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Bandit James Minerve Lies: Ancillary Judge Cory Sepolio’s $100 TRO Bond Stops Foreclosure

Jacobo Cordova’s water-damaged residence at 6 Heritage Court, Houston, a property valued at $830,000 was facing a March foreclosure auction.

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FEB 29, 2024 | REPUBLISHED BY LIT: MAR 2, 2024
MAR 2 25, 2024

Above is the date LIT Last updated this article.

Minerve’s filing and Cordova’s declaration/affidavit fail to disclose the water-damage and mold clearly evident in the online listings of the residence on Zillow and HAR.

HAR shows the property listed for one day is pending a contract of sale. It shows a value of $829,900 – the amount agreed with “buyer” Daryl Walker of Britican LLC. The petition claims the current value of the home is $1.8M, however, historical records on Zillow have never shown such a high value, and in it’s current state, $830k is on the high end.

The petition admits there is a $1M original note on the property, but fails to detail the payoff amount from the foreclosing lender, which is probably substantially more.

All this confirms that any unauthorized short sale violates the deed of trust and the value of the sale will fail to satisfy the lien/note/debt.

On March 25, 2024, LIT emailed the realtor asking if the month’s old pending contract has closed, but we found out that our email server is blocked and had to use a gmail email to ensure delivery of the inquiry.

Ch. 7 discharge in Jan, listed for auction in Mar. 2024. Stopped by a lyin’ petition and ancillary judge – apparently proficient in Texas property law (based on his own court proceedings), and short sale requirements when there is a deed of trust and $1m note. However, for whatever unknown reason, $100 TRO bond was granted.

It’s a Wrap: $100 TRO issued to Bandit Lawyer James Minerve and Client Justin Johnston

So much for the buyer Minerve assured HCDC’s ancillary judge would be purchasing the property, it’s been newly listed for sale.

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With non-contested judicial orders of foreclosure in 2010, 2013 and 2019, the property is still owned in Feb. 2024, by Oliver and Williams.

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Bandit James Minerve Lies: Ancillary Judge Cory Sepolio’s $100 TRO Bond Stops Foreclosure
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