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Bandit Bob Vilt’s Arrived At Judge Reeder’s Court and the Docket is Inaccessible

Bandit Bob’s only listing the wife as a party but it appears Edward Campos has a traceable history and we’ll swing back later.

Campos v. MidFirst Bank


District Court, S.D. Texas, Judge Rosenthal

APR 21, 2023 | REPUBLISHED BY LIT: APR 29, 2023
Aug 7, 2023 – Last visit / update by LIT

Removed Apr. 21, 2023

202320187 –



MAR 29, 2023 | REPUBLISHED BY LIT: MAR 29, 2023

Let’s extend…for friends of the court until hearing on 24th, TRO till 27th Apr.

So we get the reason why all the docket was inaccessible, it was Judge Reeder thinkin’ she was protecting the discovery of new hire Teddy, but she’s realized we could still get the Petition and did get the Petition. At least we now have the supporting docs including the $100 granted TRO signed by Judge Collier.

We’ll be updating all of Teddy’s info and writing some more later.

Office: (281) 343-3382

Cell:  (713) 824-0577

Fax: (866) 839-6774


Teddy Bertolatus is a native Houstonian, having practiced in Houston since graduating from South Texas College of Law in 2013.

Teddy practices primarily in the areas of corporate law, including entity formation and dissolution, business transactions and general contract negotiation and formation. This includes other matters such as employment contract review and formation, separation agreements, nondisclosure agreements, commercial and business litigation, and corporate dispute resolution.

His practice also includes the handling of the purchase and sale of residential and commercial real estate, landlord-tenant issues as well as the contracts associated between contractors and homebuilders. Teddy works regularly with clients in the business of repairing and reselling residential and commercial real estate all around the greater Houston area.


State Bar of Texas (2013)


Juris Doctorate – South Texas College of Law (2013)

Bachelor of Science – Texas A&M University (2008)

Practice Areas:


Commercial and Residential Real Estate


Construction Defects

Wills, Estate Planning and Probate

Professional Associations:

State Bar of Texas

Houston Bar Association

Business Law Section – State Bar of Texas

Community and Charitable Involvement:

Houston Children’s Charity

202269937- 7
Ready Docket
40-40 VENTURES LLC (D/B/A ENTRERESULTS) vs. BRITT, ANGELA 10/25/2022 281 Civil Debt / Contract – Other
202119457- 7
Disposed (Final)
4/1/2021 333 Civil Other Contract
201973164- 7
Disposed (Final)
MYERS, MARY vs. JONES, THOMAS (M D) 10/7/2019 129 Civil Malpractice – Medical


(Former) Partner, Tim Rodman

Two Florida Lawyers Have an Idea to Offer Business Loans With Borrower’s Explicit Personal Guarantee

One problem is that they are suing to collect alleged delinquent debts in Texas, but their selected law firms are in violation of Texas laws.

PHH Mortgage Corporation Seek Expedited Foreclosure via Lazy Litigators at the Galloway Law Mill

This is not the first time the Galloway Law Firm’s application for foreclosure is not compliant with Harris County District Court rules.

Rogue Lawyer Erick DeLaRue: HOA Foreclosure Defense Case with No TRO Before Judge Lauren Reeder

It looks like Harris County District Court Judge Lauren Reeder may be filtering foreclosure defense cases. This is a new development.

Earnest Taylor Reads LIT and Immediately Retains Desperado Clay Vilt the Home Scavenger

If you’re a homeowner with no legal basis for your lawsuit but you want more time in your home, you can find a Desperado Texas Lawyer on LIT.

Bickerstaff Law Firm Chasing Home Improvement Loan Debt Unlawfully for their Utah Banking Client

Medallion Bank specializes in providing consumer loans for recreational vehicles, boats, home improvements, and offering loan origination.

Foreclosure Defense: Homeowners Face Judge Lauren Reeder, Deutsche Bank and PHH Mortgage

Deutsche Bank National Trust Company and PHH Mortgage Services are sued by Jeff and Faith Samuels in Harris County District Court 234.

Texas Rule of Civil Procedure 76a in Focus: Appellate Court’s Ruling Sets Precedent, Agrees with LIT

Read a summary of an appellate court opinion highlighting the reversal of a sealing order in a civil case due to procedural malfeasance.

Licensing: What Does Texas Law Say About Real Estate Wholesalers and Investors vs. Real Estate Brokers?

And what does Texas law say about lawyers working with Real Estate Wholesalers while providing foreclosure defense litigation services?

The Ivory Tower Deceit: Harvard and Top-Tier Universities Financial Fraud by Rebels Unmasked

Academic Integrity at Risk: How Professors’ Financial Crimes Impact Their Disciples in the Legal Profession, particularly the Judiciary.

Blatant Judge Shopping as Sanctioned Lyin’ Lawyer Clay Vilt Features with Ursula Hall in Samurai III

Bandit Lawyer Clay Vilt returns for third attempt and finds himself before sanctioned and admonished Harris County District Judge Ursula Hall

Transparency in Question: Harris County Attorney’s Office Rejects Open Records Request in High-Stake Cases

Asst County Attorney Haley New’s LinkedIn Connection Raises Eyebrows as Harris County Attorney’s Office Blocks Open Records Request.

No Active Surety Bond on File at TX SOS: Lewis Brisbois Debt Collectin’ Attorney Shane Kotlarsky

Shane Kotlarsky’s debt collection case originated in Judge Engelhardt’s court but remains in Judge Reeder’s court after denied transfer.

The Bandit Lawyer Called Jimmy Minerve: LIT’s Checkin’ in on Lewis and the News

The Estate case relates to one property. We’ve checked out 3, two for Georgia Lewis and one for family members.

Lawyer James Pope Represents Mia McCoy in Wrongful Foreclosure Lawsuit, But…

Who’s your client Pope? On the Bible are you sure it’s who you’ve named in the Petition or is it NIKHIL GUPTA?

Bandit Texas Lawyer Robert C. Vilt Defends Allegations of Theft before Judge Lauren ‘Ex Parte’ Reeder

Bandit Robert C. Vilt is gaining these type of clients from LIT’s portal which will generate him leads. Criminals will seek like-minded.

Bandit Bob Vilt’s Arrived At Judge Reeder’s Court and the Docket is Inaccessible
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