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Bandit Lawyer Gannon the Misfirin’ Cannon Touts Unregistered TX Debt Mgt Xpert Credit Repair Service

Credit repair is an extension of Gannon’s many hats, via his paralegal Chris Erbert and his business, which is not registered with TX OCCC.

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AUG 29, 2023 | REPUBLISHED BY LIT: OCT 1, 2023
OCT 1 11, 2023

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And yes, TX OCCC has no listing(s) for XCR Enterprises, Inc. d/b/a Xpert Credit Repair

credit repair expert

the beginning

Christopher Ebert has been working full time in the credit repair space since 2003. He started working for consumer law firms early in his career. While working for his first law firm, Ciarochi Law Firm, he found his passion for helping consumers find ways to improve their credit and achieve their goals.

He started Xpert Credit Repair  in 2005 to offer consumer’s more options at a cheaper price than hiring an attorney to assist them. Xpert Credit Repair became  the first credit repair company in the nation to offer Delete Then Pay™ pricing where a client paid after the deletion / correction occurred on the credit report.

Around 2009, credit repair tactics had to change because  mortgage lender guidelines changed. Disputing with the credit bureaus would not work as well.

Xpert Credit Repair started to dispute and challenge directly with the creditors and debt collectors. After finding and tweaking this new approach,

Christopher started developing his own proprietary software. He does not lease it or allow other credit repair companies to use it. Using best practices and  a world class software combined with prudent automations, Xpert Credit Repair grew to be an industry leader.

the transition

Starting in 2006 the world of debt began to change as the creditors and debt buyers started to file lawsuits against consumers in mass. Christopher recognized the need to help law firms automate systems to help consumers resolve these lawsuits more efficiently.

He set out to design and implement proprietary software and processes used by law firms. Because of the systems brought to the law firms he worked for and with, the cost to settle and / or fight litigation decreased significantly.

Attorneys were used to charging thousands of dollars to answer a lawsuit and settle.

He brought the industry average down to below $1500 for most lawsuits. Christopher is proud that more consumers can afford a consumer credit attorney to represent them when being sued. He added a module to the software that allowed attorneys to assist clients in debt settlement with their creditors.


Lawsuits against consumers are becoming such an issue that most credit repair companies are having to change tactics again. Many choose not to dispute original creditors, leaving their clients to settle on their own.

Those that dispute the creditors that sue often find their clients are getting sued. Again, Christopher responded to the new norm by modifying his software, dispute tactics, and sales process to put his clients in the best position possible.

Christopher has married the processes of credit repair to the the attorney’s software, allowing for a seamless process for the client experience. Setting  appropriate expectations with the clients and increasing efficiency of dealing with creditors, debt buyers, and debt collectors results in a better outcome with lower cost to the consumer.

Christopher is proud of what his team and he have been able to achieve and hope to change the credit repair industry again.

i help credit repair companies

I help credit repair companies become better versions of themselves. I have a passion for the credit repair industry and am willing to help credit repair company owners of all sizes . I have deep experience in the industry to help improve any system (or teach it to those without current systems). When hired I focus on your business to make it even more successful for you, your employees, and your clients.

Third Party disputing with a Power of Attorney

I have been using the third party method of disputing directly at the debt collectors, creditors, and credit reporting agencies since 2009. In short, I understand it. I can help your credit repair organization implement this method of disputing quickly. I will help write the new letter set, help change contracts, train your staff how to respond to incoming correspondence, and help create a system to help your clients understand the responses.

Operational integration with a consumer attorney

More effective letter sequences

More effective communication with your clients

i help consumer credit attorneys

I help consumer credit attorneys (or those that wish to be) improve their systems and processes to intake a larger number of clients with less hassle. I will help systemize your operation to allow for paralegal work controlled by the attorney. But in mass. We may be able to help you systemize current books of business that you are not taking in. Often we allow you to lower your fees but earn more in fees with the expanded volume.

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APR 5, 2022 | REPUBLISHED BY LIT: OCT 1, 2023

Default Judgment Signed (Nov. 3, 2022)

Full Satisfaction and Release of Judgment (Feb. 28, 2023)

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For the foregoing reasons, the Court hereby ORDERS that Intervenors’ Motions for Preliminary Injunction are GRANTED.

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Bandit Lawyer Gannon the Misfirin’ Cannon Touts Unregistered TX Debt Mgt Xpert Credit Repair Service
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