Bill Erby of Ocwen Altisource Launches an App for Real Estate Portal Hubzu Aimed at His Wall St. Investors

Bill Erbey’s online real estate portal, Hubzu, launches a new mobile app that will give residential real estate investors on-the-go access.


Bill Erbey of Ocwen Altisource launches app for his favorite Real Estate pet, namely the Ocwen [foreclosed homes for sale]  property portal called Hubzu.


I am disabled veteran trying buy home. Im betting ill get auto response from Danae ******. She must be hired ombudsman?

That owner of hubzu is William B. ****** {Erbey} CEO of altisource formerly of main reo source Ocwen.

So HUBZU corporate address is 40, avenue Monterey Luxembourg L-2163.

Hired Indian do closing and go read their job postings very geared toward foreigners.

Any how…. Heres my story…

I bid 4 times over last month for same property…many hands in same very high 5% commission for no interaction etc. Then had illegal rude and fast loose vendors employee agents ghost bid and reserve min kept moving down 10k each time i bid and didnt accept due to suspicious and very sneaky process so was relisted. Finally yesterday Had minimum 1000 bid increment then the ghost bidder or auto bidder jumps you up $ 2000 increment.

Its very deceptive and illegal.

Now Earnest money that i agreed on to start auto bidder was jacked above agreed price. They dont allow email to correspond instantly with online bid changes. So get no notice of change letter till after its posted or done. Then they change clock countdown so it last longer. In attempt Create fear of loss or panic to bid up their commission.

Do not use their title or closing company. You need honest reputable american closing lawyer who won’t steal it. Very sketchy overall unprofessional at best.

Read every posts here and online the 4 star are employees. Read all 1 stars. I am waiting to see how they will respond to my demands to correct these issues in order to proceed.

I recommend get own realtor who has closed a house with these conglomerates and big deep pocket title company to ensure letter of law and sue to protect your rights. They work for themselves.

All people so far have huge commission breathe. Buyer be very aware they are not looking out for your best interests at all. They are not american based company.

Keep a state attorney general and title lawyer on speed dial.

Author; Pure E., BBB review, April 28, 2020

Hubzu Launches Mobile App

Oct 27, 2020

Online real estate marketing platform, Hubzu, today announced it launched a new mobile app that will give residential real estate buyers on-the-go access to the power and functionality of the Hubzu platform, the company said.

With this new app, Hubzu now provides even more tools for buyers to find, research, and bid on homes in a competitive auction format for all types of residential real estate, including retail, short sales, foreclosures and REO.

The Hubzu online platform is an end-to-end asset management and disposition solution for residential foreclosure, short sale, REO, deed in lieu, CWCOT and retail property auctions.

Hubzu simplifies the purchase and sales process for buyers, sellers and brokers of foreclosure and other properties with transparent bidding and streamlined transaction support.

Supported by a strong focus on customer feedback, data and analytics, Hubzu has facilitated the sale of over 225,000 homes nationwide with over 4.5 million bids placed since 2009.

Available for IOS and Android, the new easy-to-use mobile app is designed to help make real estate investing through Hubzu even simpler.

Experienced and new buyers can grow their portfolios anytime and anywhere right from their phones. They can discover unique properties, bid on online auctions and stay updated with real-time alerts. Property listings include key details, photos, auction dates, bid prices, estimated rental rates and more.

By the end of the year, the mobile app will also include proxy bidding capabilities to make it easier for buyers to acquire homes at foreclosure sales from anywhere in the world.

It will also pair directly with the new Hubzu foreclosure app available in October that will provide fully integrated search, research and bidding capabilities for live on-site foreclosure sales.

“Our app is a must-have for real estate investors,”

said Michael Jansta, General Manager of Hubzu.

“It’s the ultimate mobile tool for helping buyers increase their portfolios by leveraging data and technology to discover, research and acquire properties. It’s reflective of our commitment to invest in technology and continuously improve the Hubzu marketplace.”

Bill Erby of Ocwen Altisource Launches an App for Real Estate Portal Hubzu Aimed at His Wall St. Investors
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