run for Mayor, typical aspirations of a rich kid who has lived off of Daddy’s money and not worked a day in his life.

Justin Bayne is one of the most intriguing characters in this saga. The Hardemans put him out in the front as the Manager of these LLC’s that are committing fraud, and his name is the only one that appears on any signed documents.

After all, every good scam has to have a “fall guy” that takes the fall for the people with the money sitting behind the scenes.