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Corrupt Criminals, Donald Trump and The Eleventh Circuit Gather in Florida…Here’s What’s Up

As we suggested in an earlier article when the 11th Circuit got involved in this massive ponzi scheme case in Florida, it reeks of impropriety and we’ve been proven correct at LIT again.


This article should be read in conjunction with our earlier article.

Jan 14, 2021 –  President Donald Trump has commuted the 40-year sentence of Fred Davis “Dave” Clark Jr., who was convicted in 2015 of helping run a $300 million Ponzi scheme through the Florida Keys-based company Cay Clubs Resort and Marinas.

Trump Supporter Shocked Over Clemency of ‘Crook’ Who Stole His Life Savings in Ponzi Scheme

Originally Published: Jan 19, 2021 | Republished by LIT: Jan 20, 2021

71-year-old supporter of President Donald Trump was reportedly shocked when Trump recently commuted the 40-year sentence of a man who stole his life savings in a Ponzi scheme.

Kimball Pugmire, who supported the outgoing president and voted for him in 2016 and 2020, told the Tampa Bay Times that he was forced to question Trump’s honesty after learning that the president had granted clemency Wednesday to “lifetime crook” Fred Davis Clark Jr., who was sentenced to decades behind bars in 2016 after defrauding nearly 1,400 investors out of a combined $300 million.

“I had been trying to forget all this, but it makes you wonder, even being a Trump supporter, about his honesty,” Pugmire told the paper.

Clark was CEO of Cay Clubs Resorts and Marina, which offered investors the promise of steady returns by purportedly transforming old properties into luxury resorts in Florida, the Caribbean and Las Vegas. In reality, the projects were never completed and the money taken in from new investors was being used to pay off outstanding debts to old investors and to fund Clark’s lavish lifestyle.

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Corrupt Criminals, Donald Trump and The Eleventh Circuit Gather in Florida…Here’s What’s Up
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