Bandit Lawyer Clay Vilt’s Collectin’ Judges Who All Turn a Blind Eye to His Real Estate Fraud n’ Treachery

This case is assigned to Judge Michael Gomez, Court 129, Harris County District Court. Bookmark for updates.

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MAR 29, 2023 | REPUBLISHED BY LIT: MAR 29, 2023

The Sequel to Harris County Texas Title Deed Fraud Alert

Harris County Texas Title Deed Fraud Alert; It’s the Thieves known as Millennia Properties aka Sandy Forsythe, Justina Pasquale and Clay Vilt

Bandit Lawyer Clay Vilt Files C J Charles Stop Foreclosure Auction Lawsuit Early

Robert Clayton Vilts’ Stop Foreclosure Auction Practice is still motoring along, despite a rap sheet as big as Ken Paxton and Nate Paul.

In May 2023 LIT Can Reaffirm Bandit Debt Collectors Andrews Myers PC Still Above the Law

There’s an invasion of law firms violatin’ Texas debt collection laws. But if Outlaw State Judges blank the Rule of Law, it will continue.

Bandit Lawyer Clay Vilt Claims Stole over $2 Million Dollars from his Trading Account

We’re more interested in the waiver of summons being returned from Florida based lawyer Charles Throckmorton of Carlton Fields.

Bandit Texas Lawyer Robert C. Vilt Defends Allegations of Theft before Judge Lauren ‘Ex Parte’ Reeder

Bandit Robert C. Vilt is gaining these type of clients from LIT’s portal which will generate him leads. Criminals will seek like-minded.

Bandit Lawyer James Minerve Came to Judge Michael Gomez’s Court and Left Without a Penny

The courts are startin’ to ruefully admit to LIT’s series about title deed fraud in Texas but they ain’t sanctioning the Bandit lawyers.

Bandit Lawyer Clay Vilt Lies Like a Lawyer and Convinces Distressed Veteran to Lie As Well

LIT has witnessed and provided case after case of Vilt’s lyin’ ways for greed and corrupt means. The Judiciary in Texas applaud him.

Na Guo, Skylight and Bandit Lawyer Clay Vilt Enter Court for Another Property Facing Foreclosure

Na Guo Skylight Property LLC borrowed from Investor Lending LLC. The hard money loan is in dispute. Guo and Skylight represented by Vilt Law.

Harris County Judge Beau Miller Party to Fraud, Perjury and Coverups. Yup, Judge Clay Vilt Presidin’ Too

Alexander Whitelaw died in 2013 and his wife Delores in 2018 but son’s affidavit claims several missed payments. Zuzana Whitelaw at residence.

Eddie Lindsey’s Aircraft Has Been Repossessed by Debt Collectin’ Michael Hord

First Bank has seized the aircraft but hasn’t received related parts, logs, keys, access codes, and other documents, as required under TRO.

Hometrader LLC Removed to Judge Ellison’s Federal Court Who’s Counsel is Bandit Houston Lawyer Clay Vilt

Clay Vilt and his new sidekick Berty are in Federal Court representing a non existent entity which is shown as tax forfeited in June 2022.

GreenLeaf House LLC, Vu Truong and Bandit Lawyer Clay Vilt Seek Protection, Incl. Court Docket

Vu Truong boasts 2 decades of real estate investment success in the local marketplace. Then he must know Vilt. We’ll leave it there.

Bandit Lawyer Clay Vilt Represents Shelton Howard from Pearland before Judge Jeff Brown

Just another case before Vilt’s BFF’s in Dirty Black Robes in Galveston.

Bandit Bob Vilt’s Arrived At Judge Reeder’s Court and the Docket is Inaccessible

Bandit Bob’s only listing the wife as a party but it appears Edward Campos has a traceable history and we’ll swing back later.

The State of Thieves Welcomes the Monthly Visit From Bandit Texas Lawyer Clay Vilt

He’s back. Bandit Lawyer Clay Vilt loves those foreclosure auction properties in Spring, Texas and this home has liens galore.

Bandit Lawyer Clay Vilt’s Collectin’ Judges Who All Turn a Blind Eye to His Real Estate Fraud n’ Treachery
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